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ShipOur.Wedding is a mixture between your best friend & favorite vendor. When you rent our lighting you have access to pro advice anytime. Browse hundreds of video tutorials & expert blog articles. Our team is available by phone during normal business hours & live chat 24/7. Learn what we believe.


Is this legit?

This is as legit as finding a $100 bill in a pair of pants you just took out of the dryer.

How do I get a price quote on uplighting?

Get a quote in seconds online. Visit our uplighting page, enter your state & date in the grey box. If the pink box says uplighting is available, then scroll down to make your selection & view pricing. All orders are placed online.

How soon should I place my order?

Inventory is booked on a first come first serve basis. We recommend placing your order 6 months before your event date. Once your order is placed, our system takes those rentals out of inventory to guarantee availability for your date.

Is wedding lighting easy to setup?

Yes, it takes literally minutes to transform your entire event space with the color of your choice. This minute long setup video shows how easy it is to turn on the power, set the color & aim the light. This will create an excellent backdrop in your photos. We feel uplighting is one of the most cost effective ways to enhance your celebration.

How many uplights do I need to rent?

We suggest a quantity of 10 for a smaller party and 20 fixtures for a larger party. This is not a ‘technical’ measurement so let’s share our nifty calculator tool. Visit that link to get a breakdown of how much uplighting you should rent based on sq footage, room dimensions & guest count. Either round up or down to the nearest 10.

What uplighting colors can I choose?

You can choose any uplighting color! Most companies only provide uplights with red/green/blue color mixing capabilities. These lights are unable to make beautiful soft pinks & basic ivory colors. ShipOur.Wedding™ uplighting has red/green/blue/white/amber/purple color mixing capabilities. You can match with 255^7  or 70 quadrillion colors… yes that’s a real number.

Does uplighting come with power cords?

Yes, all equipment that we provide that requires power has a power cord included (either IEC or PowerCon). This even includes our indoor wireless uplights & outdoor wireless uplights. The rental may need extension cords or power surges to make your setup more convenient. Be sure to add those to your cart before checking out.

How long do wireless uplight batteries last?

Wireless uplights ship fully charged. They last approximately 8 hours on an uplight color that doesn’t require too much power. When using one of the 33 preset colors, use a color value less than 10 to get the max amount of battery life. Using a preset of 10-33 may reduce your battery life to 6 – 7 hours.

When do I receive & return the rentals?

All rentals arrive (2) days or more prior to your event date. You have them for a (5) day time-frame so you return rentals (2) days after your event. All orders over $94 ship free both ways & include (1) pre-paid return shipping label in every box.

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We had grandmas helping us… 10 year olds can do it.

Brad & Annika Schock, Cario Nebraska

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Super easy, anybody can do it…

Jazmin Re’Nae, Detroit Michigan

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We could not believe what they were gonna do…

Jose of J. Rocha Designs

📦 Rent Uplighting Kit

Rent Uplights & Transform Your Space

Uplights rentals for weddings are a cheap way to transform events in color. Shop power LED lights NOW 24% OFF & light up your photos! Your DIY wedding uplighting rental sets up in minutes! Simply plugin the up lights, choose your color & you’re done. Click the button to the right & bring out your wedding colors with cheap DIY uplighting.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Light up a Backyard Tent with Waterproof DIY Uplighting

People pay a lot of money for proper tent canopy lighting. ShipOur.Wedding™ can get you DIY uplighting cheap that still looks expensive. Attach our waterproof wedding uplighting rental fixtures with clamps & you’re done. Skip hiring a local professional by doing it yourself to save money & time. Click the button to the right & get started now.

(Assembly time 2 minutes per fixture)

Go Wireless with Uplights That Ship Fully Charged

Do you have pillars or hard to reach places that need enhancing? Rent uplights that are battery powered from ShipOur.Wedding to add a splash of color. We fully charge up lighting rentals before they ship to you so they last at least 8 hours. Say good bye to cords & hello to a clean cordless look. Click the button to the right for wireless wedding uplighting rentals!

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Dance Under the Night Sky with Starry Ceiling Lights

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to dance under the stars? Project the blue night sky inside your venue with our starring ceiling light fixtures. These setup in minutes on stands instantly transforming your venues ceiling with with thousands of slow moving laser stars. Click the button to the right to bring the outside inside with star projections.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Create a Nostalgic Feel with Outdoor Bistro String Lights

Outdoor weddings require lighting that fits with your style. Instead of relying on colors, use function & design to highlight your space. Outdoor string lights give a natural rustic look for use in barn weddings in trees and other outdoor event spaces. Read more about how you can enhance your DIY wedding by renting bistro lighting.

Showcase Your Cake & Other Décor with Pinspots

Put your wedding cake in the spotlight with dramatic cake pinspot. Even if your wedding cake is not the center of attention in your event space, give guests something to admire with LED pinspots. Spotlighting your cake is one of the latest wedding trends that makes for beautiful wedding photos! Click the button to the right & find out just how affordable this cake rental is.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Make Your Centerpiece Pinspots Larger than Life

You’ve put time & detail into designing your centerpieces. When the lights get dimmed how will guests notice your work? Make sure everyone admires your centerpieces with a pinspot wedding light rental. Simply mount the magnetic remote controlled battery powered fixtures high above for max coverage. Click the green button & learn more about DIY pinspots.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Wedding Monogram Light Rentals Can Display Your Name

Another popular DIY uplighting wedding trend are monograms. We create your custom design & ship it right to your door. Setup your wedding monogram light rental & aim it on your floor, wall or behind your head table. Custom name monograms look stunning in the background of your photos. Click the button for wedding light projector sample designs.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Project Your Designs with Breakup Patterns

Breakup patterns do more than create stars. This stage light stays in one place & features a zoom, focus with bright beam. It is cheap to project any style pattern onto your walls or ceiling. Cover your ENTIRE venue with intricate designs that scream elegance. Want to see a variety of over (80) breakup pattern rentals to choose from? Click the button on the right.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Followspots Make Your Entrances Absolutely Grand

Your grand entrance should be just that ‘grand’. There is no easier way to give you a look of royalty then with a doorway followspot rental. Use followspots to highlight anything important including décor. Lighting your entrance sets expectations for the rest of the night. Make sure guests know where to look by clicking the green button on the right.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Give Your Neon Party Some Glow with Black Lights

The main ingredient every glow party needs is black lights. These fixtures give you an ultra cool effect when combined with neon. You can never have enough black lights. The more you have the better your neon accessories will pop. Combine these light with neon themes for the ultimate WOW response. Click the button & make your party full of bright highlighter colors.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Water Effect Lights Highlight Underwater Themes

Are you planning an aqua underwater theme? If so, then you need to reserve our water effects lighting. This light creates the illusion that you are underwater ! Blue waves scatter slowly scrolling across your ceiling or hallway. With the help of ShipOur.Wedding it has never been easier to mimic your water theme. Find out how easy it is by reserving today.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Get Your Party on with DJ Dance Lights

Your party needs to light up & enhance the ENERGY of your dance floor. ShipOur.Wedding offers the same party lights most DJ companies use. Rent these fixtures & throw your own DIY party with lights that change to your music. All you do is plug it in, start playing your favorite music, & it moves enhancing your dance floor. Click the button on the right for info.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Get Accessories & Rent Lighting Equipment You Man Need for a Wedding

Get DIY uplighting cheap along with the right equipment. We offer a range of clamps, stands, cords & accessories used when you rent up lighting. What you need may depend on your location & other factors. We know that every event is different. Your setup needs will vary based off the package you reserve. Click the button on the right so it turns out A+.

(Assembly time varies)

We Ship Easy to Setup Kits… Just Power it on

ShipOur.Wedding is a nationwide online e-commerce website that supplies beautiful DIY uplighting rentals to eventeers. Since 2003 our team has perfected the easiest ways of how to uplight & enhance your reception. Your online search for ‘uplighting rental near me’ is over! Now you can rent uplights & other popular kits like wireless up lighting for wedding, DIY uplights rental, DIY outdoor wedding uplighting, star projectors, followspot projectorwedding monogram light rentals & centerpiece pinspots.

Limited Availability – Rent Your Wow Look

You may think, ‘how do you setup uplighting’? Our team of lighting designers make it simple with easy tutorial videos. Our company helps eventeers at indoor receptions, tent weddings, outdoor backyard weddings & small micro weddings. We supply wedding light rentals like cake pinspots, breakup patterns, black lights, outdoor string lights, water effects lighting, DJ dance lights & light equipment. Get a cheap uplighting rental for your wedding that looks amazing!

Lighting Pro Since 2003

ShipOur.Wedding was an idea born out of a production lighting company that has been in business before couples started to rent uplights. Since 2003 our team has led the industry with some of the DIY uplighting wedding trends you see at events. We are proud to make these same lighting options available to you for a fraction of the cost. Couples love when they save money & time with DIY rentals shipped to their front door.

More Power, Better Pics

The DIY uplights we offer you are not considered your average lighting rentals. The benefit of using ShipOur.Weddingover other rental companies is power. In order to create the photos you see on this site we use lighting fixtures that have the power to deliver you results. Some eventeers ask us, ‘do you need uplighting at a wedding’? The short answer is yes, and when you rent uplights you get more bang for your buck. Our LEDs gives you the power to help you create stunning wedding pictures.

You Get More Value

When it comes to your wedding you are only going to do this once. That means it should be done right the first time by using ONLY professional grade equipment. A majority of the equipment we rent is not available to most companies. It is first fabricated, then custom built to ensure your event is gorgeous and gets compliments. Not only do we provide rental services to brides but also other event companies. Wedding vendors trust ShipOur.Wedding with their reputation. These same vendors use our wedding monogram light rentals & other services to their own clients at a marked up price. Avoid the expensive middle-man mark up by dealing with our affordable prices.

Ships Free Both Ways *

After you place your order online, your date is secured. The week of your wedding reception we ship the DIY uplighting rental & equipment directly to you. It will arrive 2 or more days before your event, so you have plenty of time for your DIY setup. After you are done taking pictures with gorgeous up lighting, send back the rentals with your pre-paid label in 2 days. * ShipOur.Wedding offers FREE nationwide shipping both ways on orders $94 or more.

Qr Code Setup Videos

The best part about all of our DIY rentals is the time it takes you to setup. ShipOur.Weddinghas spent tens of thousands of hours researching the best ways to ensure your stress free setup. If you order a wedding monogram light rental or other service, it’ll have easy setup instructions. Just scan your QR code on your invoice or equipment for fast tutorial videos and other helpful info. You can create stunning setups by following our setup guide. We guarantee that you’re going to love it when you save money and time with DIY uplights for rent.

Affordable Results

A lot of people wonder how much does it cost to rent uplighting? Hands down uplighting and design is the most cost effective way to transform your room. The price per light is so affordable which makes this a DIY brides dream! You can incorporate any color to match with your décor. It’s not expensive when you know how to plan a DIY wedding on a budget. Use primary & secondary colors to match different accents. Your pictures will look 10x better with dramatic colors. It all starts when you rent uplights from ShipOur.Wedding today.