8 Things Every Bride Must Have

Weddings are usually big events, with a lot of planning invested in them and money and many guests coming over to celebrate your marriage, so many things could go wrong if you don’t take precautions when planning your wedding.

Our list can help you have a smooth and seamless wedding experience

This is not a complete list just some goodies that you do not want to over look. We encourage you to read other helpful advice in our blog. Continue reading to learn about eight things you must have/do on your wedding day.

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Comfy Clothes

Yes, the day of your wedding is synonymous with luxury, fashion, and looking like a million bucks. Still, before you look like that, you’ll need to spend a few hours getting ready. As much as you try to relax you might be concerned that everything is going according to your plan. The last thing you want is to be doing all of that in heels and a wedding dress.

have your bridal party hair/makeup/cloths done before you, this looks better in pictures

During those hours before your wedding, you should make sure you’re as comfortable as you can. Bring your favorite slippers and wear a soft fashionable robe. Do everything you need to do to make sure your wedding is amazing without compromising your comfort. We recommend getting matching robes for you and your bridesmaids, so you can all be comfortable and looking amazing. This will look awesome in photos during your getting ready session.

Great Lighting & Special Effects

The decoration is one of the most important aspects of a wedding. The style you choose for your decorations will set the mood of your reception party. We like to think that lighting adds uniqueness to your wedding. There are many ways to improve your wedding with lighting design, but one of the most significant and cost-effective ways of doing that is through lighting and special effects.

Lighting breaths life to your venue and helps lights up your dance floor. When done correctly it can completely transform spaces in your venue. Different lighting colors will create different vibes in your event space. Also don’t forget special effects! You can add drama to your wedding first dance or grand entrance with low-lying fog machine.

DIY rentals are beautiful, simple AND affordable

So you might be thinking this kind of lighting and fog equipment sounds expensive? The great news is you can find these rentals online and do them yourself without having to hire a vendor. Not only will you be getting these great additions to your wedding decoration at a lower price, but your guests will think you hired a pro company because of how amazing it looks.

Snacks & Water Bottles

Your wedding day will be long. You might not have time to grab breakfast before you leave your house or during the day. More than likely your wedding will be at night. Waiting to eat until dinner at your reception might not be the best option.

Before your big day take a trip to your local grocery store and stack up. Grab your favorite snacks and water bottles. Do this for you & also for your family and bridesmaids. This way you can snack while you’re getting ready for your special day. So you are not hungry when walking down the aisle. We have all seen that footage of brides and grooms fainting before saying I do. This is all due to the excitement and lack of energy.

Pro Tip, don’t lock your knees when standing at the alter to prevent fainting


Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life. There will be a lot of emotions throughout the day and it is common for you and others to tear up a bit. This can be a problem when you’ve already had your makeup done. Have a couple of tissues nearby to save from ruining your makeup. Also make sure you have tissues ready for the toasts as loved ones may become emotional while giving a heartfelt speech.

Sewing Kit

You never know what can happen on your wedding day. Things can go wrong when it comes to your outfit. Your dress could get stuck on something and rip, a button might fall off, or a zipper can malfunction. This can feel like your world is ending, but wait we have a solution for you!

Your sewing kit should be part of a larger emergency wedding kit

To combat this possibility, you should bring along with you a sewing kit, even a small one that contains white thread, needles, scissors, buttons, and some safety pins too. Now in case anything goes wrong with your wardrobe, you’ll be ready to solve it. This sewing kit can be used by your bridesmaids or anyone who needs it if you don’t require it.

Also we recommend someone practices bustling your dress prior this way you don’t have to safety pin it in a rush. Sometimes the little straps can be hard to find and you want to only use your sewing kit as a last resort.

A Great Bouquet

Many brides overlook the importance of a beautiful bouquet. Yes your flower centerpieces at the reception are important. However, your bouquet will be in most of the photos. A gorgeous bouquet is an amazing addition to your look. Coordinate your bouquet with your makeup and step up your look to a whole new level. Try an unconventional bouquet designs by experimenting with bold colors and different floral arrangements.

don’t be afraid to step out of your bubble

Remember your bouquet will be a central part of your wedding photos. Make sure it has the right proportions and style according to your wedding dress and your size. Always hold your bouquet lower, so you do not cover the upper part of your magnificent dress. Plus, a wedding bouquet gives you something to do with your hands, instead of them looking awkward in every photo.

Charger & Power Bank

Nowadays, no one can go through their day without their phone. If you normally manage to do so, your wedding day will most likely require you to have your phone nearby. It is vital to have enough battery during the day since you will receive messages and calls from your family and friends and perhaps your vendors. We recommend you instruct your vendors to call your wedding planner this way it frees you from having to answer your phone.

Since you have a professional photographer, you might not be taking many pictures. You will need to be notified of any inconvenience and to keep in touch with your wedding planner or your vendors if you don’t have a wedding planner. Have a bridesmaid or friend keep your charger / power bank safe during the event.

Some Time for Yourself

So far we have talked about things you as a bride need during your wedding day. Let’s not forget about the days leading up to the celebration. You might encounter some stress while planning this huge event.

so the eighth thing every bride needs is time for self-care

Take some days off before your wedding & make sure everything is set. Free up some time before your special day, and spend it at the spa, get your nails done, or at home relaxing. The best way to recharge your batteries is getting a good night sleep. You will need to be in your best conditions to enjoy your wedding to its fullest extent.

- XO Team Ship

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