Fun Proposal Ideas to Pop the Question

Editor Tip: Before you pop the question make sure to delete your browsing history. So your fiance doesn’t catch you researching how to propose.

Before you learn about the timeline when to hire wedding vendors you need to pop the question. If you ready to take the next step and formalize your union with your partner, congratulations! Engagements are romantic and incredible proofs of love, but they are also moments you and your loved one will forever treasure, so you need to do it the right way.

before you pop the question, read our guide for several fun proposal ideas

By now, you have probably already seen hundreds of videos about unique ways to pop the question. If you’re still have a hard time coming up with a plan then we have got you covered. Keep reading to discover some awesome and fun ideas to ask the big question.

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With the Help of a Sports Mascot

Okay so we got a quick question for you. Do you and the love of your life have a favorite team or sport? If you & your significant other attend every game holding hands then make it extra special!

Proposing at the game will make it a night you never forget. Forget about popping the question through the big screen. Here is just one example on how you can get more personal with your marriage proposal.

surprise your loved one by teaming up with their favorite mascot

You can make it during halftime while the mascot is being silly and playful with the attendants. Make a game pretending the mascot wants to kiss your partner. You get upset or compete for the attention with flowers, chocolates and so on. Then you go above and beyond (topping the mascot) by getting on one knee to pop the question. We promise you they will say yes.

Modify or Create a Board Game

Are you one of those couples who love competitive board games or play them just for fun. We all love playing these games with friends, family and other couples. Well, then you have the answer right on your table! All you need to do is pick your favorite game perhaps monopoly or scrabble and work in the proposal.

let others in on the secret, get more elaborate by popping the question with a game

All you need to do is figure out how to ask the question within the game. For example, if you are playing monopoly, you can add a special card that says, ‘Will you marry me?‘ And if the answer is yes, your partner can go to a specific part of the game to retrieve the ring.

This could then turn into a city wide scavenger hunt! You can even have your family and friends be a part of the proposal. Your future wedding guests would love to be involved!

You can also propose with a puzzle. Do this by changing a piece of the original one with the question, hide it and make it look like the piece is missing. You pretend you are looking for the piece and let your partner find it. You can get creative with where and how they find it.

Make a Short Film Before a Movie

Are you fans of a saga or looking forward to attending a premier? Then you have the perfect opportunity to ask the question in a fun and unique way. You can film a video where you are the protagonist, or create a cartoon with a designer and animator. Include this as a preview or trailer video & figure out a way to weave in asking the question.

you can hire animators on or to create a professional prequel or trailer

Team up with the theater staff to hide the ring on the snacks you buy or make a special announcement before or after the movie. We have even heard stories of couples renting the entire theater (for a private screening) and having a announcement made during the movie. You can have the question written at the front of the theater or the movie’s end. The possibilities are endless; it is all about creativity.

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Make it the End of Your Hike

When you are fans of trailing and hiking, getting on a special hike will more than likely be part of your usual routine. You can surprise your partner & ask the question at the end or a special spot during the hike. Have your friends or family set up the space with some candles. If it will be more dark, then rent waterproof uplighting to create a special outdoor atmosphere on trees and rocks.

the proposal should fit into your schedule normally so it’s a surprise

Once you reach the summit, it is time to get on one knee and ask the question. Some DIY flowers, a sign or beautiful balloons can complete the scene. The best part of all is you can involve your family and friends. If you have a dog, you can even make a custom shirt or accessory to make it part of your marriage proposal idea.

Inside Proposal Joke

Does your partner love a good joke? Are you always playing each other jokes to have a good time? Then why not make a joke about your proposal? And it does not have to be an awful one, just a funny moment.

Perhaps you parked in front of a restaurant for dinner but you are in the tow away zone. Your fiance needs to park the car in the structure a block away. As they leave to park the car you team up with staff and instantly transform the restaurant with pipe and drape and have a temporary sign covering the restaurant name.

This will confuse your partner and make them think they have lost their mind or went through the wrong door. You might make it look like a giant closet or a bazaar where actors play as customers. Then once they think they must be dreaming, you come right up and get on one knee.

Involve a Street Performer

Vacations are some of the favorite moments for couples to ask the question. Since you are not supposed to know anyone at the place you are visiting, how could it possibly be suspicious for your partner? Well, that is why we love the idea of hiring a street performer to help you with the plan. No matter the city you visit, you will surely find at least one street performer to cooperate with.

public places are great for flash mob proposals hundreds of people will capture it on video

Imagine walking through the streets of Paris as you admire the artistic scene of Montmartre. You’re minding your business with your partner when out of the blue, a caricaturist comes to you & offers to draw you. Instead of drawing you sitting next to each other, the artist makes a cartoon of you on one knee. As your partner looks confused, you imitate the scene and pop the question.

How Will You Pop the Question

When you begin your plan, you should ask yourself these questions. What would your partner love and how can you make it fun and surprising at the same time. Perhaps a proposal at a restaurant full of strangers might be uncomfortable if your other half does not enjoy being the center of attention. Always keep in mind the personality of your future fiancé when making decisions about how to pop the question.

the way you propose is as important as the answer you will receive

Asking the love of your life to marry you is an important moment in your life. It is more than just a question, it is the beginning of your life as a married couple as a forever team. Make it extra special because for many years to come. Your friends, coworkers & even future grandchildren will ask about the way you proposed. Put some thought into this so that you have a great story to tell everyone!

- XO Team Ship

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