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The Epic Experience

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Note: fabric can’t be cut, altered or dyed. Return fabric without stains.

The Epic Experience Package is our most requested bundled. This package has everything that a DIY client could ask for. There is not need to book an expensive vendor for your event when you can set it up yourself in a fraction of the time & save on costs! You get (5) services including entire room uplighting, wedding monogram lighting, cake spotlight, backdrop drapery & a DIY photo booth. Our affordable prices offer more options. Keep reading & find out what makes this complete DIY package so popular with FREE shipping nationwide. Read More...


Easy to Setup DIY Rentals (5 Min)

See how we setup everything in this bundle in these 5 videos ▼

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📦  Will Vary this Depends on Your Selections: (10) uncharged LED uplight fixture with protective cover (do not remove), (10) 5 ft PowerCon cables, (1) Wedding Monogram Lighting with already installed gobo design (for aiming on walls), (1) gel frame holder, (1) 6 ft power cord, (1) LED Cake Pinspot, (1) 7′ – 10′ Straight Drape Backdrop, (1) DIY Photo Booth Rental, (15) fun props mustaches, glasses, hats, lips, (1) 10 foot black extension cord, (1) adjustable stand, (1) external mounted light source, (printer available separately)
🌈  Avail Colors for Lights: View the colors you can create in the chart above, click on the tab
🔋  Is This Powered by Batteries: No (reserve outside uplighting or battery powered uplights that are wireless)
🌧️  Is This Weatherproof: No (reserve outdoor uplights to withstand damp conditions)
⚖️  Shipping Information: view lbs and sizes in the additional info tab above
⏱️  Anticipated Setup Time: About Half Hour
📆  Rental Peiod: Have for 5 days and ship back all boxes two days after the event to prevent late fees
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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 26 x 18 in

1 review for The Epic Experience

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michelle Kashou

    We rented a bundled package since we wanted multiple services. I really didn’t think I needed the cake pinspot but it was only $10. I am so glad that I added that to my package. It made my cake look way more expensive than what I paid for it. The lighting and drapery really helped to transform our venue. Also, the photo booth was a complete success. I definitely recommend this package for weddings.

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Easy Setup Instructions

The setup for DIY uplighting in a room

1. Position your uplights so that they are on the ground near the walls of your room with a similar amount of distance between them
2. Next give them power by attach a PowerCon cable from the wall to the bottom blue socket of the uplight fixture
3. Now you can turn the uplight with the bottom switch for power
4. Finally enter your static uplight color on the light (refer to our setup video on how to do this if needed)

Overview of light monogram that has a stand and plunger
(use to make light higher and project light above guests heads)

1.) Open the stand legs, this is easily done by loosening a knob on the side of the tripod, you can then carefully pull out the legs to make the base more wide
2.) Now all three of the legs are extended make sure they are about 2 feet apart, afterwards make the side knob tight on your stand (don’t over tighten)
3.) Take the plunger piece and slide this over your stand at the very top (if it is snug that is good)
4.) Attach your light by taking the top nut off the plunger and then wedge the light bracket between the two nuts and screw the top nut onto the bracket hand tight (but not too tight or you will need tools to remove)
5.) Your monogram light rental gets power from the included cord just run this from the back of the light unit to closest outlet on your wall
6.) Your light should turn on immediately, the 4 handles will then pull out and away from the light to open and allow the light to be visible on your wall you have it aimed
7.) Make your stand higher by loosening the stand knob, raising and then re-tightening to the best height (the bracket on the side of the light will be able to adjust the fixture up and down so it is positioned in the right spot)
8.) Using the two sliding nobs on the barrel of the unit slide them both forward and backwards to get the right amount of zoom / focus (this step will take approx 2-5 mins)

Easy Setup for a monogram on a table
(this doesn’t have a stand/plunger)

1.) Your monogram will power on once it is plugged in from the wall to your back area of the light
2.) The light turns on without having to hit any switch, open the 4 side shutters (they might have a plastic handle that is red) when you pull the handles out the light will come out of the unit, make sure all handles are pulled away from the light
3.) Set the light down on a table, aim it where you want, and using the brackets elevate and aim up/down so it is positioned correctly
4.) The last step is to take two sliding knobs on the long portion of the light and slide them back and forth so the light has the right amount of zoom and focus (typically this step will take you 2-5 minutes to get in the sweet spot)

How pinspots are attached to a ceiling that is magnetic
(easy way to get up high and aim down for a dramatic look)

1.) Remove the drop ceiling clamp and put it back in your shipping container (make sure the screw goes back in place)
2.) You will need a ladder tall enough to attach the magnet part of our pinspot to a surface that is magnetic
3.) Next you can turn on the light (just hit the switch on the back), aim your pinspot, it will light up decor that is 25 feet away or closer
4.) When you are back on the ground, aim your remote at the front of the pinspot and turn it off
5.) Multiple pinspots should have enough room between them (5 or more feet is a good rule of thumb)
6.) 30 minutes before your guest walk through the doors turn on the pinspots with your remote (this makes you battery last longer)

Guide on how your pinspots are mounted to a drop ceiling
(this ceiling will have tiles and grid for clamps)

1.) When working in the ceiling you will need a sturdy ladder to access the drop ceiling, and clamp the drop ceiling clips over the grid (tighten in place)
2.) The pinspots should be turned on while in the air, next aim on your desired decor location (they will light as far as 25 feet away)
3.) Step off the ladder and using the remote aim at the front of your pinspot beam and hit the off button on your remote
5.) Quick tip all your pinspots should have at least 5 feet spacing between them (this prevents the remote from not working how it should)
6.) Wait until your guests are about to enter (30-15 mins) then turn your pinspots back on using the wireless remote (this makes the most of your battery)

Instructions on setting up pinspots with a base plate
(great for situations if you don’t have a ladder or any drop ceiling tiles to attach to)

1.) The pinspot has a magnetic bottom on the arm (remove the scissor clamp if necessary and put in shipping container), attach the magnetic portion to a safe area on your wall, ceiling, or railing
2.) Next you will need to turn the pinspot on via the switch on the back bottom, aim it at your decor or arrangements (this will light up surfaces up to 25 feet away)
3.) Get creative and hide the pinspot with a vase or decor element in front of it so guests don’t se the pinspot but it still does it’s job
4.) Your pinspot should stay turned off until a half hour before guest will start coming in (this will maximize your batteries life)

The pinspot getting setup on a lighting stand
(this is used to raise the height of pinspots for pinspotting cakes and centerpieces, it is a good option if you don’t want to mount on the ceiling or use a ladder)

1.) Take the tripod and make the screw loose to start opening the legs of the stand
2.) You want your base to be wide enough to have a 2 foot gap between the three legs, then make the knob tight (without over tightening)
3.) Place the metal bar on the top by sliding it over the top of the stand (a tight fit is okay you don’t want it loose)
4.) Get your pinspot ready by first removing any ceiling clamp (make sure to screw the screw back in and place in shipping box) and next line up the magnet on the pinspot with the metal surface of the stand and have them connect
5.) You can use 1 or multiple pinspots per stand, if you are using more than 1 stand then set them up on 2 different sides of your area to light, this will reduce the likely hood of any shadows to create the right amount of brightness
6.) Now turn on your pinspots by flipping the switch on the light
7.) On the side of your stand is a knob, loosen that to raise the upper middle section (this will make your pinspots go higher to create a better beam path, your pinspots should be turned on)
8.) If you have the right height, then insert the metal pin in the hole (if there you have a pin) and tighten the side knob so the pinspots stay at that height (you don’t want to make the knob overly tight)
9.) Aim your pinspots where they need to be you can use the side pinspot bracket to make adjustments. If you need to get higher use a chair or a ladder. If you don’t have access to either, then you will want to lower the stand height, adjust the pinspot lights at a lower level and re-raise the pinspots and lock the height into place again.

How a Straight Drapery Backdrop is Setup

1. put your any crossbars on the ground end to end, these should be centered on the area you want to cover in draping
2. a  base plate should be dropped at each edge of your crossbar (the base plates should have the ferrule pin screwed tight to your hole in the center of the base plate)
3. next slide your upright over the base plate ferrule completely (if this is a tight fit only push down 50% and not all the way down)
4. connect your crossbars from 1 upright top slot to the next one 10 feet away, your crossbars should be secure make sure they are in the slot completely (repeat this step for every section with crossbars)
5. this is what we call the skeleton, next you throw 4 fabric pieces over each individual crossbar (you want the same amount of drapery on each side of your individual crossbar when hanging your fabric Tip for silver sequin & gold sequin fabric this has a pole pocket and will be inserted into the crossbar instead of thrown over
6. all fabric will get pleated and every edge needs to get overlapped, your hardware should be completely covered for a clean look (the center portion of the crossbar should also be the center point of your two overlapping pieces of drapes)
7. raise the uprights slowly a foot each time going back and forth between all your uprights, repeat this step until all your uprights are even and raised to an approximate 10 foot height
8. the last step is to lift the lower part of your drapery and finalize the fabric, slowly lower it so that it is not twisted and lays nicely, then you will tuck and bottom fabric for a finished look

Complete Guide on Setting Up DIY Photo Booth Rentals

1. Choose a space that is close to a wall that has a power outlet, it is great for your photo booth to be setup by the beverage area or dance floor (if it is setup in a room away from your party then it will get less use)
2. Next you will set the tripod stand by loosening the knob to extend the legs out (this makes the photo booth safe so it doesn’t tip)
3. Take your photo booth and slide the bottom of it over the pole so it fits in the hole on the bottom of your photo booth
4. You will need to power your iPad in the photo booth with an extension cable (this will connect from a wall outlet, up your stand, through the hole, and into your power adapter for the iPad)
5. Take the light and screw it onto the top of your photo booth, the side will adjust so it can be turned on and have the light level adjusted from dim to bright, refer to the white mark for the best setting)
6. The back of your photo booth will open like a door, press the power button for your iPad (there is a sticker by this switch)
7. With you fingers tap the icon on the front of your screen to start the photo booth
8. There is no need to change the setting for the page that loads
9. You will see a message that will say: “Entering Booth Mode.” Tap “OK” to continue
10. Don’t change any exposure setting, just tap the top right portion of the screen
11. Next message will say ‘TAP TO START BOOTH”
12. You can share any pictures through social media, to do this connect your iPad to any available local WiFi network at your event venue on the iPad setting page

Uplight Color Chart


Monogram Distance Chart

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