8ft x 8ft DIY Frame Arch (Flower Optional)

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What does the kit include?
One kit includes (2) uprights, (2) base plates, (1) crossbar, flower garlands optional

  •   Width Adjusts: 7 ft – 10 ft long
  •   Height Adjusts: 4 ft – 10 ft tall
  •   Setup Size: 10 ft long x 10 ft tall
  •   Setup Time: 2-minutes to assemble the frame
  •   Frame Color: silver
  •   Hang signs, drapes, décor, flower garlands
  •   Package weight is in additional info tab below
  •   Rentals Arrive: 2-days before the event date
  •   Return 2-days after event date, avoid late fees
  •   Kits $94+ ship FREE nationwide both ways


How does this work?
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  • Kits arrive early 2-9 days before your event.
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  • Drop off rentals at FedEx (2) days after.

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Why rent this frame arch?


  • QR Code Tech: Scan to watch videos, our site trains you
  • Multi-Purpose: Use backdrop to hang silk flowers & decor
  • User-Friendly: Box has wheels, 5-min setup, easy shipping
  • Affordable: Why buy, rent this & do it yourself for less


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Are any items for sale?
All of our kits are for rental only. The goal of rent & return DIY is to save money instead of buying it.
Who sets up the rentals?
You do it yourself with our easy-to-follow videos. Stay under budget & look like you hired a pro!


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Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 57 x 19 x 8 in


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Easy Setup Instructions

How to Setup a Backdrop Arch with Flower Garlands

  1. place crossbar end to end on the ground and center on the space to cover
  2. put base plates at the bottom edges of all the crossbars (make sure the ferrule pin is screwed into the center hole)
  3. slide uprights into the baseplates ferrule pin all the way (do not force upright down onto ferrule pin all the way if they don’t fit, only force down 50% if tight)
  4. attach crossbars between (2) uprights slots, and make sure the crossbar is in the slot all the way (do this for all crossbar sections)
  5. if you rented flower garlands continue by gently laying (4) flower wall pieces on a clean flat surface with the backcloth side facing up and flowers facing down, (moving the flower garland may cause settling resulting in small petals or loose strands on the floor that can easily be vacuumed)
  6. next, slowly zip the back of (1) piece together so the flower garland doesn’t show any cloth
  7. repeat step 6 for all flower garlands
  8. take your crossbar off the backdrop and slide it into (1) flower garland lengthwise
  9. take (1) upright with the base still connect and tilt it down towards the ground to gently slide the flower garland over the upright
  10. repeat step 9 for the second upright
  11. now slowly raise both uprights, it is okay if the flower garland slides down towards the bottom (we fix this in the next step)
  12. take your crossbar covered with flower garland and carefully lift it into the air to connect between both uprights, you may need a second person to help with this step
  13. slowly raise a flower garland towards the top of an upright by grabbing a tie string, do not grab a flower to lift it, this will damage the garland
  14. take the string in your hand (holding up the garland) and tie it a string on the crossbar garland, do not knot only make a bow tie
  15. repeat step 14 for the second flower garland
  16. gently adjust the flower garland at the bottom of your base plate

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