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Ceiling Star Projector Light for Starry Sky

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–  Upgrades: rent optional light stand with a plunger
–  Lighting Color: Green lasers, adjustable blue nebula cloud
–  IP-65 Waterproof Rating: No (can only be used indoors)
–  Battery Powered: No
–  Weight & Dimensions: view in additional information tab below
–  Setup Time: approximately 1 minute
–  Rentals Arrive: 2-days prior to the event date
–  Duration: Send back 2-day after event date to avoid late fees
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Easy Do It Yourself Rentals (1 Min)

Learn how to set up this rental by watching the video below



Star projector ceiling rentals bring the outside inside so you can & dance under the stars. This portable starry look sets up in minutes & transforms your room. Save money doing it yourself instead of paying a wedding vendor to set this up. These DIY ceiling night sky lighting rentals look great at wedding receptions, parties & events. Use the optional light tripod & adapter to elevate your lighting. This gives you control over your starry sky lighting beams & reduces the chances of aiming onto guest tables. Read More...


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Additional information

Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 6 x 12 in

1 review for Ceiling Star Projector Light for Starry Sky

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Johnathan Cassidy

    Our daughter wanted to created a starry night effect over her dance floor at her wedding. We rented this as a surprise to help with her decor. She loved the looked and it only took 1 minute to setup. The shipping process was pretty straight forward. Our venue had a lot of windows but the light REALLY was noticeable after dinner once the dances started. We will recommend to others!

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Lighting Factors

Turn off all wall sconces & lower your banquet halls house lights for maximum exposure from star projector. Try to angel fixtures at less than a 45 degree angel towards the opposite side of the wall. This effect looks best when aimed at ceilings with neutral colors (white or beige). You can alternate different times of the night to use the constellation fixtures. Fun tip, use during dinner or cocktail, or only turn on during slow dances. Use these anywhere you want to create the night sky.

When your overhead venue lights are dimmed, lighting creates a beautiful glow for your reception photos. If your hall is a golf course with a lot of windows then this effect will be more noticeable immediately following your sunset. You can look up when the sunsets in your area by using this great tool Sunrise Sunset Calculator.

Easy Setup Instructions

How to setup starry night sky constellation lights to dance under the stars

With Stand and Plunger (helps elevate fixture to cover more space & control beams)
1.) Widen tripod stand by loosening the side knob and pulling the legs out to form a wider base.
2.) Once you have the legs pulled to the right width (approximately 2 feet), then you can re-tighten the bolt (don’t over tighten)
3.) Attach plunger by sliding over top of light stand (it should be a tight fit)
4.) To attach the light you unscrew the top nut, slide the lighting bracket on the screw, and screw the nut back on (sandwiches the bracket in-between the two nuts)
5.) Plug star projector in with power cord between the fixture and outlet
6.) Turn your star projector power switch on
7.) Aim your star projector in the desired position (use the side bracket to adjust the angle)

Setup on Floor (no stand or plunger)
1.) Plug star projector in with power cord between the fixture and outlet
2.) Turn your star projector power switch on
3.) Place fixture on the floor or table & aim your star projector in the desired position (use the side bracket to adjust the angle)

Quantity Calculator

Use our formula below to figure out the best number of starry night sky lights to reserve:

Maximum Coverage: (8) star projector fixtures for large room of more than 200 guests
Ideal Coverage:  (4) star projector fixtures for small room of less than 200 guests
Moderate Coverage:  (2) star projector fixtures over dance floor
Minimal Coverage:  (1) star projector fixture over dance floor


Elevate fixtures by renting a light stand & plunger to project lasers farther & control beams. Reserve extra extension cords if you are concerned about getting power to your star projector fixture.

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