What is a DIY Wedding?

🙂 How Does This Work?

Instead of hiring a vendor that charges for labor, save money by doing it yourself. We make your DIY wedding rentals beautiful, simple & affordable. Here is how ShipOur.Wedding™ online e-commerce process works:

1. After watching our setup tutorial videos, check availability & reserve rentals in your cart by submitting payment.
2. Make sure to submit your final payment at least (30) days before your event date (if not done already in step 1).
3. You rentals are guaranteed to arrive at least (2) days before your event date. You have the rentals for a (5) day period.
4. As soon as possible make sure to test & setup your rentals. Create your stunning event with easy to setup DIY rentals.
5. Return rentals back to FedEx (2) days after your event.

Return your rentals in the same re-usable shipping container. Use the included prepaid return label. You can also schedule a pickup time with FedEx directly from your location (if available).

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