9 Must Have Wedding Lighting Rentals

Let me guess, you are planning a wedding and need help with your reception lighting? Well you have come to the right place friends. There are many styles and types of DIY rentals to light up your reception or party. To help you get going we have broken down the most popular light effects requested by clients for parties and receptions!

This is a complete guide on the most popular wedding lighting rentals

Best of all, our wedding lighting packages for rent are very affordable. Ship Our Wedding® offers do it yourself solutions so that you save money without having to hire an expensive vendor. To see how fast the lighting packages set up, feel free to watch any of our minute long tutorial videos below

Average Read Time: 7 minutes

Wedding Monogram Lighting

What better way to personalize your event than by renting a monogram projector. Our wedding light projector is customized with your name, initials and or event date. You can then project this as an image onto a wall so it is visible in your wedding photos and videos.

This DIY monogram has a gobo which is a small disc that light shines through to display your monogram. This rental ships as a complete kit with everything you need. We recommend reserving a light stand to elevate your wedding monogram lighting so that it is displayed higher & looks better on the lighted surface.

Pro Tip: We always encourage our clients to think outside the box when it comes to designing their monogram template. The reason why is because this same design can help create a brand for your wedding reception. This pattern can be used as a template design on your photo booth rental. Take it a step further and print on your invites, menus, table seating and anywhere else you can think of. It’s your name in fancy fonts, use it everywhere!

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DIY Gobo Patterns

Our gobo projector rental is a textured breakup light. This means instead of having a name or date, you can displays one of 80+ stock images or textures we have available. This is great for themed events and adding design elements for a layered look. This is practically the definition of lighting design. Use uplighting for color and then the patterns for depth. This takes only (2) minutes to set up! Cover one wall or get multiple gobo projectors to cover your entire event space.

The most frequent reason why couples use breakup patterns is because they are working with a theme. This is the ideal way to enhance your reception by projecting patterns onto your walls and ceiling. It will look like you painted a design that matches your event. Think of underwater themes, locations, movies, celebrities, and holidays.

When you use gobo patterns to incorporate a theme this is considered next level lighting. Most lighting designers do some version of this to create a high-end magazine look. We have many gobo categories available. Browse abstract patterns, celebration gobos, fancy gobos, natural gobos, places gobos, seasonal gobos & themed gobos. Find out how easy you can create a designer look with do it yourself breakup patterns without paying designer prices.

DIY Uplighting for Wedding Reception

When you think of the most common wedding lighting, what comes to mind? If you said uplighting then we have to agree. DIY lights are used at wedding ceremonies, birthday parties and corporate events. The reason why is because it is simple to use, looks amazing and offer cheap prices.

You can match with your event color, have the uplights change to the beat of the music and even control lights with your phone. We have (3) types of uplighting available DIY uplighting, wireless uplights & outdoor uplighting. Our wireless uplighting is very user friendly. Just turn it on, set your color and place your light. Become a lighting pro by renting DIY uplighting for your wedding reception today!

Stars Ceiling Projector

How memorable would it be to dance under your stars? Now you can with our DIY starry projection rental. These lights project stars on your ceiling and walls to mimic the night sky. This looks amazing in tent canopies and ballroom ceilings. All you do is plug in the light, turn it on, adjust the brightness and aim onto your surface.

Since this light projects a blue cloud effect we recommend using this do it yourself rental with blue color palettes. Besides blue the colors teal and purple blend well with the star night projector. Read more in our best uplighting color guide. If you would like to light up only the ceiling, then we recommend renting a light stand to elevate this star ceiling projector effect. The stand also helps if you want to direct this light onto your walls and ceiling and avoid having it spill over onto tables and guest faces.

Cake & Centerpiece Lighting

You have taken the time to design your centerpieces, make sure guests notice them all night long. Pinspot lights make your table decorations shine once you dim your ballroom lighting later in the evening. Besides lighting up centerpieces use pinspot lights to put your cake on display. You need to consider what will be in the background of your wedding pictures. Pinspots give your wedding centerpiece rentals a soft glow so they look larger than life in your photos.

There are several ways to mount pin spot lighting for centerpieces. Use the magnetic base to attach to a metal surface on a wall or ceiling to elevate the fixture to pinspot a cake. If your ballroom has a drop ceiling, use the attached scissor clamp to hang from the tiles. You can rent a stand with a magnetic strip to elevate the pinspots. Lastly, place on a table with or without a table stand to aim directly at a cake or centerpiece floral arrangement. No need to worry about power, our pinspots last approximately 6 hours on a full charge. They even have a remote to turn on and off in case they are on the ceiling.

Rent Black Lights for Glow Parties

Your neon theme party will need the right lighting. Glow lights for parties can be an easy DIY when you rent black lights from Ship Our Wedding®. A black light has a UV bulb that makes bright colors pop and glow intensely. Use this effect for a portion of a black light party or for the whole evening.

If you need neon lights for a party, then these will create your ultra-violet glow quickly. Our neon lights are so bright that you only need several of them and aim it into your crowd or neon wedding decorations. Use banners with bright paint or rent black light powder to use at your event. We have even seen a black light wedding where guests waived glow sticks. Regardless of how you incorporate it your guests will give a high energy response every time.

LED Cafe Lights

Our string light rentals give a timeless look for weddings. They have a dual benefit that creates functional eye candy. If you rent string lights for a wedding then it will make your photos simply gorgeous. The soft glow works well with natural lighting conditions for photographers so it will enhance your photos.

Our bistro lighting rental can be used both outside and inside. Use wedding tent string lights to create a vintage look that compliments your wedding’s outdoor lighting. Have LED cafe lights that change color suspended from your ballrooms ceiling or railings to light up your dance floor during your first dance. You can never go wrong with a string light rental, your event will love them!

Party Lights Rental

When you mention DIY rentals you need to consider your dance floor lighting. We are not talking about cheap party lights, but powerful bright lights that add color and movement to your dance floor. This is great for high energy events that need extra pizazz. When you rent party lighting your guests will feel more inclined to relax and enjoy themselves.

Use our light rentals for parties that include graduations, birthday parties, house parties, neon parties and wedding ceremonies. This DIY party rental just needs to get plugged in and the light will automatically move to the music. It features several pre-programmed shows that look great at events.

Party lights should not be used during formalities. You want these on and doing their thing once your music starts. This will help get the party going as guests make their way to the dance floor. Also DJ dance lights add to your wedding pictures. Find out more about how to rent party lights today, your dance floor will thank you!

Rent Spotlight for Doorway, Dance & Speeches

Let’s face it you are going to have formalities and this means your photographer will take pictures of all your important moments. At the end of the day your photos need to turn out as anticipated. One of the most crucial elements to good wedding photos is your lighting. This is one of the main reasons why most photographers like to take pictures during golden hour (the last hour of sunset). That is because it is the ideal lighting conditions for gorgeous wedding pictures!

So now that we know the role lighting plays let’s talk about those formalities. A spotlight rental will aim a bright light on your door or entrance way for introductions, your first dance as well as any speech or toast. Wedding spotlighting directs the attention of the room while at the same time creating optimal lighting conditions. It is easy to rent spotlights and do it yourself. Simply plug it into the lighting and attach it to a light stand. Aim it anywhere to get the benefits we mentioned earlier.

Pro Tip: Test the lighting with your photographer before the event starts. You want to do this first so that they can dial in the ISO, aperture and rest of the camera settings. This will prevent any photos from being over-exposed from a bright light. Your photographer needs to know about it before they take any pictures.

Which Wedding Light Rentals Will You Use?

So there you have it, our (9) must have wedding lighting ideas that your reception can use. These are the most popular lighting rentals Ship Our Wedding® offers. Instead of hiring a local company that charges more for labor, do it yourself and save on your wedding lighting. As you can tell in our videos above all our package rentals set up fast and look amazing.

What we love about recommending these rentals is that you will get tons of compliments from your guests. Enjoy free shipping available on qualified packages. Your DIY wedding rentals will arrive (2) before your event at your door with all the supplies. You ship them back (2) after your event. Now that you know how we can help, let’s figure out exactly what you need. Go ahead and click any of the links above to create wedding & party lighting that is out of this world!

- XO Team Ship

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