Short Red Carpet (8ft x 4ft)

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Note: carpet can’t be cut, altered, or dyed. Return without stains.

–  Includes: (1) 8-foot x 4-foot rolled up red carpet
–  Weight & Dimensions: view in additional information tab below
–  Setup Time: less than 1 minute
–  Rentals Arrive: 2-days prior to the event date
–  Duration: Send back 2-day after event date to avoid late fees
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Rent photo booth red carpet & make your picture area or step repeat backdrop look grand. These have a tendency to make your event high-end. This DIY carpet rental unrolls and you’re done. This is one of our most popular options when bundling services with your photo booth. To see why we recommend it keep reading. Read More...


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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 8 x 8 in


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Easy Setup Instructions

Follow our instructions below for an easy DIY setup:

  1. Use heavy objects on the 4 corners when completely unrolled (helps stretch it in place)
  2. Use red tape to keep the carpet flat on the short edges
  3. If there will be traffic over the carpet during before your event begins, we recommend using a quick vacuum to give a clean finished look
  4. Keep carpet close to backdrop/photo booth to give a high end appearance
  5. When done, carefully remove tape (if applied), then vacuum red carpet before rolling up
  6. To keep carpet tight when rolling up, use tape around the roll in two places