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Dancing on a Cloud Machine

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Rent dancing on cloud machine & give your wedding reception a magical look for special moments. If you’ve seen photos of this effect, then you know how much it will impact the experience of your event. This cloud dancing effect lasts anywhere from 1.5 to 4 minutes. Use this DIY cloud smoke rental for wedding first dance. Other companies might charge prices as much as $250 for this same effect! ShipOur.Wedding supplies this rental effect for only $148. Read More...

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📦  Includes: (1) Dry ice machine with attached power cord, pair of gloves, & dolly (reserve 2 wireless up lights to get colors)
🔋  Warmup Time: 1.5 hours
⚖️  Weight & Dimensions: view additional information tab above
⏱️  Approx Setup Time: 1 minute assembly, 1.5 hours warm up
📆  Duration: Send back within 2-day after your event date to avoid late fees
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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in

1 review for Dancing on a Cloud Machine

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maria Eldridge

    Instead of paying $350 through our DJ, we did it ourselves for way less. This rental works with both dry ice or ice cubes. We choose to use dry ice to reduce any issues with our venue’s smoke alarm. The dry ice kept the cloud effect low to the ground to create that timeless look. It plugs in and you hit a button and wah lah instant cloud for photos! I put my sister in charge of running this during our dance. Such a lovely effect!

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Easy Setup Instructions

Follow our instructions below for an easy DIY setup:

  1. The week of your event, find the nearest dry ice supplier and make sure they have at least 25 lbs of dry ice pellets in stock, get a ice box ready and put inside a plastic scooper (not metal), small throw blanket (that is not fuzzy), and heavy duty insulated gloves
  2. The day before your event, purchase 25 lbs of dry ice pellets (should cost between $1-$2 per pound), and place the non-fuzzy small throw blanket over the ice in the box to insulate the dry ice, store plastic scooper on top of box not inside (if your dry ice provider is available the day of your event, then purchase it from them that morning)
  3. If you decide to use a metal scooper it can never be stored inside the box with the dry ice it will be subject to sub-zero temperatures
  4. The day of your event, store dry ice in ice box somewhere safe and out of children’s reach
  5. 2 hours before you need the dry ice effect, Take machine into kitchen of banquet hall, put near a sink, and lift the side handle up all the way
  6. Fill machine up with hot water if available (this can be done by safely filling pitchers of hot water from the coffee spigot)
  7. Fill machine until the water touches the bottom of the raised metal basket inside the dry ice machine (the machine will not work unless water is filled to this level)
  8. Close the lid and lock it, then carefully roll the machine towards a wall (so water doesn’t spill out the front) that has an outlet with nothing else on that same circuit
  9. If you trip a circuit, unplug the fixture, reset the breaker for the circuit, and then use this further down the wall on another circuit
  10. When ready the machine indicator light will turn green (if it is red it will still work, but make sure you had at least 1.5 hours of charging time to warm up the water inside). Machine will not work if red due to the water level not being at the appropriate level (see point 7)
  11. Roll machine to a corner of the dance floor, put on your heavy duty insulated gloves, have the dry ice box & scooper next to you (bring towels)
  12. To use effect, make sure side handle is lifted up all the way, unlock the top lid, fill 2-4 scoops of dry ice and drop into bucket (make sure to not drop any dry ice on the floor)
  13. Quickly close the top lid for the machine, drop the handle slowly and lift again to create the cloud effect, do not drop handle all the way and keep dropped (this will chill your heated water too quickly)
  14. After 30 seconds you will notice the cloud effect is not as great when you drop the handle, to fix this, lift the handle, open the lid, fill 2-4 scoops of dry ice, drop into bucket, quickly close the lid of the machine and drop handle slowly and lift again
  15. You can slightly turn the unit to give direction to your cloud effect
  16. Repeat steps 12 and 13 until you are done with the effect
  17. Once your effect is done, make sure sure there are no dry ice pellets on the ground, use towels to wipe up any water/residue on the floor, safely dispose of the hot water in the dry ice machine by dumping it in the kitchen sink in back of the venue (make sure to dump out water sideways so the electrical box on the machine does not get wet)
  18. Safely dispose of the dry ice by transporting the cooler closed into your personal vehicle, we recommend disposing the dry ice under your supervision in a safe location at a later time after the event, if there is no safe location to dispose the dry ice then open the box in a well ventilated area, store the box up high, and let the ice evaporate until gone (can take anywhere from 2 hours to 48 hours)

Dry Ice Locator

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