DIY Neon Glow Party Rentals

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Renting over $94 gives you instant FREE Nationwide shipping! Receive orders 2 days before your event. Start saving on your DIY rentals with ShipOur.Wedding™.


Losing time is as bad as losing your glow sticks. ShipOur.Wedding™ brightens your neon party with easy-to-follow DIY setups. Save time & book your date today.


Our bundled packages give you DIY rentals you love at prices you can afford. ShipOur.Wedding™ believes your glow party needs better value. What are you waiting for?

Plan Your Black Light Party on a Budget





No matter what the occasion for your celebration, we want you to have the experience of a lifetime. Our online e-commerce rental website supplies you with affordable DIY prices with neon party lights. We put you in control of selecting popular rentals that add color & style to your event. You will glow in the dark with delight as you save dollars while having fun setting up the package yourself. Keep reading to learn how ShipOur.Wedding™ can make the most of your black light party.

DIY Neon Glow Party Rentals Look Amazing

We have done many parties since we started doing events back in 2003. To pull off the best neon outcome you need more lighting packages. Our unique effects have EZ-setup instructional videos & assemble them in no time flat! We supply you top of the line DIY neon glow kits with nationwide shipping. Browse uplights, chair cover rentals, drapery backdrops & DIY party service categories. Read More...

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We saved $15,000 going with Ship Our Wedding

Brad & Annika, Cario Nebraska

📦 Rent Wall Draping Kit

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I’m infatuated thank you… hugs + kisses MWAH

Jennifer & Val of Divine Talents

📦 Rent Chuppah Kit

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We were amazed the uplights were really easy

Jose of J. Rocha Designs

📦 Rent Uplighting Kit

Rent Uplighting for $19 to Go with Black Lights

Neon parties benefit from uplighting with dark purple colors. Our light have UV color to compliment DIY black lighting rentals. Our online packages gives you immediate pricing that is simple to understand. Get the look you deserve with easy do-it-yourself uplighting, wireless uplighting & outdoor uplights.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Rent Draping for Neon Glow Parties

Get more options when selecting drapery for your neon glow party rentals. ShipOur.Wedding™ pipe & drape is perfect for creating spaces, sectioning off zones & hiding areas that should be left unseen. Most clients use white fabric since it looks amazing with glow themes. Get results that look like you hired a pro. Do it yourself, save & amaze!

(Assembly time varies 5 minutes – 2 hours)

Nationwide Photo Booth Rentals for Glow Parties

ShipOur.Wedding™ uses photo booths that are compact for the ultimate neon glow party rental experience. We customize photo booth strips to work with a dramatic neon glow party design. Uploaded your photos to social media or have them physically printed. Relax our easy setup equipment ships free of charge with everything needed.

(Assembly time less than 2 minutes)

Rent Big Letters & Make Them Glow

Spell out neon glow party rentals with big white letters. Make them glow by using UV color uplighting at the base of the letters. We recommend (1) light per letter. This will highlight what you’re saying & make them glow for everyone to remember. People use this for photoshoots, spaced out or stacked to add depth. Our letters are easy to ship & even easier to set up.

(Assembly time less than 5 minutes)

Brighten UV Events with a $109 Name Monogram

Glow parties tend to be darker spaces. A DIY name monogram can brighten your space & show off your theme. Custom monogram lights, do so much by telling your party theme, your name & logos. Name monograms are more visible & give your space a balance of dark UV colors & bright accent lighting. Rent a custom name monogram today.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Glow Parties + $109 Star Projectors = AMAZING

Our starry ceiling rentals come in a bright blue color. This light as it highlights purple UVs from neon glow décor. We recommend this fixture because it looks best when packaged together with our DIY blacklight rentals. Our pricing should put this effect within your budget. Find out how much you love Dancing under the stars with neon party lights!

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

$99 Black Light the Main Glowing Ingredient

You want to rent lights for parties is to create the BEST glow-themed party ever. You came to the right spot for affordable black lighting. When you rent black lights you choose the number of lights, we ship them to you for an easy setup. Bundle options & make the most of your event! Our lights produce a powerful glow. Make your event shine in bright colors.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Make it Glow with a $109 Fire & Water Effect

Our fire + ice lighting package gives you 2 amazing effects for the price of one. Use this cost-effective DIY light in a hallway or combined with blacklights in your main room. Operation is as easy as 1,2,3! All you have to do is plug in the fixture and stop the color rotation on red or blue with a back switch. Do it yourself you get something both you & your budget will love.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Glow Parties Rent Dance Floor Lighting for $99

Neon party lights work best on dance floors with moving lights. Rent lights for parties that change color with a variety of dancing movements. These lights set up fast & don’t take away from any UV blacklights in your room. They are so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand. Create a vibe that makes you wanna dance with neon party lights.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Rent Lounge Furniture Make it Glow

ShipOur.Wedding™ has the best low-priced rentals when it comes to lightweight lounge furniture. Our recyclable honeycomb mesh provides strong support for guest seating. Our DIY couch rental unfolds over 10x their compact shape. Because these couches are white you light them up for a soft glow. Create modern lounge spaces for a do-it-yourself neon theme.

(Assembly time less than 2 minutes)

Rent Affordable DIY Videography Packages

You can’t forget to record the most amazing neon party of the year! ShipOur.Wedding™ has easy-to-use camera rentals that assist with capturing your event. We ship you the camera, you record your event, you ship it back & we edit the videos making everything painless. Forget hiring expensive videography companies & let us create the video you’ve dreamed of!

(Assembly time varies)

Reasons to Hire ShipOur.Wedding™?

1.)  FREE Nationwide shipping both ways on orders over $94
2.)  Reputable & affordable DIY glow party rentals
3.)  We’ve been awarded TheKnot & WeddingWire Awards
4.)  Over 250 options to ensure your perfect neon event
5.)  EASY setup tutorial videos with QR code technology
6.)  Save more with lighting design & the complete package

How to Plan a DIY Black Light Rental?

🖥 Find DIY glow party rentals you love in the categories above
🗓 Check availability, put down a 25% retainer to reserve your date
💳 30 days before your event the remaining 75% is due in full
🇺🇸 FREE nationwide standard shipping both ways on orders $94+
📆 Rentals with standard shipping arrive 2-days before the event
📦 Open reusable box, it has everything you need
🎉 Setup package, do it yourself, & enjoy your black light party!
📦 Send back rentals in the same box using the prepaid label

Why Should I Get DIY Neon Party Light Rentals?

Choosing us to help with your DIY black lights will be one of the best decisions you’ve made. Our rentals give you the power to do everything you have ever imagined on the cheap. To see how easy this is, browse our DIY rentals: lighting design, drapery, spandex chair rentals, & DIY school services. We guarantee our do-it-yourself process is hassle-free.

Trust our reputation & rentals. In some cases, ShipOur.Wedding™ cost is almost ½ that what a local company would charge you. If that is not reasonable, then we don’t know what is! Our core belief is that your glow party should be done within a budget you can afford. Relax knowing our neon party lights give you more value for your money.

Ordering online with ShipOur.Wedding™ is simple. Your neon glow party kit arrives right at your doorstep. Two days after your event, send them back and you’re done! Don’t let anyone say you can’t pull off a DIY party. We give you the best value for your budget. Get more today by renting our lights for parties to stay under budget.