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If you would like to light up your event then you need to select the right colored uplights. The different colors (even shades) can leave a long-lasting impression on your guests and photos.

It’s important to note that uplighting should be considered in conjunction with other lighting elements such as followspot rental, table pinspot lighting, and ambient lighting (like wedding string lights) to get the desired effect.

view our most popular wedding colors for uplighting with photo examples

Use lighting on our most popular rental kits to make it shine. We have done thousands of events and are going to share with you our expert advice on the best colors for wedding uplighting.

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What is Uplighting

At a wedding, uplighting are lights that are either plugin with a cord or battery-powered. The lights are commonly used to compliment reception spaces by:

To do this the lights are placed on the ground and then aimed up to change the color of the surface. The best colors for weddings will match your existing decorations like wedding flower walls, table décor, & wedding garlands.

  snazzy 3d video 

Typically you will hire a reception DJ, planner, or decorator to light up your room. However, there is a new type of service called DIY uplighting that ships to you.

uplighting kits arrive the week of the party, setup easy, look beautiful, & cost less.

It is so easy to transform your complete space. We also believe that uplighting is the most cost-effective way to dramatic enhance the look and feel of your event.

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Which Uplighting Colors

This is a very detailed guide and will feature our most popular uplighting colors from clients at actual events. We will discuss the reasons to go with or avoid a particular shade of color.

Learn which colors blend best as primary and secondary colors to create your color palette. Also, find out about wedding lighting costs.

Watch the video starting at 3:32 for an uplighting color overview

To keep things simple we are going to say that it is best to only have (2) main colors. Anything more than that can clutter your overall design (if you don’t have the right direction). It is okay to work in small accent colors in your décor.

However, with uplighting rentals, less is more. Also, brighter will be more noticeable (if you want your room bright). It’s time to give away all our uplighter secrets. We cover the best ones in this guide. Let’s dive into the different uplighting colors!

Purple Wedding Uplighting

Purple wedding lights are very popular at weddings and events. The reason we love purple uplighting is that it is bright and it will compliment many colors. Purple has blue with subtle hints of red mixed in.

This gives a more blue tone than pink. Any of these colors blend well with purple uplighting. View purple uplight picture examples below:

Purple uplights have a drawback, they may affect the image quality on camera phones. The image tends to look bluer than what it is.

Renting purple uplighting is best if you think this color fits your style. Purple wedding uplights are a darker color and this works well for intimate occasions.

Purple is our most requested uplight color! Dark uplight colors feel calm, enhance dancing, & make ballrooms look romantic.

Blue Wedding Uplighting

Blue is a primary color so it tends to be very dark. Use blue uplighting with many formal events. The main reason why is that blue tends to feel royal.

Most clients will choose blue uplights if they are working with a navy theme. The issue with navy color is that it lacks saturation. Choosing a royal blue for wedding uplights will take a dull navy blue uplight color and add life to your event.

The above photo examples show weddings with blue uplighting color. Consider your itinerary and make sure you have the right amount of brightness so that your dinner looks appetizing.

Blue is a primary color that lacks brightness you will find with the other colored uplighting recommended on this page. You may consider raising the dimmer on your ballroom lighting.

Rent blue uplighting & consider staggering a second color like teal or purple. Deep blue & light blue uplighting work very well together.

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Navy Blue Teal Uplights

Teal uplights have both blue and green mixed. Because of this teal, wedding uplighting is twice as bright as a standard blue color.

When we mention teal uplighting it is also in the light blue, tiffany blue, and turquoise color family. This means you get more brightness so you can worry less about how the food will look.

what kind of impression do cool colors create in the reception area?

Cool colors in the reception area evoke a calm & professional atmosphere. Blues & greens, for instance, promote a sense of tranquility & efficiency, making guests feel welcome & at ease. The use of cool tones lends a polished and organized vibe to the space, leaving a positive impression.

Cool colors create a bright impression for photos in a reception area. Teal-colored uplighting has more saturation because of the two colors. This may not fit with other colored uplights.

If you want something more traditional, then choose a primary uplighting color that is less bright. View our best photos of teal uplights above.

However, if your event is looking for a color to make it pop then you will love teal uplighting. For one it looks exactly like teal in the wedding photos.

Couples rent teal uplighting to easily mix a 2nd uplighting color. Our favorite is pink & teal! Mix these (2) bold colors for an over-the-top look.

Pink Uplights

Pink uplighting is a classic choice. For the longest time pink was the top choice by clients. In recent years clients have moved to either purple (for sophistication) or to light pink (for maturity).

use light pink or blush pink to create romantic wedding uplighting

Pink-colored lights are bright for one because it has blue and red mixed together. However, these colors create a very bright pink and it tends to look slightly different in wedding photos. Browse pics of pink uplights below:

Pink matches most wedding themes & silk flower rentals. This is a reason why couples choose light pink uplighting. Pink tends to be extremely bright (unlike off-white or ivory uplight).

Program light pink uplights by mixing white, red & blue colors. Ship Our Wedding® easy-to-setup DIY uplights offer different shades of pink. Create the right shade with our pink wedding uplights.

Green Wedding Uplighting

Greenery is often used for wedding flower garlands. It is not a very popular choice but when done right it looks great. Think mint green instead of dark green uplights. When you use light green uplighting it has a pastel tone that feels natural.

Use natural colors in vintage & rustic chic wedding themes. Light green lighting will complement an off-white color. Most couples choose an off-white color before a lighter shade of green.

1. Amount of Guests

Find out how many up lights to rent for your party using the guest count.

2. Total Square Feet

Find out how many up lights to rent for your party using total sq footage.

3. Dimensions of Room

Find out how many up lights to rent for your party using room size.



However, green reminds us of a garden. Consider renting green uplights & to give a breath of fresh air into your event. Just remember you have options when it comes to the shade you want.

Red Uplighting

Red is a tricky color. It feels loud, aggressive, and angry 🙁 We know that uplighting colors can’t yell at us, but they can affect us emotionally.

To lessen the effect we always recommend using a shade for your red uplights and not the straight color. This will slightly soften the look (even if it is not enough). It will still be noticeable subconsciously and reduce the stress your guests might feel from a ‘loud wedding color’.

Your banquet hall may have overhead lights raised slightly to add some amber-gold to an already golden red color scheme. Use red wedding uplights for holidays, love-inspired events, & spooky Halloween-inspired themes. Rent red uplighting if you know what you are doing.

If you’re using red wedding lights then let’s discuss some positives. Red is considered a royal color & looks lovely when combined with gold accents.

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Orange Amber Uplighting

Orange is an amber tone that feels festive & colorful. Orange uplights feel fun & make parties feel full of life. Orange can blend well with red and even yellow lights.

This amber color combo is great for a sunset look. Use rose gold with orange for a subtle complimentary wedding color. Rose gold uplighting is a mixture of gold and a soft muted pink color.

This looks good with champagne. If orange wedding lighting is bright & too loud for your decorations, then consider soft champagne ivory colors. This is more sophisticated & classy making it look amazing in photos (color depicted in the video).

Just like we mentioned with teal you might consider using orange to add drama. Try working in orange uplighting with colors on the opposite spectrum for drama. Use teal, purple, & even blue with orange!

This is commonly done in chuppah rentals when working with a peacock theme. You might use 2 matching colors, then work in a 3rd wild card (orange) for visual eye candy!

Yellow Uplighting

A pleasant yellow color can be hard to achieve with basic uplights. Ship Our Wedding® provides RGBWAP lights instead of basic RGB. Because of this, you can easily create any shade of yellow uplighting that will fit with your color palette.

Light up your wedding in amber-yellow color tones to enhance a temporary wall draping kits. It will look lovely in your pictures & matches well with most floral choices.

Yellow wedding lights blend well with red, orange, and amber

These (3) colors together mimic a sunset look. Use Light yellow wedding uplighting with a light green for a natural look that feels soft & less manufactured.

Yellow is a safe color. It is a refreshing color of the sun! Yellow lights are bright because they mix red & green (with some amber & white).

White Uplighting

When we say white this can also mean neutral white, ivory, champagne, candlelight, and other soft colors.You have seen a lot of photos of our DIY uplighting for weddings. As always we save the best for last.

We feel that white is by far the safest uplight color to use. Use white uplights for ceremonies & subtle color themes. If photos are important to you then consider this color because it has the least effect on skin complexion in your images.

We recommend using a color that is not straight white uplighting. The main reason is that ivory wedding lights tend to have a slightly darker shade that creates a romantic glow.

Rent off white uplighting to color your walls in a color that lacks color. Programming this tone into your lighting makes it easier to control the expectation of your wedding photos.

If off-white is too bright then use champagne uplighting. An even darker color is candlelight wedding uplighting, then amber uplighting.

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Rent DIY Uplights

Use either bright or dark colors to create romantic wedding uplighting. There are saturated lighting colors & more pale colors. Keep in mind that every color has a purpose so that it matches your theme & décor.

As you can tell there are many uplighting colors to use. Think of your centerpieces, linens, and more importantly how you want your guest to feel. If you remember all our tips above, you will be able to select an uplight color that is the best representation for you and your event.

Do you still have questions on uplighting? Send us a message and let us help you out.

Ship Our Wedding® provides simple DIY uplighting rentals nationwide. Free shipping is available and all orders arrive (2) days before your event.

Uplights can set up in minutes and look amazing just like the photos above. Best of all when you do it yourself you save money compared to hiring a local expensive vendor to do all the work.

🎉 We hope our article gives you inspiration for your wedding colors. If you have any questions give us a call or message us on chat.

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

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I’m infatuated thank you hugs + kisses MWAH

We were amazed the uplights were really easy

Brad & Annika
Cario, Nebraska

We saved $15,000 hiring Ship Our Wedding

Jennifer & Val
Detroit, Michigan

I’m infatuated thank you hugs + kisses MWAH

Jose Rocha
Omaha, Nebraska

We were amazed the uplights were really easy

Brad & Annika

Cario, Nebraska

We saved $15,000 hiring Ship Our Wedding

Jennifer & Val

Detroit, Michigan

I’m infatuated thank you hugs + kisses MWAH

Jose Rocha

Omaha, Nebraska

We were amazed the uplights were really easy

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