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Happy birthday to you… Oh wait it’s not your birthday. But maybe you know someone who is celebrating one. The happy birthday steel gobo is used for DIY parties everywhere. This projects a b-day message that looks great at walls in banquet halls, houses, and private events.

Bundle this design with multiple balloons or stars to cover your entire room with lighting. We feel that lighting is one of the areas to enhance your event. Just think about it it will be visible in the background of all your photos. Do you need birthday party rentals? What are you waiting for!? Rent the steel happy birthday gobo before you blow out the candles!

To display (1) gobo, you will reserve (1) breakup pattern gobo fixture below.


Easy Do It Yourself Rentals (1 Min)

Learn how to setup this rental by watching the video below







📦  Includes: (1) happy birthday steel gobo or choice of another stock gobo (size 26.8 mm), (1) breakup pattern gobo projector with framing shutters, (1) gobo holder, (1) gel frame holder, (1) power cord
⚖️  Weight & Dimensions: view additional information tab above
⏱️  Approx Setup Time: less than 1 minute (per fixture)
📆  Duration: Send back within 2-day after your event date to avoid late fees
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Note: Gobo(s) not available for individual rental, gobo(s) pre-installed in fixture(s), find upgrades, easy setup instructions, lighting factors & distance calculator on this page.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .1 in


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