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Enter state/date to select quantity  📦 one kit includes (1) 100 watt COB Black Light with an attached power cord

–  Upgrades: rent optional light stand with a plunger
–  Colors: Super High UV Output
–  Wattage: 100-watt COB LED
–  IP-65 Waterproof Rating: No (can only be used indoors)
–  Battery Powered: No
–  Weight & Dimensions: view in additional information tab below
–  Setup Time: approximately 1 minute
–  Rentals Arrive: 2-days prior to the event date
–  Duration: Send back 2-day after event date to avoid late fees
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Easy Do It Yourself Rentals (1 Min)

Learn how to set up this rental by watching the video below



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We don’t ship small UV par cans or blacklight panels. Our neon party lights feature a dedicated 100-watt COB lighting element. This gives an impressive glow to help light up your gym. Besides having a black light wedding, we work with schools, churches, & corporate clients! Kick your sports up a notch with glow golf, glow volleyball, & glow dodgeball. Plan a highlighter theme in all-white attire. Rent our do-it-yourself black light for proms, homecomings, Halloween, and even house parties! Read More...


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Additional information

Weight 6.2 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 11 x 12.5 in


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Lighting Factors

Keep all lights off and block out any windows with construction paper and tape to get the best results. Slightly angle fixtures to get a nice wide coverage for larger spaces. You can place these fixtures on the ground and use the lights handle to give it a slight elevation.

We recommend reserving a light tripod & attachment to get the BEST effect. When you raise these lights 6+ feet it results in a greater UV projection, better spread, & optimal control.

Use multiple fixtures to even room coverage. To determine how many blacklights to rent please view our ‘quantity estimator’ tab. For the best experience, incorporate neon bracelets and attire. When you follow the steps above you get best glow effect for any school dance or private party.

Easy Setup Instructions

How to setup neon black lights for glow party

With Stand and Plunger (helps elevate fixture to cover more space & control beams)
1.) Widen tripod stand by loosening the side knob and pulling the legs out to form a wider base.
2.) Once you have the legs pulled to the right width (approximately 2 feet), then you can re-tighten the bolt (don’t over tighten)
3.) Attach plunger by sliding over top of light stand (it should be a tight fit)
4.) To attach the light you unscrew the top nut, slide the lighting bracket on the screw, and screw the nut back on (sandwiches the bracket in-between the two nuts)
5.) Plug black light rentals in with power cord between the fixture and outlet
6.) Neon glow light powers on
7.) Aim your blacklights in the desired position (use the side bracket to adjust the angle)

Setup on Floor (no stand or plunger)
1.) Plug UV lights in with power cord between the fixture and outlet
2.) Neon glow light powers on
3.) Place fixture on the floor or table & aim your blacklights in the desired position (use the side bracket to adjust the angle)

Quantity Estimator


1. Amount of Guests

Find out how many blacklights to rent for your party using guest count.




2. Total Square Feet

Find out how many up blacklights to rent for your party using total sq footage.




3. Dimensions of Room

Find out how many blacklights to rent for your party using room size.






Use our formula below to figure out the best number of UV blacklights to reserve:

School Gym (120 feet x 60 feet x 20 feet)
Maximum Coverage: (5+) UV cannons (covers entire gym)
Ideal Coverage: (4) UV cannons (covers almost entire gym)
Moderate Coverage: (2) UV cannons (covers half of gym)
Minimal Coverage: (1) UV cannon (covers small dance floor in gym)


Elevate fixture by renting a light stand & plunger to project UV effect farther & control beam direction. Reserve extra extension cords if you are concerned about getting power to your black lights.

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