100+ Spooky Halloween Party Ideas (Fun + Scary Events)

Ready to spookify your party? 

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Theme parties are always fun, and the good thing about them is that they’re not particular about the age limit. Halloween is the perfect time to show your creativity and have an unforgettable time!


However, a great party needs good preparation well in advance.

Therefore, it’s not too early to start planning for this year’s festivity as of now. To help you out, we’ve gathered over 100 spooky Halloween party ideas to make you the most entertaining host.

🕯️ So, what are you waiting for? In the spirit of the season, let’s delve into the list!

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The BEST Halloween Theme Ideas 🎃

👍 A Brief Intro
1. Murder Mystery
2. Haunted House
3. Escape Room
4. Spooky Food & Drinks
5. Zombie Apocalypse
6. Pumpkin Carving Contest
7. Pumpkin Painting Station
8. Spooky Face Painting
9. Costume Contest
10. Super Hero Contest
11. Fortune Telling Booth
12. Scavenger Hunt
13. Movie Marathon
14. Ghostly Games
15. Horror Movie Trivia
16. Costume Photo Booth
17. Greenery Backdrop
18. Cloud Machine
19. Feather Wall
20. Candles Candles Everywhere
21. Monogram Lighting
22. Pumpkin Ring Toss
23. Black Rose Wall
24. Adult Trick or Treating
25. Spooky Karaoke
26. Mini Music Festival
27. Zombie Dance Off
28. Spooky Charades
29. Witches Brew Bar
30. Scary Storytelling
31. Candy Apple Decorating
32. Haunted Hayride
33. Pumpkin Bowling
34. Glow In The Dark Dance Floor
35. Zombie Makeup Workshop
36. Halloween Joke Contest
37. Mummy Bowling
38. Mirror Maze
39. Vampire Party
40. Halloween wine tasting
41. Haunted Treasure Hunt
42. Ouija Board Seance
43. Custom Bingo
44. Jack-o’-Lantern Bean Bag Toss
45. Garnish with Eyeballs
46. Haunted Dollhouse Display
47. Ghostly Glow Stick Limbo
48. Candy Corn Tasting Contest
49. Haunted House Lego Building Contest
50. Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Party
51. Graveyard Brownies
52. Make DIY Slime
53. Trick or Treat at Home-
54. It’s Snack Time!
55. Harvest Party
56. Hallow-latte Party
57. Monster Mash Cupcake Decorating
58. Haunted Cemetery Corn Maze
59. Witches’ Potion Mixing Station
60. Hand-Shaped Ice
61. Glow Stick Dance Party
62. Zombie Nerf Target Shooting Range
63. Haunted House Pinata
64. Halloween-Inspired Pancake Bar
65. Spooky Story Fortune Cookies
66. Freeze Dance
67. Haunted House Memory Game
68. Zombie Brain Toss
69. Throw-back to…
70. Halloween Russian Roulette
71. Eyeball Pong
72. Halloween Jenga
73. Scary Sit-Down Dinner
74. Monster Mask Making
75. Serve Cocktails in Syringes
76. Mummies in a Blanket
77. Escape Room Experience
78. Book a Magician
79. Candy Corn Guessing Game
80. Halloween Potluck
81. Floral Décor
82. Frankenstein cupcakes
83. Witch Hat Ring Toss
84. Spider Web Obstacles
85. Tarantula Toss Game
86. Bobbing for Apples
87. Graveyard Décor
88. Pin the Spider on the Web
89. Bunch of Skeletons
90. Halloween Cookie Decorating
91. Spooky Volcano
92. Scary signs
93. Bloody Candles
94. Halloween Musical Chairs
95. Icy Eyeballs
96. Witch’s Curtain
97. Brain Shot
98. Dried Pumpkin Décor
99. Alcohol IV bags
100. CharSKULLterie Board
101. Pet Halloween Costume

Murder Mystery

A classic Halloween entertainment, planning a murder mystery will engage all of your guests in the game. This promises an interesting night full of surprises as you’re trying to figure out who’s responsible for the murder.

Haunted House

If you’ve never had the guts – or a chance- to visit a haunted house in person, then why not create the notion of one in your own home? Apart from the eerie decor, don’t forget to play some creepy music in the background to add to the suspenseful atmosphere.

Escape Room

Transform a room in your house into a spooky escape room and challenge your guests to solve a series of puzzles and clues.

Spooky Food & Drinks

No party would be complete without some creepy finger food or cocktails. Serve up dishes like “Eyeball Bruschetta” or get creative with themed cocktails like “Bloody Marys” or “Zombie Apocalypse.” Speaking of which…

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie movies and costumes become pretty popular around October every year, which makes them some of the greatest Halloween-themed things. All you need is some moody lighting and creepy cocktails, and you got yourself a party.

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Looking for the perfect Halloween entertainment? Gather your guests around a table and let the pumpkin carving begin! Just make sure to get plenty of pumpkins so everyone can test their artistic skills!

Pumpkin Painting Station

Hosting a kids-friendly party? No problem! Instead of a carving activity, set up a pumpkin painting station and let your little guests get creative with their designs.

Spooky Face Painting

While on the topic of kid-friendly Halloween parties, here’s another idea to try out. Set up a DIY face painting station and let them have some fun. The good thing is that this idea also works for adult parties!

Costume Contest

Who says that this holiday is all about spooky Halloween party ideas? Whether you’re celebrating with kids or not, organizing a DIY costume contest will allow you to show how creative you are.

Super Hero Contest

To narrow the costume contest down, organize a gathering where everyone could dress up as their favorite superhero. Or, you can add some spooky details to them by going for scary makeup.

Fortune Telling Booth

Set up a fortune-telling booth and give your guests a glimpse into their future. Hire a tarot card reader or palmist to provide readings, or DIY it with a crystal ball and some spooky predictions

Scavenger Hunt

Looking for exciting Halloween-themed events? Organize a scavenger hunt for your guests and send them on a quest to find hidden treasures or solve riddles.

Movie Marathon

scary movie fans, this one’s for you. If you’re not feeling like investing much time and effort into preparing for the party, just organize a movie marathon. Choose some classics, such as ‘Halloween’ or ‘The Exorcist’, or spice things up with something new.

Ghostly Games

Include a variety of ghostly games to keep the entertainment level high. Bobbing for apples, pinning the tail on the black cat, or other spooky activities would all do the trick.

Horror Movie Trivia

Test your guests’ knowledge of horror movies with a spooky trivia game. You can easily find some questions online or think of some yourself!

Costume Photo Booth

What’s good in hosting a Halloween party if you don’t have photos to remind you of the good times you’ve had? Set up a photo booth with props like witch hats, vampire fangs, and fake spiderwebs, and let your guests snap some spooky selfies.

Greenery Backdrop

We bet you’ve never thought about using a greenery wall as Halloween decor. And yet, this can make a wonderful backdrop for all those spooky photos! Just add some other details such as dark flowers and spider webs and you have the perfect photo backdrop in the spirit of the holiday!

Cloud Machine

Perhaps you already decided on the decor you’ll use, but feel like you’re still missing something? And we know exactly what that is! Renting a cloud machine will add just the right amount of eerieness your party is missing, and it’s extra easy to set it up yourself!

Feather Wall

White and Halloween don’t usually go together (unless you are going for the good old classic white sheet ghost costume or an angel), but we thought you’d like to be unique with your Halloween entertainment ideas. Our feather wall rental can make the perfect corpse-bride-inspired party theme backdrop, adding some ghostly features to the atmosphere.

Candles Candles Everywhere

Don’t forget to add plenty of candles around your home as they’re a staple decor for the occasion. This helps create a spooky yet intimate vibe. This is create for seances, dinner parties, and other private events.

Monogram Lighting

Have you thought about adding a creepy message to your Halloween night party, but the red lipstick on your bathroom mirror seems too cliche? Well, here’s an alternative solution for you: pick a spooky quote, choose a font that matches the vibe, and our monogram lighting rental will make sure it’s perfectly projected on the wall!

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Challenge your guests to a pumpkin ring toss game, using glow-in-the-dark rings to aim for jack-o’-lantern targets.

Black Rose Wall

Black roses are a Halloween classic, especially for those of you looking to add a romantic hint to the party. Our black rose wall is perfect to use as a backdrop, making it one of the best spooky Halloween party ideas you can think of!

Adult Trick or Treating

Who says trick-or-treating is just for kids? Organize a grown-up trick-or-treating event with your friends and have fun.

Spooky Karaoke

Set up a karaoke machine and let your guests belt out their favorite Halloween-themed tunes.

Mini Music Festival

Create a playlist with holiday favorites or hire a DJ to entertain you. You can also plan a karaoke sing-along!

Zombie Dance Off

Divide your guests into teams and challenge them to choreograph their zombie dance routines.

Spooky Charades

Looking for the perfect scary Halloween party ideas? Put a twist on the classic game of charades by acting out scenes from iconic horror movies.

Witches Brew Bar

Set up a DIY cocktail bar with an assortment of potions and elixirs, allowing your guests to mix and match ingredients to create their spooky beverages.

Scary Storytelling

Planning a party outside? Gather your guests around a flickering campfire or candlelit circle and take turns sharing spine-tingling tales.

Candy Apple Decorating

Give guests some caramel or chocolate-dipped apples and plenty of toppings they can use to create their own deliciously spooky treats.

Haunted Hayride

If you’re lucky enough to live near a farm or countryside, consider organizing a haunted hayride for your guests and go for a scary ride into the woods. 

Pumpkin Bowling

Turn your backyard into a pumpkin bowling alley and challenge your guests to a game of pumpkin bowling.

Glow in the Dark Dance Floor

Transform your dance floor into a glowing spectacle with black lights, neon paint, and glow sticks. You can even wear neon clothing for an added effect.

Zombie Makeup Workshop

For this activity, you’ll need some fake blood, makeup brushes, and latex. You can have a great time listening to some eerie music. 

Halloween Joke Contest

This is one of the best Halloween house party ideas. Ask your guests to gather the best spooky jokes and decide who has the best one.

Mummy Bowling

Set up a bowling alley with toilet paper mummies as pins and let your guests take turns knocking them down with a pumpkin bowling ball.

Mirror Maze

Feeling a bit extra this Halloween? Create a maze of mirrors in your hallway or backyard and challenge your guests to find their way out without getting lost in the reflections.

Vampire Party

If you’re looking for some classic spooky Halloween party ideas, you’ll love the one when everyone is dressed as a vampire.

Halloween Wine Tasting

Host a wine tasting with a selection of red wines with vampire-themed labels and let your guests try to guess which is which.

Haunted Treasure Hunt

Hide spooky treasures around your space and give guests a map to help them find what you’ve hidden.

Ouija Board Seance

Set the mood with a candlelit seance using an Ouija board, inviting guests to communicate with spirits from beyond the grave.

Custom Bingo

How about a custom-made Halloween party entertainment? Create a bingo game featuring spooky symbols like black cats, witches’ hats, and full moons.

Jack-O-Lantern Bean Bag Toss

Set up a bean bag toss game with jack-o’-lantern targets and see who can score the most points by landing their bean bags in the mouths of the pumpkins.

Garnish with Eyeballs

A handmade eyeball garnish is the perfect Halloween party inspo for your drinks. How to do it? Insert a blueberry into store-bought peeled lychee. Then, skewer two “eyeballs” with a toothpick and place them on the glass.

Haunted Dollhouse Display

Create a spooky dollhouse display featuring miniature haunted houses, creepy dolls, and eerie scenes.

Ghostly Glow Stick Limbo

Set up a limbo bar and decorate it with glow sticks. Challenge your guests to bend and twist their way under the bar without knocking any sticks down.

Candy Corn Tasting Contest

Are you and your friends a company of foodies? In that case, choose a variety of candy corn flavors to taste and rate together!

Haunted House Lego Building Contest

This is one of the best Halloween social ideas. Provide guests with a selection of Legos and challenge them to build their own haunted houses.

Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Party

Although it’s a bit early for Christmas, this is a great theme for celebrating Halloween. 

Graveyard Brownies

Stick a biscuit into your regular brownies and sprinkle some dark chocolate drops on top to make it look authentic.

Make DIY Slime

Set up a workstation with all of the ingredients used in a traditional slime recipe, along with jars and creepy extras like plastic bugs and squishy eyeballs.

Trick or Treat at Home

Let your guests go trick-or-treating by setting up a station filled with tubs, containers, and trays loaded with candy.

It’s Snack Time!

Turn some mini pretzel sticks and fruit roll-ups into cute snacks that look like mini witch’s brooms.

Harvest Party

Wondering what to do at a Halloween party? A fall harvest party can be an elegant way to celebrate the season.

Hallow-latte Party

Set up a DIY pumpkin spice latte bar with a variety of syrups, spices, and toppings for guests to customize their fall drinks.

Monster Mash Cupcake Decorating

Create a cupcake decorating station with cupcakes and different-colored frosting and sprinkles.

Haunted Cemetery Corn Maze

You’ll love this spooky Halloween party idea! Create a corn maze in the shape of a haunted cemetery, complete with tombstones, skeletons, and other spooky surprises.

Witches’ Potion Mixing Station

Set up a potion mixing station with colorful liquids, bubbling cauldrons, and mysterious ingredients and see who will create the spookiest mix.

Hand-Shaped Ice

Wash and will with water a few vinyl gloves and let them freeze overnight. You can add them to the mimosa jars as an extra spooky Halloween detail.

Glow Stick Dance Party

Turn down the lights and hand out glow sticks to guests as they hit the dance floor.

Zombie Nerf Target Shooting Range

Set up a target shooting range with zombie-themed targets and Nerf guns.

Haunted House Pinata

Hang a haunted house pinata filled with spooky treats and treasures.

Halloween-Inspired Pancake Bar

A DIY pancake bar is a great answer if you don’t know what to do at a Halloween party. Prepare pumpkin spice batter and an assortment of toppings, and be creative!

Spooky Story Fortune Cookies

Write creepy messages and predictions on strips of paper and tuck them inside fortune cookies.

Freeze Dance

Play some Halloween tunes and have guests dance until the music stops.

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Haunted House Memory Game

Set up a memory game featuring pairs of cards with spooky images like ghosts, bats, and pumpkins, challenging guests to match them up.

Zombie Brain Toss

Set up a bean bag toss game with brain-shaped targets and see who can score the most points.

Throw-back to…

Pick a decade, like the roaring ’20s or the colorful ‘80s, and design the decor, food, and entertainment around that time. Of course, with a Halloween-inspired touch!

Halloween Russian Roulette

Play the classic Russian Roulette drinking game, but this time, with Halloween-themed shots.

Eyeball Pong

Still haven’t found the perfect spooky Halloween party idea? This twist to the classic beer pong is the perfect simple game to play with your friends- just replace the ball with a plastic eyeball.

Halloween Jenga

Paint a regular Jenga set with Halloween-themed designs and play a few rounds with your guests.

Scary Sit-Down Dinner

Invite guests to a dinner party with a spooktacular setting. Decorate with black linens, dishes, utensils, serving pieces, and spooky candle holders.

Monster Mask Making

Provide blank masks and craft supplies for guests to create their monster masks.

Serve Cocktails in Syringes

Simply grab some food-safe syringes and fill them with a bloody mary mixture or any other colored drink.

Mummies in a Blanket

This is a simple twist to the classic finger food- just add a pair of edible eyes to them.

Escape Room Experience

If you’re not interested in setting up an escape room at home, you can always book one that’s closest to where you all live.

Book a Magician

Looking for some corporate Halloween party ideas? Hire a magician to keep the employees’ spirits up!

Candy Corn Guessing Game

Fill a jar with candy corn and have guests guess how many are inside. The closest guess wins the jar!

Halloween Potluck

Hosting a small-group party? Ask your friends to bring a favorite dish to share but with a spooky twist.

Floral Décor

Apart from choosing deep tones for your decoration, you can also opt for dry flowers instead of fresh or plastic ones to add to the creepy atmosphere.

Frankenstein Cupcakes

Make green frosted cupcakes with chocolate sprinkles. Use edible eyes that resemble Frankenstein’s look for a great Halloween party idea.

Witch Hat Ring Toss

Set up witch hats of varying sizes and have guests toss rings onto the pointed tops.

Spider Web Obstacles

Create a maze of spider webs using yarn or streamers and challenge guests to navigate through it.

Tarantula Toss Game

Ready to hear one of the most interesting spooky Halloween party ideas? Use plastic spiders as tossing targets and award points for landing them on designated spots.

Bobbing for Apples

Fill a large tub with water and floating apples and try to retrieve apples using only your mouth.

Graveyard Décor

Set up a graveyard scene in your yard with tombstones, skeletons, and eerie lighting. 

Pin the Spider on the Web

Blindfold guests and have them try to pin a plastic spider onto a paper spider web.

Bunch of Skeletons

A classic addition to spooky events, skeletons are a must-have decor at your Halloween party. You can scatter different-sized skeletons all around the place and challenge your guests to find them all.

Halloween Cookie Decorating

Bake sugar cookies ahead of time and provide icing and Halloween-themed sprinkles for guests to decorate their cookies.

Spooky Volcano

For this installation, you will need a bowl, baking soda, white vinegar, and dish soap. When mixed, they will start forming a foam that will slowly get out of the bowl, resembling a volcano.

Scary Signs

On a white piece of paper or canvas, write spooky notes and hand them above the door or around the house.

Bloody Candles

Pour some fake blood over your white candles to add to the creepy atmosphere.

Halloween Musical Chairs

Set up a game of musical chairs using Halloween-themed music.

Icy Eyeballs

Add plastic eyeballs to your ice cube tray, fill them with water, and let them freeze. This makes one of the best spooky Halloween party ideas that will go well with your cocktails.

Witch’s Curtain

Buy or dye a tassel curtain in black. Rip some of it and hang it above your front door for a spooky welcome.

Brain Shot

This is a classic night-out drink that will go perfectly with the spirit of the event. This is super easy to make it is a alcoholic drink made with 1 fluid ounce chilled peach schnapps, 1 teaspoon chilled Irish cream liqueur, & 1 splash chilled grenadine syrup.

Dried Pumpkin Décor

If you start preparing now, you’ll have enough time to dry some carved pumpkins to create an even more bizarre decor.

Alcohol IV bags

Fill some IV bags with alcohol and hang them on a hook. You can even add some dye to the booze.

CharSKULLterie Board

Wrap a fake skull prop with thin slices of meat and place it in the center of your charcuterie board.

Dress Up Your Pet in a Costume

If you have a pet, don’t forget to include them at the party! Purchase a scary costume and dress your fur baby up. Now, that’s what we call fun ideas for a Halloween party!

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With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

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