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Renting drapes from ShipOur.Wedding is like finding a unicorn. It’s how you feel once you realize affordable draping exists. Learn to drape like a pro with hundreds of video tutorials & expert blog articles. Our team is available by phone during normal business hours & live chat 24/7. Learn what we believe.

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Is this legit?

This is as legit as a slushy without brain freezes on a hot summer day (watch video).

Can I get quote for drapery?

Get a quote in seconds online. Visit our straight wall draping page, enter your state & date in the grey box. If the pink box says drapery is available, then scroll down to make your selection & view pricing. All orders are placed online.

What states do you ship to?

We ship DIY pipe & drape rentals to these listed states

CALIFORNIA (shipping temporarily N/A) CA
INDIANA (shipping temporarily N/A) IN
OHIO (shipping temporarily N/A) OH
OREGON (shipping temporarily N/A) OR

When should I place my order?

Inventory is booked on a first come first serve basis. We recommend placing your order 6 months before your event date. Once your order is placed, our system takes those rentals out of inventory to guarantee availability for your date.

Is DIY draping easy to setup?

Our DIY drapery kits are made for do-it-yourself events. Instead of hiring a local expensive vendor, you can do it yourself for less. Our kits feature QR codes so everyone helping has fast access to training videos. Watch our tutorial videos to learn how fast our curtains can transform your event space.

How much drapery do I need?

If you are creating a sweetheart table backdrop then you may need only 20-30 ft. If you have a head table then multiply the number of people in your bridal party by 2 & round up to the nearest 10 (for example 12 ppl * 2 = 24 (round up to 30 feet). You can also learn how to calculate drapery measurements.

What do draping kits include?

If you are renting a complete kit then it will come with all the drapery & hardware in the package to set up a free-standing backdrop stand. If you scroll down on the page under the availability checker you will notice a description box that says exactly what is included with your rental. We also rent just the drapery equipment & fabric.

Can I rent fabric only?

Yes, visit this page to rent fabric per piece. We call these swags (they are also referred to as panels).

Can I purchase the fabric?

The fabric is available for rental only.

When will my rentals arrive?

All rentals arrive (2) days or more before your event date. You have them for a (5) day time frame so you return rentals (2) days after your event. All orders over $94 ship free both ways & include (1) pre-paid return shipping label in every box.

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We had grandmas helping us, 10 year olds can do it

Brad & Annika Schock, Cario Nebraska

📦 Rent Wall Draping Kit

All I had to do was set it, drape it & raise it

Jazmin Re’Nae, Detroit Michigan

📦 Rent Pipe & Drape Backdrop

We could not believe what they were gonna do

Jose of J. Rocha Designs

📦 Rent Uplighting Kit

Straight Pipe & Drapes are Stunningly Simple

Hands down straight drapery gives you the BIGGEST bang for your buck. This is what people think of when they hear the phrase pipe & drape rentals. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief when setting up your straight wedding wall drapery rentals. ShipOur.Wedding makes it simple to get the look you want. Click the button on the right & cover a large wall in minutes!

Square Chuppah Rentals for Traditional Ceremonies

The 2nd variation of chuppah rentals is square ones. This wedding canopy is smaller @ 10 feet by 10 feet. This design works best in small spaces. With this DIY drapery rental, you get a 3-d stage backdrop. Walk directly under this & exchange your vows. Re-purpose this as a head table backdrop for the wedding sweetheart table. Do anything with ShipOur.Wedding.

Give Your Straight Wedding Backdrop Rentals Some Swag

After you’ve finished setting up your straight drapery you might want to add a little swag to your design. Swagged straight drapery is great for creating walkways & framing picturesque windows. We just LOVE these defined lines! These curtain rentals for weddings are simple to pull back. Click the button on the right & show your guests just how much swag you got.

Hide Doors & Pillars with Free Standing Corner Draping

A fast & fun way to showcase entrances & spaces is with draped corners. It’ll take you longer to read this paragraph than set these up. That is how fast these assemble! Drape your tent pavilion columns & pillars. Use (2) arms to form a corner & put (4) of these around your dance floor. Click the button on the right & wrap corners in your room with stunning drapes.

Get Fancy with Top Single Valance Pipe & Drape Rentals

By setting up top single valance draping, you’re getting affordable elegance. Most formalities happen at your head table, so this is normally setup behind it. ShipOur.Wedding makes it easy. Quickly hang straight draping with an upper swag & voila! Click the button on the right if you want compliments on your wedding backdrop rentals.

Draped Columns & Pillars Do More Than Cover Your Poles

Let’s face it most venues have steel beams/poles that are better not seen. You might have spent days trying to find a vendor to help you cover them, not anymore! ShipOur.Wedding rents draped pillars that are the fast solution you’ve been looking for. Cover poles with pipe and drape rental near me. We ship FREE in the lower 48 US 🇺🇸 for orders $94+.

Side Single Valance Pipe & Drape Design Lines

You will be AMAZED at how fast you can recreate this beautiful photo. ShipOur.Wedding provides you with easy setup instructions. All side single valance drapery rentals for weddings need is a straight drape with a swag pulled to the side. The fancy name has the method written right into the title. Create distinctive lines by clicking the button on the right.

Setup Your Draped Entrance Doorway w/out a Ladder

The most simple form of entrance draping is called a draped doorway. You will have this up in no time. Just swag back the pipe & drape rentals on both sides. As simple as this sounds it creates an expectation for your guests as they walk into your room. Click the button on the right & tell ShipOur.Wedding how you want guests to enter your wedding ceremony doors.

Double Valance Drapery for Your Stage

ShipOur.Wedding has decorative double valance draping backdrop rentals. This gorgeous design has affordable DIY written all over it. To sum up this setup it is only 2 layers of straight with the front layer swagged back. You’ll LOVE the finished look. Save money & feel good about it! Check your date & get the best draping our rental company has to offer you.

Doorway Cabanas for Your Modern Entrance

Modern DIY weddings scream personality. Doorway cabanas are not your cookie-cutter solution. This straightforward entrance setup is fresh & reasonably priced. We LOVE this setup with uplighting! Find event wedding drapery rentals near me that glow with wireless LEDs. Add this fun addition to your reception today by clicking the button on the right.

Chill in Your Drapery Lounge Area

When you think of modern events does a lounge area come to mind? If so, then we’re on the same page with wedding drapery rentals. There are many ways to drape a lounge area. The BEST ideas come from brainstorming fun and functional spaces. When it’s all setup & done you should kick your feet back & relax. So click the button on the right & start lounging.

Love Your Infinity Entrance™ Draping

ShipOur.Wedding knows your entrance is the 1st impression left on your guests. Once you setup your infinity entrance™ people will love it! This custom design stands out & creates the illusion that your drapery extends far. The best part is it only takes 10 mins per section to put up! Planning your DIY dream wedding isn’t an illusion when you click the button on your right.

Draped Doorway Tunnels Style Your Entrance

Go beyond wedding wall drapery rentals & hide a hallway with a draped tunnel. Once you’ve completed your setup both your walls & ceiling will be completely covered. Assembly is a breeze with our easy step-by-step videos. Boring spaces are now gone. You can even place this inside your room for a TRULY grand entrance. Click the button on the right & rent the wedding drapery.

Customize Your Drapery Fabric Colors

What better way to personalize your DIY wedding reception than with a variety of drapery fabric colors. Wedding drapery fabric rentals have many colors. ShipOur.Wedding offers a wide selection to give you more flexibility with matching color pallets. Pick out your primary & secondary colors. Click the button on the right to see what colors you can come up with!

Create Your Round Ceremony Chuppah Canopy (5′ Diameter)

No DIY wedding would be complete without chuppah ceremony draping. After this is assembled you will notice a completely different tone in your event. Make this the centerpiece of your stage as you exchange vows. Use this wedding decor & create an intimate setting for your sweetheart table. Find out how easy chuppahs are to setup by clicking the green button.

Rent Backdrop for Wedding with Silver Beads

Double valance is gorgeous but adding silver beads takes this to a whole new level. After you are done setting up your double valance all you have to do is drape the beads over. They cascade down wedding drapery rentals creating bling. Rent a wedding backdrop with silver beads from ShipOur.Wedding™. Make it shine by clicking the button on the right.

Make It Grand With The Bishop Column™

Want to make a statement with pipe & drape backdrop rentals? THIS is it! When guests see pillars at your event their jaws will drop. The bishop column™ is tall enough without blocking any views. These take approximately 7 mins to put up! You can even uplight these in your favorite color. Make your wedding decorations grand instead of cheap, by clicking the button on the right.

25ft Swags Accent Your Reception

When you rent wedding drapery you will LOVE how creative you can become. With our shorter 25-foot ceiling swags, you can drape your space with one or several pieces. Simply hang the (2) sides from opposite areas in the space & you are done! Go from left to right, or have them drape down from tent pillars. Click the button on the right for the ultimate venue decorations.

Transform Your Space with Elegant Ceiling Draping

ShipOur.Wedding gives you control over your reception draping. Elegant ceiling draping is a popular D.I.Y. rental because of the amount of coverage. All you do is suspend the center & zip tie the arms. This rental covers a large 75′ space when suspended over tables or above your dance floor. Give your photographer something to focus on, click the button on the right.

75ft Ceiling Swags Cover Large Areas

Need a stage draping company near you? Look no further & go DIY with us! We recommend the 75ft ceiling swags to cover long spans. ShipOur.Wedding can help you drape between different floors or drape from your ceiling. If you can mount it, you can do it. Click the button on the right & show us what wedding decorations you have in mind.

Rent Wedding Drapery Equipment & Accessories Online

When you rent wedding draping you need the right equipment to build a free-standing backdrop stand. Each piece of drapery rental equipment has a different purpose. Some are necessary others are specialized. Learn the tools of the trade by reading more about individual accessories that enhance setups. Click the button on the right & find out the differences.

Kits Ship to Your Door, No Experience Needed

Rent wedding drapes & create a focal point at your event. We’ve completely transformed receptions at indoor weddings, tent weddings, small micro weddings & outdoor backyard weddings. ShipOur.Wedding is an online wedding e-commerce website that saves you money & time. Your online search for ‘DIY pipe & draping backdrop rentals near me’ is over. We supply ceiling draping rental, head table backdrops, & grand entrances. Keep reading on how to plan a DIY wedding on a budget.

Beautiful + Simple + Limited Availability

When you rent wedding drapery, our company supplies you with step-by-step packages at amazing prices. Design beautifully curved draping, & decorate elaborate stairways aisleways, & railings. We have a variety of wedding draping fabric rental & hardware rentals. If you want to know how much does a wedding backdrop cost then browse our nationwide event draping rentals below.

Lovely Backdrop Rentals

You will have no problems creating gorgeous DIY backdrops from our pipe & drape rentals. The pictures you see on our website were created with equipment that is available to you. Other drapery companies might not be able to say the same. We can tell you a story about every photo on our website. We can’t wait to help you create an affordable backdrop. Just imagine the compliments your guests will give you. Take pride in your decision because you hired ShipOur.Wedding!

Non-Transparent Fabric

When you rent wedding drapery, you need the right thickness for fabric. This is called the weight & it’s measured in ounces. Some companies offer cheap see-through tulle or chiffon wedding curtains rental. You might have seen other companies with expensive heavy fabric that doesn’t pleat well. What we LOVE about our affordable special poly-silk blend is that when placed over the crossbar it has plenty of weight in ounces & is practically not see-through. Only ShipOur.Wedding can offer you the right fabric that hides walls AND looks good doing it.

Kits Deliver Nationwide

Draping backdrop rentals are a specialized skill that we have perfected for do-it-yourself eventeers. ShipOur.Weddingexcels in this division to the HIGHEST degree by providing some of the most sought-after backdrops in the country. Our warehouse has an inventory of more than 15,000 feet of fabric in over 10 colors. Because of this we are one of the largest DIY wedding drapery suppliers in the country & maintain direct relationships with our fabric manufacturers.

Ships Free Both Ways *

Here at ShipOur.Wedding it’s as easy as Love It, Click It, Ship It, Done®. After reserving your draping backdrop rentals online, you are booked! The week of your event we ship your drapery & accessories right to your front door. It will arrive 48 hours or more before your event date, so you have more than enough time for your DIY setup. After you are done with your DIY wedding reception, all you have to do is ship back the rentals with your pre-paid label within 48 hours. * ShipOur.Weddingoffers FREE nationwide shipping both ways on all orders $94 or more.

Save on DIY Drapery

If you want to know how much does it costs to setup pipe and drape weddings, then you have come to the right place! The days of hiring an expensive draping company are gone. Instead of hiring your draping company the local way, do it yourself & get REMARKABLE results. ShipOur.Weddingprovides cost-effective prices. Rent backdrop for wedding & funnel guests, make entranceways, create your backdrop, lower your ceiling, hide catering areas, create storage pockets, separate rooms, even cover things that should be hidden. Together let’s save you money & keep it under budget.

Geek Out Over QR Codes

So you’re probably wondering, ‘how do you hang wedding drapes’? Here at ShipOur.Wedding we give you all the tools and know-how. That is why our pipe & drape rentals setup quickly & are user-friendly. All you do is scan your QR code from your invoice or rental and watch our setup videos. Create the wedding of your dreams with drapery in a matter of minutes. From large transformations to small setups, you can put even the most experienced draping vendors to shame. Follow our simple video instructions for fun & amazing experience. Let ShipOur.Wedding show you how to plan an affordable DIY wedding.