9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

We totally get your stress… Do you need a wedding planner… and a hug?

We all need hugs sometimes 🤗 Just the thought of planning a wedding in a limited amount of time can be overwhelming. There is someone that can make this process easier & more enjoyable! Introducing your new best friend! A wedding planner’s purpose is to help you create a meaningful celebration according to your specific vision. Now that we know what they do, how do you hire the best wedding planner?

learn our secret tips & interview wedding planners to make your vision a reality

That being said, there are many talented professionals designing and planning weddings. How do you hire the right candidate for your event? Luckily, we have got you covered! By asking these questions for wedding planners, you will be able to filter out candidates to book the best person for the job.

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How to Hire a Wedding Planner

your wedding planner will be responsible for much of the success of your reception

Before making any decisions about what wedding planner you should hire, make sure to answer these 9 questions first. This is not a complete list, however it does cover the basics. We suggest you take your time hiring the right planner don’t rush it! We always recommend going with your intuition as you will be relying on them for practically everything!

What is a Wedding Planners Approach to Events

You must first get to know them & their work methods. This involves finding out if you would make a good team. Ask them about their planning process & how they game plan. Take note of their organizational & itinerary skills, from the samples they provide. You need to get a real sense of how they work & a feel for their priorities.

conduct at least (3) interviews before you choose your wedding planner

You might be interested in how they like to communicate with clients. Will the planner be able to meet you face to face anytime you need them? How many times can you call them? Will they be committed enough to your wedding, or will a lot of responsibilities still fall on your shoulders? Know what these expectations are.

How Much Do Wedding Planners Charge

having peace of mind on your special day will come at a price

Before hiring a wedding planner you need to know the cost of their service. Ask them to give you a quote & see how the prices work out. Is it a flat fee or an hourly rate? Are there overtime fees? Also, ask about their refund policy. Do you get a portion of your money back if something unexpected happens or does the planner have no refund policy in place?

Can Your Wedding Planner Work with a Budget

You may only have a certain amount of wedding funds available. Ask if the wedding planner can work with your budget & be open to how realistic your plans are. It may be difficult to hear that what you want may not be entirely achievable. Many pros can adjust & tailor something entirely unique for you!

Wedding Planner Team vs. Flying Solo

can they handle all the responsibilities both pre-wedding & day-of

Who the planner works with is extremely important. These people will also construct your wedding day. Ask if they work alone. If the planner has an assistant or a couple of them, know what they have been assigned to do. This helps you better coordinate with the point person for each delegated task.

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Does Your Planner Have Preferred Vendors List

some planners make their living marking up decorating vendors & pocketing the difference

Ask if the planner has a list of vendors that they prefer. This may be in your favor if you get access to discounts. It can also be restrictive if the planner doesn’t accept suppliers that are not on his or her list. You don’t want to be deprived of the services of your favorite florist or baker!

Important: If vendors are bundled into their package ask for a breakdown & see if you are able to hire outside their list.

What is Your Wedding Planner’s Specialty

The answer to this interview question will determine if the potential planner is a good fit. Ask about previous weddings they have planned. Find out if they have planned anything similar to what you want. Do they specialize in romantic wedding or bohemian weddings. Planners tend to to have a set list of vendors they recommend that fit with these themes.

find out how many years they have been in business & what style makes them different from other planners

Ask about their experience. You don’t want a planner with 20 years experience doing the same things they did 20 years ago. They need a fresh approach. How many weddings have they organized similar to the size & style of yours? If you want a beach wedding they need to be comfortable planning open space ceremonies.

Wedding Planners Offer Different Packages

ask about extras like help with planning the rehearsal dinner & bridal shower

Find out what their planning package includes. Does this cover only the creative part (decoration, theme developing) & logistics (handling vendor, scheduling)? Many wedding planners will go above & beyond to make your event a success. One of the most important services they provide is day of coordination.

When Does the Planner Leave the Wedding

does the planner leave after dances or stay until the end to help you box things up

Before signing any contract discuss how long you will have the wedding planner at your disposal. Are they going to be there until the last song to handle emergencies? This is vital so you can relax & not worry.

Common tasks planners help coordinate:

– executing your ceremony & reception itinerary
– getting more ice/drinks if the bar has run out
– contacting vendors that arrive late/have issues
– running & picking up late night snacks
– helping with clean up
– decorating your bridal suite
– transporting gifts at the end of the night
– boxing up DIY rentals (uplighting/photo booth)

There are (2) types of planners, those that leave early, & the brave few that clean up after guests have left.

Examples of Big & Small Weddings Planned

This point is a huge deal, simply because if they have successfully planned a 500 guest wedding, it means the planner is probably more than capable of doing anything under that number. However, they might have package minimums & expect a certain amount of responsibility for having their time booked for your date.

small weddings have just as much planning as large events (it is just less people)

Some planners with less experience are more comfortable with smaller weddings. Also, the cost of services might be higher from vendors because you are renting less quantities. Example, chiavari chairs might be $5 each (when less than 200 ordered) compared to $3.95 each (when over 200 ordered).

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Final Thoughts on Hiring Wedding Planners

we want to know what other deciding factors go into your decision for hiring a wedding planner, let us know in the comments below

Wedding organizing and planning is tiring & overwhelming. We need to be thankful for what planners do. The chosen professional will work with you before, during & after your wedding. They are the key person that makes the magic happen. We hope our interview questions help you hire the perfect wedding planner. Congratulations!

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