(6) Tips on Engagement Party Themes

The question was popped, do you want to throw a party & pop 🍾?

Of course

who doesn’t

love champagne?!

You are about to start the journey of a lifetime alongside your loved one. Life events like this are worth celebrating… and champagne is especially refreshing on a warm summer day.

These special moments are the main reason we even think of throwing parties. Engagement parties are the perfect way to kick off the wedding plans before things start to get real.

An engagement party is the first of many celebrations… this is how you do it right

  • What is needed to organize an engagement party?

  • Who should you invite?

  • Should there be a theme?

You’re in luck! Our guide helps answer all your questions and many more. We understand you haven’t and will never plan another engagement party. So soak up all our helpful tips and make this another memorable life experience.

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Why an Engagement Party Theme

While there is no need to have a big theme for your engagement party, it is a great option to set the mood for your upcoming wedding. A theme also provides your party with structure.

having an engagement theme can help your guest decide what to wear

Themes add excitement to engagement parties. Just investing a little bit of time into decorations can elevate your guest experience. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are a couple of fun ideas.

Wine & Cheese Theme

Are you a couple who enjoys wine and cheese? Why not make it the theme of the party? It is a simple and delicious option. Set up a grazing table with all your favorite snacks and cheese.

Our favorite charcuterie board snacks:

  • kalamata olives & pickles

  • grapes, apple slices, berries

  • feta, merlot, Munster, mozzarella, smoked gouda, brine cheeses

  • pepperoni with cracked pepper, prosciutto

  • honey, fig, and apricot jams

  • maple glazed walnuts, pistachios, dark chocolate

  • a variety of crackers for taste & texture

Pair everything with a couple of wines you enjoy, a fresh white, a sweet rose, and a deep red. Match the décor with the theme; you can host your party outdoors with some Italian string lights.

💡 DIY tip, use rustic tables to enhance your engagement party theme!

Casino Night Engagement Theme

remember to add Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin to your playlist

If you are into the elegant and luxurious feel of a casino night, why not make it the main theme of your engagement party? You can easily transform any space into a luxurious casino by covering it with pipe & draping and having some uplighting set up at the entrance to wow your guest.

Hire a local casino table rental company and treat your guests with some games and fancy cocktails to transport them straight to their favorite casino. Keep the décor on the elegant side with colors like black, red, burgundy, and some gold.

Picnic Day Engagement Party

Daytime gatherings are great for Sunday afternoons. Set up a picnic at a local park or in your backyard. Some wooden tables, cute picnic tablecloths, or blankets set up on the grass will do the magic.

your engagement party can be a more casual affair

Traditional BBQ is always a big hit for the whole family. Serve fresh fruit, desserts, and some mimosas. You might have a make your sandwich station. It is all about celebrating love more than impressing everyone.

Beach Party Engagement Idea

Want a laid-back celebration on a sunny day? Head to your nearest beach and grab some snacks to celebrate with the family. You can also go to a resort and check in for the day to enjoy some time by the pool and eat dinner at their restaurant.

If going to the beach is not an option, the theme might go to your home. Set up some cute beach props, dress accordingly, and serve fresh food to make everyone feel like they are right on the beach.

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Tip #1 Set a Date Soon

An engagement party should happen soon after the engagement, the reason? Many other events will be on the calendar. You want to give enough time for your guests and yourself before the wedding planning kicks into motion.

Tip #2 Create Your Guest List Wisely

We know you want to invite everyone and celebrate such an amazing moment in life but be careful about it. When you invite someone to your engagement party, you are pretty much inviting that person to your wedding, especially if you follow traditional etiquette guidelines.

Tip #3 Decide Who is Hosting

Engagement parties can be hosted by the couple, parents, best friends, or relatives who want to take care of the celebration. It is important to determine who is hosting so you can budget expenses & get ideas for the size of your engagement party.

Tip #4 Get Your Outfit Ready

Many pictures will be taken this day, so make sure you have the right outfit that is comfortable. Think about the theme, location, and season when choosing it. Also, try to match with your partner gently, so the pictures look super cute.

💅 Get those nails done! Your engagement ring will be the star of the party.

Tip #5 Think about Gift Registry

We know it appears to be too soon to be thinking about the registry. Still, many guests of your engagement party will not want to arrive empty-handed, especially the elderly who have the custom of arriving with a nice present. Focus on low to middle-range items since it is only the engagement party.

Tip #6 Parents Meet Before

Engagement parties are not the best moment for parents to meet if they haven’t met before. You will be meeting and greeting everyone, and things might get awkward, so make sure you arrange a dinner with nuclear families before your engagement party.

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It’s Time to Party

Now you have many ideas to pick the perfect theme for your big celebration, keep in mind that if none of them suit your style you can simply arrange a dinner party and pick some fresh flowers to set on your tables.

Celebrate at your home in your living with a dozen of your loved ones

Intimate and laid-back celebrations are popular now, so don’t feel pressured to throw a massive party. Rent a champagne wall online & ship it to your house.

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With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

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