10ft x 10ft One Wall (White Backdrop Only)

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Note: fabric can't be cut, altered, or dyed. Return fabric without stains.

Includes: (2) uprights, (2) base plates, (1) crossbar & (4) pieces of white fabric

–  Fabric Material: Poly-Silk
–  Default Fabric Color: white
–  Also Avail: for more fabric color choices, view our pipe & drape wall kit
–  Upgrades: reserve (2) uplights per 10-foot section for more colors
–  Flame Retardant Fabric: Yes
–  Wrinkle-Resistant Drapery: Yes
–  Weight & Dimensions: view in additional information tab below
–  Setup Size: 10-foot length by up to 10 feet tall
–  Setup Time: 10 minutes per 10-foot section
–  Rentals Arrive: 2-days prior to the event date
–  Duration: Send back 2-day after event date to avoid late fees
–  FREE Nationwide Shipping both ways on orders over $94


Easy Do It Yourself Rentals (1 Min)

Learn how to setup this rental by watching the video below


Rent a photo booth fabric backdrop & give a clean backdrop for guests to take their pictures. This white fabric is easy to set up, priced to fit budgets, and can change colors with uplighting. What we LOVE about this rental is that it’s large enough to accommodate over 10 guests in your photo booth pictures. Let’s take a closer look at how you will benefit from a photo booth curtain backdrop. Read More...




Additional information

Weight 49 lbs
Dimensions 57 x 19 x 8 in


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Easy Setup Instructions

Follow our instructions below for an easy DIY setup:

  1. place crossbars end to end on the ground and center on the space you want to drape
  2. put base plates at the bottom edges of all the crossbars (make sure ferrule pin is screwed into center hole)
  3. slide uprights into the baseplates ferrule pin all the way (do not force upright down onto ferrule pin all the way if they don’t fit, only force down 50% if tight)
  4. attach crossbars between (2) uprights slots, make sure crossbar is in the slot all the way (do this for all crossbar sections)
  5. now that you have a fully completed skeleton, throw (4) pieces of fabric over each single crossbar (try to keep the same amount of fabric on both sides of a single crossbar when throwing it over)
  6. pleat fabric overlap fabric edges & cover any hardware, make sure the center of your crossbar is the center point of the 2 pieces of overlapped fabric)
  7. raise uprights individually in 2 foot increments until entire backdrop is 10 foot height
  8. finalize bottom by lifting each piece of fabric, accordion fabric down, and tuck and roll the bottoms

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