(5) Fun Wedding Ideas for Dancing on Clouds

Would you be thrilled with planning an average wedding experience?

We think not! To help make the most with your wedding rentals we have some fun ideas to share! First question, will you be having any special effects at your wedding? If so you might be considering a cloud dance. If you don’t know what dancing on the clouds is all about then keep reading to learn more.

our article covers the (5) best ways to use the cloud dance for weddings & events

On top covering everything you need to know about this effect, we will give you ideas. We have all seen the traditional way the cloud dance is used for weddings. However, there are some really fun ways to enhance this dry ice cloud effect without spending too much money! So let’s start thinking outside the box and truly make your wedding a memorable experience!

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What is Dancing on the Clouds

The cloud dance effect is popular for wedding receptions. It is traditionally done by entertainment wedding vendors like DJs, bands & lighting companies. This effect is commonly used with a dry ice block or dry ice pellets to create a low lying cloud. The dry ice is dumped into a machine with hot water and it produces the smoke effect.

📦 Rent DIY Dancing on a Cloud

The main reason why vendors charge such high prices is because of the cost of the cloud machine. It costs $1000 to purchase and that doesn’t even include the dry ice. Now this is the way this effect has been done, keep reading to learn about the new way that saves you money!

How Much Does the Cloud Effect Cost

The price for a cloud dance can range from inexpensive to costly. It really depends on the method and experience of the company. Some companies charge higher prices (over $400). Expect them to use multiple machines that are only dry iced based.

if you don’t go DIY then vendors may charge you $200-$400 for a cloud dance effect

A common price for companies to charge is between $250 and $300. Keep in mind that the machine they are using has a higher cost and also they still need to be compensated for their time and dry ice. These vendors will typically use 30 lbs of dry ice pellets that cost them $30.

To Go DIY or Rent from a Company

If the prices local vendors are charging you doesn’t fit your budget their is an alternative. You can do it yourself and save money on your cloud effect for your wedding. You just have to rent a cloud machine that is fog based and you can use your own ice cubes.

if you go DIY you will save money & easily create a similar look for your first dance

Before you go DIY it is important to know that the type of ice and conditions of the room make a HUGE difference. We recommend using dry ice block crushed with a hammer. You need your venue to have a very low temperature (72 degrees or less) so your cloud effect hangs (aka lasts) longer in the area.

For a quick overview of our dry ice machine and how to use, watch our video below.

Dancing on Cloud Checklist:

– make sure your venue knows you’re bringing this effect
– double check the venue doesn’t have any active fire alarms
– have enough power so your DJ doesn’t trip a circuit
– bring gloves & a hammer, ice chest should have blanket insulator
– do not store any metal objects in the ice chest when not in use

Use on Stairs & Balconies

So now that we have covered the basics, it is time to go over some fun places to use the dancing on a cloud machine. Some venues have stairs and even balconies for introductions & bouquet tosses. What if you were to use the cloud effect from the top and have it come over the edge?

just image how amazing it would look for clouds to cascade down your steps

This is a great way to create a photo opportunity during your event. It is not common for vendors to use the cloud effect for anything other than special dances. Having this used in a non-traditional way will leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Change the Cloud Color

Typically your formal dances have lighting balanced for your wedding photographer. However, one place that is never considered is to light up your cloud to match your wedding. Now you can dance on your cloud in the color of your choice!

changing your cloud colors is a fun alternative and will wow your guests

📦 Rent DIY Dancing on a Cloud

It is very easy to create this look. Just use a couple of well placed wireless uplights near your smoke machine to light up your dance floor in the color of your choice. It doesn’t have to be a color that matches your wedding, it could be your favorite color. Watch our video above to see an example of a couple that danced on a pink cloud.

Combine with Special Effects

Every year there is a new way for couples to highlight their reception with the hot new trend. Special effects look stunning when combined with the dance cloud rental. You have probably seen fireworks combined near the dance floor that go off with the crescendos of the music. The glow from the cold sparks over the dry ice cloud effect looks gorgeous… just checkout the image below 😍

fireworks look magical when combined with the cloud dancing 🎆

Another popular effect is a light up dance floor that can help (with changing your cloud colors). The twinkle light dance floor will give a slight shimmer to your smoke effect during your formal dances. This is also great for adding energy to your reception during open dance.

Use for More Than First Dance

Your first dance isn’t the only place you can use your cloud. This can really be done during any time at your wedding. As mentioned early this looks nice for grand introductions as well as bouquet & garter tosses.

You can also have this planned for a flash mob dance or special group dance.

using the cloud effect doesn’t just add magic it adds energy to your party.

If you are really set on using this effect then try it at more than one part of your evening. Just remember that there is a warm up time on the fog and you have roughly 8 mins of fog juice. Give enough time between activities so that you are able to have the machine recharge (aka heat up). This will vary from 30 seconds to 5 minutes with our fog based cloud machine.

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How Will You Do the Cloud Dance

so what do you think of this effect will you do it or skip it, tell us in the comments below

It seems that almost every wedding is personalizing their weddings with special effects like the cloud dance. However, if everyone is doing a cloud dance is it really personalized? We think that doing one of the recommendations above will help put a new twist on a common experience. Your deserve the most for your event. Hopeful our guide gives your wedding ideas to make the most of your cloud dance!

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