Sorority Formal Rentals

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Rent $94+ & get FREE nationwide shipping. Use fantastic products you’ll cherish. Your sisters can now throw a party without having to worry about return shipping costs.


Let’s get you a DIY setup that’s easy to do. All your sorority members will agree that the less you have to do the better. You should be studying for your next exam.


Book ShipOur.Wedding™ to enjoy do-it-yourself savings. Get the same discounts the pros get while enjoying the green you know and love. Greek organizations LOVE us!

Plan Your Sorority Formal on a Budget





The team at ShipOur.Wedding™ knows that planning a dance party on a budget is important. What company is your social committee supposed to trust with supplying you with the ultimate sorority formal rentals? We only have (1) chance to get this right & want to give you a smooth experience. It starts from ordering packages online at our website, to giving you setup instructions & finally shipping everything back. Visit our sorority bundler & get the best prices you deserve with the products you’ll love.

DIY Sorority Formal Rentals Your Council Will Approve

It’s hard to plan the party of a lifetime WHILE on a budget. With our rentals, you get the best of both worlds! Give your guests the Greek formal of the century. To make this happen we have over (200) eye-catching DIY rentals & supplies. This includes lighting designs, linen rental, pipe and draping & DIY party services. You are only one step away from making a good decision. Select the kit rentals you want directly through our e-commerce website and discover all the DIY possibilities. Read More...

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We saved $15,000 going with Ship Our Wedding

Brad & Annika, Cario Nebraska

📦 Rent Wall Draping Kit

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I’m infatuated thank you… hugs + kisses MWAH

Jennifer & Val of Divine Talents

📦 Rent Chuppah Kit

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We were amazed the uplights were really easy

Jose of J. Rocha Designs

📦 Rent Uplighting Kit

Uplight Your Formals $19 Per/Fixture

Your sorority should have an elegant party vibe. Use DIY uplighting for walls, trees, floors, windows & more. wireless uplights are wireless, outdoor uplighting can be used outside & DIY uplighting is as easy as 1. 2.. 3! Everyone will wonder how you did this all yourself without having to hire local lighting professional. DIY is the way to save & amaze!

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Affordable Sorority Formal Drapes

Drapery is used for dramatic backdrops. Dances look impressive with sorority formal rentals. When pleated the fabric creates folds for a more elegant look. Use this to accent your wall, room, hallway or backdrop. ShipOur.Wedding™ is one of the largest event drapery suppliers in the US. Choose from over (10) colors to make your sorority formal draping personalized.

(Assembly time varies 5 minutes – 2 hours)

Formals Get the Nation’s Best Photo Booth Rentals

When you see a photo booth you think of instant memories. Your Greek formal needs a fun & BUDGET FRIENDLY way to share pictures via social media. Your group can also document everything with a scrapbook to look back on over the years. ShipOur.Wedding™ has a long list of DIY photo booth rental options. Get a quote while checking your date’s availability.

(Assembly time less than 2 minutes)

Spell Your Greek Name + Rent Large Letters

The best way to display your school spirit is with really big letters. You can spell your theme, incorporate hashtags, use years, or show off your Greek name. These stand almost 3 feet tall & are GREAT for photos near entrances. Setup takes no time whatsoever with cheap pricing! Step up formal décor & rent large sorority letters from ShipOur.Wedding™.

Please note: Specific Greek character letters are currently not available.

(Assembly time less than 5 minutes)

Impress Your Guests with a $109 Name Monogram

Our name monogram lighting is brilliantly bright. Sorority formal rentals are a nice touch to your yearly Greek dance. We encourage you to personalize this however you want. Design a template with your club’s logo, university logo, or anything. The light aims at your walls and floors. Let ShipOur.Wedding™ make you the lighting designer.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Sororities Dance Under Constellations

Is your formal theme centered around galactic stars? Now you can make your end-of-the-year party the center of attention. By renting DIY formal star projectors you’re getting an effortless setup at a good deal. This unique lighting effect recreates stars that seem to shoot across your room with a blue universe design. Rent constellation lighting today & get FREE shipping!

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Make Your Formal Glow with DIY Black Lights

Throw the BEST social dance on campus with specialty lighting rentals. Our DIY black lights help your organization glow with an intense radiance. Neon colors work the best with décor, making them light up & shine bright. Give your Greek sorority formal rentals a luminous look. Browse ShipOur.Wedding™ for the country’s most fair-priced neon light rentals.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Water Effect Light with Fire is Only $109

Most of our clients think the best way to work in color is with their decorations. Fire and water are common themes that can easily be managed with the right equipment. Our company provides DIY water fire light rentals for sorority events nationwide. Every do-it-yourself rental on ShipOur.Wedding™ is so simple you can easily do it with the snap of your finger.

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

DIY Dance Floor Lighting is OMG

Your Greek formal dance will have speeches, awards, & dancing! Guarantee that your guests will stay grooving on your dance floor all night long by renting DIY party lighting. These moving headlights only require electricity to make magic happen. They’re small in size & deliver a striking light show. Show off your dance moves because DIY Party lighting = OH MY GOSH!

(Assembly time 1 minute per fixture)

Sit Back & Relax You Can Afford Lounge Couches

Create flexible lounge seating for spaces at your formal dance. Sororities need places for their guests to mingle at the party. Our DIY lounge couches ship to you as light-weight, affordable, fun & elegant solutions. Don’t worry about durability, our HI-TECH honeycomb mesh supports up to (10) people. Make sure you get the best seat in the house by contacting us today.

(Assembly time less than 2 minutes)

Your Edited Film = DIY Movie

Record the emotion with your closest sisters at your next formal dinner. This can be conservative or over the top. Documenting your event gives an excellent way to reflect on life experiences together. Simply return the cameras, we edit your footage & send you the completed video. Book ShipOur.Wedding™ & become a DIY videography pro today.

(Assembly time varies)

Reasons to Hire ShipOur.Wedding™?

1.)  FREE Nationwide shipping both ways on orders over $94
2.)  Reputable & affordable DIY sorority formal rentals
3.)  We’ve been awarded TheKnot & WeddingWire Awards
4.)  Over 250 options to ensure a night to remember
5.)  EASY setup tutorial videos with QR code technology
6.)  Save more with lighting design & the complete package

How to Plan a DIY Sorority Formal?

🖥 Find a DIY sorority rentals you love in the categories
🗓 Check availability, 25% retainer reserves your date
💳 30 days before your event the remaining 75% is due in full
🇺🇸 Ships FREE nationwide both ways on orders over $94
📆 Ground shipping orders arrive 2-days before the event
📦 Receive order & open the case, it has everything you need
🎉 Setup package yourself, enjoy your greek formal
📦 Ship back rentals & packing foam using the return label

Why Should I Get Sorority Event Rentals?

ShipOur.Wedding™ joins forces with sisters at Universities all across this nation. Our mission is to give your Greek club the power of DIY. Our rentals help with savings on labor costs compared to hiring a traditional expensive vendor. Have your tear-down done on your own time without the hassle of scheduling a company to come back.

Our team values customer feedback as well as any improvements we can make to the ‘do it yourself process’. Over the years we’ve grown to include a vast inventory of easy setup rentals available at the click of a button. To see what’s available, we encourage you to visit our uplighting, draping, linen rentals & DIY party services pages. So get your Greek on by going DIY.

We have been providing excellent service for our clients since 2003. We want to continue that same tradition for DIY events in need of help. Our work has been talked about nationwide & we guarantee you too will enjoy our process. Smile because your sorority hired the right company for your formal dance.