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Chuppa DIY Wedding Canopy Arch (Square 10′ x 10′)

$450.00 $340.00

Note: fabric can’t be cut, altered or dyed. Return fabric without stains.

DIY Chuppa is a do it yourself wedding canopy used for ceremony arch canopies, stages & sweetheart tables. Are your draping vendors putting you over budget? Drape it yourself for a fraction of their prices, it’s easy & beautiful! Having this cabana or portable chuppa (huppah or hoopa is pronounced as huupa) used for an entrance way or wedding ceremony will give your celebration a signature look. Use our draping rentals for DIY wedding ceremonies, receptions & events. If you want to know how to make a chuppa using pipe & drape, then keep reading. Read More...


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📦  Package Supplies: (4) uprights, (4) bases, (4) crossbars, (16) pieces of drapery fabric, zip-ties
🌈  Fabric Color: Default is white however purple, light purple, red, pink, champagne, teal, blue, black, silver sequin & gold sequin fabrics are available (reserve 4 wireless up lighting to get more colors)
🔥  Flame Retardant Fabric: Yes
⬜  Wrinkle-Resistant Drapery: Yes
⚖️  Weight & Dimensions: view additional information tab above (assembled 10 foot length by 10 foot width by up to 10 feet tall)
⏱️  Approx Setup Time: 40 minutes
📆  Duration: Send back within 2-day after your event date to avoid late fees
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Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 57 x 19 x 7 in

1 review for Chuppa DIY Wedding Canopy Arch (Square 10′ x 10′)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Angel Hernandez

    OMG where do I start!? It was the month of my wedding and we had a little extra in our wedding budget. Local companies were quoting me 1600 for this drapery canopy. I couldn’t believe the prices. We tried to do it ourselves and found Ship our wedding from youtube videos. This is exactly what we needed. It was affordable, setup easy and looked amazing in our photos. We setup it up the day prior and it looks exactly like the photos. Thanks Ship!

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Easy Setup Instructions

How to setup the DIY wedding canopy arch for ceremonies and do it yourself chuppas

  1. place (4) 10 foot long crossbars on the ground (either round or straight), depending on your chuppa shape reserved, arrange them as if they were making a boxed square, and center this box on the space you want to drape
  2. put base plates at the bottom edges of all the crossbars (make sure ferrule pin is screwed into center hole)
  3. slide uprights into the baseplates ferrule pin (do not force upright down onto ferrule pin all the way if they don’t fit, only force down 50% if tight)
  4. attach crossbars between (2) uprights slots, make sure crossbar is in the slot all the way (do this for all crossbar sections)
  5. now that you have a fully completed skeleton, throw (4) pieces of fabric over each crossbar (try to keep the same amount of fabric on both sides of a single crossbar when throwing it over) Tip if you are using silver sequin or gold sequin fabric then you will insert the top crossbar into the pole pocket
  6. pleat fabric overlap fabric edges & cover any hardware, make sure the center of your crossbar is the center point of the 2 pieces of overlapped fabric)
  7. start on any crossbar, use a zip-tie or clip on the 2 pieces of overlapping fabric in the center (repeat this for every crossbar of your cabana) this holds together your fabric when you pull it back in steps 9-10
  8. raise uprights individually in 2 foot increments until entire backdrop is 10 foot high
  9. pick a wall with the fabric, pull back 2 left pieces of fabric closest to the door and gather towards left upright, adjust fullness by accordion pieces in hand, attach with zip-tie or pipe cleaner to left upright (roll the bottom of this big pile of draping under itself)
  10. on that same wall, pull back 2 right pieces of fabric closest to the door and gather towards right upright, adjust fullness by accordion pieces in hand, attach with zip-tie or pipe cleaner to right upright (roll the bottom of this big pile of draping under itself)
  11. repeat steps 9 & 10 until all walls of draping are pulled back and bottoms are rolled

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