Outdoor Cafe Lights (Vintage LED String 48ft long)

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What does the kit include?
One kit includes the number of vintage light strands you rent

  •   Lighting Color: 2700 kelvin warm white light
  •   Wattage: 0.8-watt LED bulbs
  •   Bulb Count: (24) bulbs
  •   Weight: 8.6lbs (doesn't include tensile stress)
  •   IP-65 Waterproof Rating: Yes
  •   Impact Resistant: Yes (shatter-resistant)
  •   Battery Powered: No
  •   Package weight is in additional info tab below
  •   Size: 48' long, can connect (12) strands max
  •   Setup Time: Varies on the application
  •   Rentals Arrive: 2-days before the event date
  •   Return 2-days after event date, avoid late fees
  •   Kits $94+ ship FREE nationwide both ways

Vintage outdoor cafe light strings are almost identical to our color-changing light stringers. The vintage bistro light stringers can't be remote-controlled & the color-changing light stringers can change color with a remote.

How does this work?
  • Check date, a 25% payment reserves rentals.
  • Make final payment (30) days before your date.
  • Kits arrive early 2-9 days before your event.
  • Easily set up the kit step-by-step with QR codes.
  • Expect compliments! Enjoy rentals for (5) days.
  • Drop off rentals at FedEx (2) days after.

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When do kits ship?
We ship kits 7-12 business days before your event date. Extra time is factored into shipments to ensure rentals arrive plenty of time before your event.
If your event is in less than 2 weeks, our website recommends you call our office at 844.744.7933 to discuss shipping options.
Are any items for sale?
All of our kits are for rental only. The goal of rent & return DIY is to save money instead of buying it.
Who sets up the rentals?
You do it yourself with our easy-to-follow videos. Stay under budget & look like you hired a pro!


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Some of the benefits of choosing ShipOur.Wedding over other vendors is the power of DIY. Not only does our company give you control over your setup but you save money. Have peace of mind if the fact that our LED cafe light rentals are virtually shatter-resistant and weatherproof. This bulb produces a warm 2700 Kelvin temperature that emits a soft amber glow. If you would like bistro lights that are able to change colors then we suggest you check out our color-changing light stringers. Read More...


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Additional information

Weight 8.9 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 x 13.5 x 9.5 in


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Easy Setup Instructions

How to setup bistro light strands for patios, tents, and outdoor weddings

1.) First determine your layout for the strands (they are 48 feet long)
2.) Layout your strands on the ground
3.) Connect the ends of strands together using a soft knot (can connect up to 12 strands together max)
4.) Take the end of the light strand that has a plug and mount that to your first connection point at a safe height. The connection point should be load bearing (branch, beam, eye-bolt in stud). Do not connect to wires, cables, light fixtures, ceiling fans, fire suppression lines, or anything not load-bearing. Make sure when mounting you leave enough slack on the plug end to be able to run power to your first light strand (when mounting use multiple heavy-duty rated zip ties as a fail-safe).
5.) Plugin your light strand to the power outlet
6.) Check that all connected light strands have power
7.) Pull the strand to the second mounting surface. Do not pull too tight so that the first connection point does not have too much tension.
8.) Repeat step 7 for the remaining mounting points until all light strands are connected and hung.
9.) Strands should be high enough above guest heads.
10.) Any excess have it drop at the end or wrap around.
11.) Use the wireless remote to adjust colors of light strands (included with color-changing light strands only)

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