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Eventeer™ Lighting Bundle

$413.00 $313.00

Uplighting, monogram, & pinspot bundles are the most cost effective solution for DIY wedding receptions & event gatherings. We consider these rentals the trifecta of transforming your space with color. Are your concerned with how much local vendors are charging? Stop overpaying for your party, do this yourself so it is done right and you save on your budget! Achieve this exact look for only $313 with our Eventeer™ Lighting Bundle. For even more options checkout our EPIC Experience Package. Learn how this lighting package will make your celebration the BEST ever! Read More...


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📦  This Included Items will Vary on Your Chosen Package: 10 uncharged uplights with protective cover (do not remove), 10 5′ Long PowerCon cords, 1 Wedding Monogram Light with name design installed (shine on your wall), 1 holder for a gel, 1  6′ long cord for power, 1 Pinspot for Your Cake
🌈  Color Choices: View available color you can program into lights with the color chart in the tabs above
🔋  Is This Battery Powered: Not unless you decide to rent our outdoor uplighting or wireless uplighting this has a built in battery)
🌧️  Can This Be Used Outdoors: No, only our outside uplights are able to be used in extreme conditions outdoors)
⚖️  Info on Shipment: see the dimensional measurements with weights in the above additional info tab
⏱️  Expected Setup Time: Very fast less than 15 minutes
📆  How Long is the Rental: You get everything for 5 days, it arrives 2 days before your event, ship the boxes back 2-days after your event date so you don’t have to pay any late fees
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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 26 x 18 in

1 review for Eventeer™ Lighting Bundle

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pamela Wilson

    The lighting arrived on-time neatly packed in the shipping cases. I was surprised how easy it was to setup this lighting. I kept wondering why other companies charged so much for up lights?? I ordered wireless lighting so we didn’t need to plug anything in. The whole setup was done in less than 30 minutes. We used a mint green to compliment our spring wedding. Also the monogram looked amazing in our photos!!

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Easy Setup Instructions

How You Setup uplights for events

1. place lights symmetrically on the ground around your space where you want them
2. plug every uplight into the wall with the PowerCon cord (this goes between the wall and blue plug in the bottom of the light)
3. simply turn on the power button on the bottom of uplighting
4. set your static color you want to use for the night by following our tutorial video

Fast setup for wedding monogram lights on stand & plunger (use to raise lighting so it gives a more desired look with design on wall)

1.) Open 3 legged stand by twisting side knob loose, then pull the legs open to make a wide base
2.) Pull the legs to about 2 ft wide next tighten side knob on stand to lock in place (don’t do too tight)
3.) Place plunger on top of stand all you do is slide it over (this is okay if the fit is somewhat tight)
4.) Attach your light by unscrewing the upper nut, place light bracket hole into the screw, then tighten the nut back onto the screw (this locks the light bracket between 2 nuts)
5.) Plugin your wedding monogram with the included power cord (from your wall to the back of your light)
6.) The monogram turns on automatically, slide every barn door open extending away from fixture (there are 4 of them and may have red plastic handles), this allows the light to shine from the light and onto your wall
7.) Raise your stand up if needed to aim the monogram light into the best position (you can angle the light with the side bracket knob, once again don’t do too tight)
8.) Use the top nobs on the barrel, they slide up and down to create the optimal zoom & focus (it’s okay if this step takes an extra minute or two, you want it to look crisp and centered)

Setup wedding monogram lighting on table
(no stand or plunger)

1.) Power your monogram light with the cord this will run from your wall outlet to the back socket in your light
2.) The light turn on without having to do anything, open the side barn doors they might have red handles, these should be pulled out and away from the light, this will let light shine from the light and into your event space
3.) Put your monogram onto a flat surface (like a table) and position so the light is not aimed onto the area you want (tip the metal bracket can be adjusted to change the height and angle of the light beam)
4.) Finally, move the top 2 sliding knobs, the focus and zoom will make larger or smaller while adjusting the focus (typically this step takes a couple of minutes, might take a minute to create the perfect look)

Mount pinspots on a drop ceiling with magnets
(use to attach above to any magnetic surface)

1.) Remove the drop ceiling bracket (do not loose this piece)
2.) Use the right sized ladder to attach the magnetic base of the pinspot to the above surface that is magnetic
3.) Next turn your light on (with the switch in back) and aim on your decor that is up to 25′ away
4.) Get off your ladder and with the remote in hand aim at sensor on front of pinspot and turn it off
5.) When using multiple pinspots make sure that they are spaced at least 5 ft apart (so the remote doesn’t turn on one and off the other one)
6.) Wait until it is 30 minutes before your event start time to turn on with the remote (this will save your battery)

How a pinspot is attached to a drop ceiling
(ceiling with tiles and metal channels)

1.) Have a ladder to access your ceiling and using the scissor clamp close the pinspot bracket onto your drop ceiling channel
2.) Turn the pinspot on with the back switch, then aim your light on the area you want to spotlight (must be within 25′)
3.) When you are off the ladder, use the included remote to aim at front pinspot sensor to turn the light off
5.) Keep in mind all pinspots should be spaced at a minimum of 5′  apart
6.) Keep your pinspot off with the remote until a half hour before your event begins, then turn on using the remote (this extends your battery life)

How your pinspot can be setup on an optional base plate
(use this if you can not mount to magnetic areas or overhead drop ceiling)

1.) Take the pinspot(s) and attach the magnetic base in an area that won’t get knocked over
2.) Turn it on from the switch on the back and aim beam of light onto decoration element (must be within 25 feet)
3.) You can hide the pinspot by putting a vase, candle or floral arrangement in front of it
4.) The pinspot should be kept in the off position until roughly 30 minutes before your guests arrive (to makes your battery last longer)

Pinspots setup with the optional lighting stand
(we recommend this to raise the pinspot up so the cake is light up evenly without having to worry about guest shadows, this doesn’t require a ladder)

1.) Open your light stand legs with the knob on the side and pull open the legs slowly, this makes a base that is wide
2.) Your stand legs should be 2′ apart then the knob on the stand should be tightened (not too much or it can break the screw)
3.) Place the metal part of the stand on the top by sliding this over the top part of tripod (a tight fit is fine)
4.) Next make sure the bracket for the drop ceiling isn’t connected, then using magnet base place on top magnetic surface of stand (do not loose the drop ceiling clips, put back in shipping box)
5.) If you have multiple stands use more than 1 pinspot per stand and aim onto your cake from opposite side of it, this will reduce the shadows can give you a better result in pictures
6.) The pinspots will turn on from the switch on the light
7.) Next adjust the beam on the pinspots, slightly loosen the bracket screw, aim the pinsots, then tighten the screws carefully so the pinspot is locked in position, next elevate the light tripod stand using the side knob (this raises the top metal portion with attached pinspots, the pinspot switch should be turned on)
8.) Get the stand to the height you want, insert metal pin to hold in place (if you have one), then tighten the knob on the stand (this should be tightened too much)
9.) Lastly aim the pinspot onto the area you want to light, this can be done with the side bracket, loosen to adjust angel then re-tighten careful to hold in position. You can use a ladder or chair if the pinspots are not easily accessible. If a ladder and chair are not available, we recommend adjust the angle of beams before you raise the stand (this way when the stand is raised the pinspot beams are in the right position)

Uplight Color Chart

Monogram Distance Chart

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