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on your Indian wedding!

There are so many types of mandaps that depend on the tradition of your occasion. These range from common to over-the-top extravagant.

our guide covers what to know before renting a mandap

We share a great way to get a budget with DIY Indian wedding rentals that ship to your door nationwide. Instead of hiring local pros to do all the work, set it up yourself & save money.

How to create beautiful mandap draping for less?

  • Renting or borrowing: You can rent or borrow a mandap instead of buying one. Some wedding venues or event rental companies may offer mandaps as part of their package.
  • DIY: You can create a draped mandap using inexpensive materials such as pipe and drape kits or fabric. This can be a great way to personalize your mandap and make it unique.
  • Use natural elements: Incorporating natural elements such as flower garlands, greenery, or branches can add a beautiful and organic touch to your mandap without the need for costly decorations.
  • Use minimal draping: A simple and elegant look can be achieved by using minimal draping. This can be done by using a single color and simple design elements.
  • Lighting: Creative use of wireless uplighting can also make a big impact on the overall look of your mandap.
  • Prioritize: Prioritize what is important to you and your partner, and allocate your budget accordingly.
  • Consult professionals: Consult with a professional wedding planner or decorator to help you create a beautiful and budget-friendly draped mandap.

Draping décor is one of the (6) things that budget brides need. Want to get right to it? Keep reading our informative tips laid out below to learn more.

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What is a Draped Mandap Rental

A draped mandap (pronounced as ‘mun dup’) is used in the Indian tradition. It translates to a covered structure with pillars. These are used for ceremonies as well as stages for receptions.

This wedding arch draping has (4) sides so it forms a complete square. We provide do-it-yourself rentals nationwide so you can get an amazing mandap rental for a fraction of the price from local vendors!

Use Indian mandap stage décor at Sangeet & Mehndi parties

Online DIY rentals come with a (5) day rental. Use this modern mandap and draping décor for more than one event. In the Indian tradition, the festivities take place for at least a week.

Because of this, many formalities and events take place at the house as well as the venue. Another main benefit of renting online and doing it yourself is you only pay once for décor you can use several times.

Fun Mehndi Party Draping Ideas

Traditionally the Mehndi party takes place at home. However, more and more couples are choosing to host this event at their venue. This has many advantages with pricing and decorating.

Not only will this save money but it will also save you time so that you can focus more on enjoying your week with family and friends. We all know how much of a choir it is to get our homes ready for visitors. Leave the stress to your venue and just have your guest show up.

If you are hosting multiple events at the same location then your banquet hall will more than likely bring down the venue rental cost since you are reserving services for weekdays and weekends. This is the perfect time to negotiate your wedding package and get a great deal.

If your DIY wedding rentals are already set up at the venue, then chances are you probably won’t have to move them for your 2nd event on the following day. Also, your venue will have more opportunities to decorate with your theme.

If using your venue for 2 days at the same venue, you will want to make slight modifications to your décor. This way your guests walk into a transformation that is different from the previous day. Probably the most obvious, change up your linens, chargers, and attire.

A couple of ways to repurpose your wedding backdrop rentals (in a different style or color). Change the color of your wedding uplighting to another color for the next day. Aim your monogram lights in a different location on a wall. Use different styled designs for any gobo breakup patterns.

(4) Indian decorating ideas for sangeet & mehendi parties:

  • Hang colored umbrellas above dance floor

  • Rent led cafe lights & decorate your ceiling

  • Work in colored ceiling drapery swags

  • Hire a street cart vendor to serve food

Just imagine all the possibilities in a larger space. We love seeing couples get creative and try to create an event that feels like you are in a bustling city with live performances.

This adds to the whole Bollywood vibe. Remember the Indian culture is based on Bollywood or Tollywood (this is either for North or South Indian geographic locations).

Want to Save Money?

Talk to a party pro now!


What to Rent for Sangeet Stage Decor

A Sangeet typically happens the night before the wedding. This is considered a pre-wedding event, almost like a rehearsal dinner but not quite. This event is filled with live performances instead of rehearsing.

The events that take place at a Sangeet include choreographed dances, bhangra dance teams as well as singing. Traditionally guests are seated around the dance floor instead of at tables.

the word Sangeet translates into musical night

These live performances are done by family and friends and most events will feature 2-10 of these mini-shows. Our favorite style of Sangeet performance is flash-mob! This is when the dance starts with a couple of people and towards the end of the song includes dozens of people or more!

The typical décor used for a Sangeet party is not a mandap rental but a colorful wedding backdrop with a swing and stage décor. Ship Our Wedding® can provide wonderful backdrop draping ideas that are able to be setup in minutes.

Best of all you can customize your fabric colors so that the pipe and drape backdrop matches your colors. Use this with your existing stage décor to create a memorable backdrop for your guest performances.

everyone dances at a Sangeet

One of the most underrated ways to showcase your performances is with uplighting rentals. These lights not only add color but energy. This will make your wedding feel more like a Bollywood movie production.

Work in bright colors and control all the lighting easily from your uplight menu screen or photo wifi connection. Best of all it is still considered DIY. It doesn’t cost extra since you’re not hiring a company.

Best Draping Colors for Indian Weddings

There are many ways to bring your event to life and what we recommend is using vibrant colors. Peacock colors work well for Indian mandap rentals as well as sweetheart table backdrops.

This can be any combination of colors that include bright teal, deep blue, purple plum, or light lilac. If you want to go with more royal colors then red draping with pink and even gold blends very well.

We have seen couples bundle wireless DIY uplighting on white fabric to make the drapery match a gold or champagne ivory color with their event. We feel that drapery colors are so important that we dedicated an entire video tutorial to this. Compare the available colors above, how they blend and when to use them.

Indian Wedding Furniture Rental 101

What Indian mandap rental would be complete without the furniture to go with it? These low-profile benches and furniture are a necessary part of the wedding ceremony traditions.

source your furniture rentals from a local company

This is where the family will sit during your ceremony. The mandap will surround the furniture. Also besides low furniture for the ceremony, couples can use large ornate thrones and modern chaise couches for the reception sweetheart stage.

Indian furniture is too large to ship. We suggest renting low-budget Indian wedding house decorations from local vendors to save on delivery costs. Local vendors should have umbrellas, statues, bowls, and furniture.

This way you can get all the Indian wedding rentals without having to hire multiple wedding vendors. If the pieces you are requesting are custom you might even consider hiring a family to provide furniture if they have it available.

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Indian Fusion Wedding Rentals

So imagine that you have a mandap set up for a ceremony in the morning that happens after the Baraat. A Baraat is an hour before the ceremony when the groom arrives.

This includes dancing in the parking lot of your venue as the groom makes a dramatic entrance. This usually happens on a horse, vehicle, or elephant.

If possible some couples will use the same stage for their ceremony and reception. Other times couples will plan an Indian fusion wedding and flip the room.

A fusion flip is when the décor is changed from Indian to more Western wedding décor. Flipping a room is a great way to respect both sides of the family & their cultures.

One way to make this flip is to remove the mandap and go with a more traditional backdrop. This can even be a simple pipe and drape rental set up behind a head table.

There are many do-it-yourself wedding draping kits available. More often couples will also change from traditional wedding attire (saree or Lengha) into something more traditional for the Western culture.

What is the Cost of Mandap Rentals

The cost of mandaps ranges from affordable to expensive. Large Indian mandaps rentals with crystal and hanging flowers might cost anywhere from $4,000 – $10,000. The majority of the cost comes from labor to set up the structure.

These mandaps may come with higher prices because of setup ladders, power tools, box trucks, and multiple people. That might be considered too much of your budget if you are trying to plan your wedding under $10,000.

Plan your Indian wedding on a budget with a simple DIY draped mandap

This same look can be done for less than $400. You can rent all the equipment online, it ships free both ways and arrives at your door (2) days before your event. You can customize your colors, bundle in uplighting rentals, and wedding ceremony canopies for Indian wedding receptions.

Enjoy the same decorating flexibility and even take it a step further by attaching silk flowers to the mandap. What we love about our DIY mandaps is how fast they are set up. All you need is 1-2 people and this should be completed within 30 minutes.

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Will you Rent Indian Wedding Décor

Many events take place in the Indian culture. Your traditions will determine what style of draping, lighting & furniture decorations you consider.

There are many rituals of significant importance. Understanding how these relate to color and your overall theme will give you a sense of direction.

how traditional is your Indian wedding & what décor are you renting

There are many ways to decorate and infuse your personality into your event. Whether you want to go more traditional or DIY, there are options for both.

We recommend making a budget first to help gauge what option you feel more comfortable with. When you do it yourself you save money & feel empowered knowing you were able to get the exact look you wanted.

Feel free to click any of our links above for more rental info on our DIY mandaps. We hope you found our article helpful.

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With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

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