Rent Breakup Patterns & Texture Lighting


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Reasons to Hire ShipOur.Wedding?

1.)  FREE Nationwide shipping both ways on orders over $94
2.)  We have been providing gobo pattern rentals since 2005
3.)  We rent you the same equipment the pros use
4.)  Most powerful LED technology period
5.)  EASY setup tutorial videos with QR code technology
6.)  Save more with our lighting design & complete package

How Do I Rent Breakup Patterns?

🖥 Find the DIY wedding rentals you love in the categories above
🗓 Check availability, 25% retainer reserves your date
💳 30 days before your event the remaining 75% is due in full
🇺🇸 FREE nationwide standard shipping both ways on orders $94+
📆 Guarantee standard shipping rentals arrive 2-days before event
📦 You receive order, open reusable case, it has everything you need
🎉 Setup package, do it yourself, & enjoy custom themed gobos!
📦 Send back rentals & instructions in same box with prepaid label

Should I Use Texture Light Rentals?

When you rent breakup patterns you are incorporating one of the most under-rated ways to uplight your space. All the images above are example projections that you can use with our lighting fixtures. This pattern is commonly referred to as a gobo. When you place this gobo design into your fixture it creates an adjustable image that can be projected onto your wall areas.

We LOVE when clients use (4) or more of these fixtures with themed patterns. When you combine multiple texture light rentals with your space it creates another layer of lighting design that adds to your décor. Since this style of transforming your space is different than common uplighting, you can expect to turns heads!

To help you, we have the (7) main categories listed above. Choose from over (80) creative gobo designs in abstract, celebration, fancy, natural, places, seasonal, & theme categories. Setup takes less than 5 minutes per light! Click the patterns above & plan your stunning DIY wedding reception.