18 Wedding Table Ideas for Silk Flower Garlands

Garlands are

colorful, festive,

and cost-effective!

If there’s one thing that adds the x-factor to your wedding venue, it’s flower garlands. Implementing silk flowers is a quick & easy way to decorate your party.

Add fake florals as a backdrop to your ceremony space or even place them behind the cake table. The options are endless; they’re also a great way to tie together your color scheme.

garlands are a versatile way to create a unique and memorable event

We love it when couples think outside the box when it comes to decorating their venue. We highly suggest introducing silk floral garlands to your theme.

ℹ️ We’ve put together a collection of our favorite silk wedding garlands. Let’s delve into each one & show you how to rent silk garlands for less!

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What is a Flower Garland

Garland silk flowers have been popular for quite some time. It seems that they have worked their way from a seasonal trend to something that has to be at every wedding.

A flower garland is either a real or artificial wreath of flowers & leaves that is:

When using floral as a table garland decoration, you need to know the size of your tables. This looks best on rectangular tables and the standard size is 8 feet long.

we rent garlands in 8-foot lengths so they fit full length tables

Flowers are an important decoration for celebrations. There are so many colors and designs to rent for birthdays, christenings, & of course weddings! We’ve dedicated an entire comparison article to renting either real flowers or fake flowers.

📄 Continue reading our expert guide below & discover the perfect flower garland for your rent & return wedding decorations.

(4) Ideas Where to Use Flower Garlands

When it comes to their use, there are endless options. The wedding garland can be used in a variety of places, including wedding aisle décor! Let’s go over the best areas to place your garlands.

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rent 8ft, 16ft, or 24ft of flower garland décor to cover your wedding aisle sides

1.) Aisles: Take some and have them added towards the front of the aisle near your officiant. You will rent this in pairs so it is symmetrical on both sides.

Cover either a portion of your aisle or the entire aisleway. This creates a lovely path for you to walk through and will be highly visible in your photos!

2.) Arches: Wedding garlands are super versatile! Pro-tip… hang flower garlands on an arch using zip ties with rentals that don’t require any tools. The easiest way is to rent our backdrop stands. Backdrops have so many uses, and hanging fake flowers is one of the best decorating ideas!

3.) Tables: You have probably been paying attention to all of the weddings you have attended so far! Have you considered adding some fake flower centerpieces? Floral runners are a powerful idea, that looks beautiful & saves money.

4.) Railings: Finally, drape artificial flower garlands on your staircases and railings. Depending on the venue, this can result in gasps of admiration. This is a transformative way to utilize flower garlands, and you will surely love it!

How Much a Garland of Roses Cost

As with everything else on the market, a custom garland made from real flowers can cost thousands of dollars. This depends on how elaborate you want your floral arrangements to be & how many flowers are included.

cost varies depending on what you are after

Your choice of fake or real flowers may be limited to your budget. If you are trying to find a cheap garland for weddings then you will love our fake garland rentals.

Why Rent Fake Rose Garlands?

  • budget-friendly rental option

  • DIY alternatives cost less than real

  • can be repurposed for multiple events

  • no watering/maintenance, set it & done

  • photos look on-point

  • hard for guests to tell the difference

  • better for the environment than buying

All flower color options on this page are available in silk flower garlands. Our DIY garlands have a (5) day rental period. Repurpose arrangements for multiple events in the same week (ex: rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, Sunday brunch).

Silk floral garlands rent for $99 per garland

What we love about renting silk flowers online is how much money you save compared to buying fresh flowers. Plus they’re low-maintenance, simply hang them up or lay them out, and voila a stunning decoration on your big day!

♻️ Wedding garland rentals help reduce waste. They aren’t imported from an exotic country so the carbon footprint is low. You don’t have to deal with binning or recycling the item afterward. It is a perfect solution to renting real flowers.

White Ivory Rose Garland

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Before we get started, we’ll admit there are a lot of rental options on this page! In this case… we shamelessly pick this ivory garland first because it is so popular among our clients.

our white rose garland provides a stunning look hung from a backdrop

This particular flower rental is meaningful. The color white represents pureness, honesty, new beginnings, and love. Mix + match these on tables with centerpieces of varying heights.

Green Hydrangea Garland

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This embodies that early May springtime look. Our greenery garland is a bright vibrant color that everyone loves! This is one of those cheap greenery garland options you should look into.

rent green garden flower décor for spring weddings & ceremonies

Once you start looking into greenery garland wedding décor, you can see the palette is ultra neutral. This makes it easy to pair with centerpieces, candles, & table vases.

Summer Peony Garland

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For this floral decoration, why not consider a summer peony garland if you are having a summer wedding? Once you start dreaming of summer and romance, there is no going back.

what better flower to portray summertime vibes than a gorgeous peony garland

Cover your cake table or place it across your head table to use with backdrop draping. Our peony’s garland creates a beautiful look! The installation process is so simple & only takes a couple of minutes. Add this piece of greenery anywhere you like!

Want to Save Money?

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Blue Garland of Peonies

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It is okay to try something different on your wedding day. Adding a unique color like blue makes your room feel more intriguing. Your guests will notice AND love the color choice.

the simplicity associated with the blue provides a fresh look difficult to recreate

Choosing an unusual shade of blue will have everyone talking. Does blue match your wedding style? If so, then consider renting blue flower garlands for your silk table décor.

☝️ In the past, people chose their wedding theme based on their favorite colors. Modern-day weddings consider all colors fair game.

White & Green Flower Panel

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From experience with clients, we have noticed that the most requested colors are elegant, romantic, and white. If this sounds like you, then this incredible faux white & green garland is the one you need to rent.

this might be the perfect addition you never knew you needed

There is a certain richness in color when it comes to this particular combination, making it pop as the backdrop of your wedding photos. So, take a closer look at this silk garland and consider it as a rental idea for your party.

Table Greenery Garland

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You might have already seen this incredible piece of greenery on walls in cafes or restaurants. A simple boxwood garland on tables & backdrops goes a long way.

spruce up your event space making it feel a little more exclusive

Your guests are bound to love it, and they will certainly be snapping some photos of your silk wedding garlands too! This is where you are free to let your imagination run wild…

The traditional artificial boxwood garland can be improved! Also, view our imitation boxwood floral garland and make a gorgeous arch out of it!

Purple Peonies Flower Garland

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Purple is bright and just bursting with energy! The main color is accented with subtle pinks and works well for birthday parties & sweet 16’s. This purple flower garland creates the focal point your event needs.

purple flower garlands give events a fairytale look!

You don’t need a lot of arrangements to make this color pop. Typically you will accent with half large and half small centerpieces. Just rent 3 or 5 of these garlands and work into your table décor.

Pink Rose Garland

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We have come to the romance section! The different colors of pink and purple represent a mellow character, happiness, and the wonderful feeling of freedom.

pink floral accents add a fun vibe to tables, aisles, & backdrops

These pink silk wedding flowers are more than enough for you to show your guests that you are happy to be marrying your best friend. Use our pink flower garland anywhere & make a memorable romantic statement.

Blush Ombre Rose Garland

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A blush flower garland is a perfect background for wedding tables & ceremony backdrops. The blush rose garland is one of our most requested flower garlands because it compliments mauve & taupe shades.

the roses exude a touch of elegance and power to all guests that experience it

This floral garland is a pink ombre of rose, peony, and camellia. It is a timeless option that perfectly matches wine & other muted color décor. This is why we just love recommending it for wedding décor rentals!

Red Rose Silk Décor

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This is another cheap silk rose garland you should not miss out on. Wonderfully crafted, this type of garland easily catches the attention of anyone at your party.

the ruby red color of the flowers makes this a striking addition to table arrangements

A garland of red roses is quite the conversation starter too! If you are one of those couples who want to add specific colors to your wedding, then consider this excellent silk garland.

❤️ Our red rose garland is perfect for holiday-themed parties & love-inspired celebrations.

Light Peach Faux Flower Garlands

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We understand that peach can sometimes have too much color saturation. We recommend working in softer color tones like white & ivory. This is the light peach rose wedding centerpiece you’ve been searching for!

the attention to detail on our soft peach garland makes it a special piece

Since soft colors are always in fashion, this faux garland is incredibly popular. We are amazed by the craftsmanship on this one and you will be too!

Fall Fake Flower Arrangements

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We believe that design makes a product, and this is one of those rentals. Getting married in autumn does not mean that your flower arrangements or decorations should suffer.

this is where a fall wedding garland comes into the picture

It is time for you to take the necessary action and add lovely faux arrangements to go with the fall season! We specially crafted this imitation garland for couples with their hearts set on the warm tones of fall.

White Pampas Wedding Garland

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Back to the loveliness of the white flower garlands! You will be able to achieve that with the help of this imitation pampas grass garland.

feathers are light-weight & add timeless vibes to event decor

Are you a couple who loves snow and wants to get married in the winter? This pampas garland will make you feel like you are in a winter wonderland when you see it on your wedding day.

❗White is the primary color of any wedding (think wedding decorations). This color should be present in your decorations as much as possible. Use DIY pampas grass in centerpieces.

White Feather Garland

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We just absolutely love feathers in event decor! These are great for youthful events. Rent this garland for baby showers & gender reveal parties.

it’s elegant, minimal, & by far one of the best winter wedding garlands you’ll find

Feathers are commonly used at baby-themed parties. The feathers give the feeling of innocence to your event decorations.

Another theme inspired by feathers is art deco. This can be done for roaring 20s, Great Gatsby, Harlem nights, and New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Black Imitation Flower Garland

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On the other hand, many couples like to step out of the ordinary and refuse to have a white wedding. Your guests might be divided on using black as the main color. Make sure you talk to your designer & family first before committing to this color pallet.

black is considered an excellent color to signify power, direction, & confidence

Are you going for darker tones? This incredible black floral garland should be a top priority. If this is how you want to present yourselves to the world, we will gladly help you make it happen!

🖤 Using black can be a very touchy decision, especially when perceived by cultures planning auspicious celebrations.

Classic Wedding Flower Garland

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Renting traditional silk wedding flowers rich in color has always been the standard for receptions and ceremonies. This DIY flower garland is for the more conservative couples out there.

this garland is in high demand with limited availability, place your order today

Use this fake décor rental on tables or hanging from a hexagon backdrop at your wedding ceremony. Place your order online as soon as possible so we can guarantee it is available for your party.

Boxwood Floral Garland

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We rent garland draping that you can bundle with our collection of modern backdrop stands. Simply drape fake greenery over a backdrop stand & zip tie directly to the frame.

our gorgeous florals bend into round garlands for arches & square backdrop stands

All of our artificial greenery looks real! It will only take a couple of minutes for you to set this up yourself! Watch our setup tutorial videos and recreate a designer look on a budget.

🌿 Zip-tie artificial flower garlands to tent frame poles if you want to create the appearance of real vines going down your tent.

How to Create a Bridal Garland

A wedding filled with artificial flowers will leave a striking impression on your guests. There are many places you can add extravagance with flowers to your wedding day:

  • the banquet venue

  • tied to chair backs

  • the bridesmaid’s bouquets

  • flowers in your hair

Consider this an inexpensive piece of jewelry that adds to your wedding day look. We posted a video example above to show how you can easily make a bridal garland yourself. Use any color combination of real greenery or faux greenery garland.

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Will You Rent a Table Greenery Garland

When it comes to choosing a silk greenery garland for your wedding, you will see that there are plenty of choices above.

use your imagination… you are limitless with flower power

Embrace the garland spirit inside you! Do it yourself & remember you have impeccable taste so it will turn out fabulous. You will certainly feel proud when guests compliment you on your excellent choices.

Now you have all the options. Once you have discussed this with your partner, making a choice will be as easy as cutting your wedding cake! Congrats 🤗

💬 Do you need help deciding whether to buy or rent artificial flower garlands? If you have any questions give us a call or message us on chat.

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

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