Learn the Top 7 Wedding Draping Kits

All wedding drapery rentals & kits are the same… right?

Wrong! Some local draping companies might charge too much to set up wedding draping. Other online companies might ship out rentals that fall short of expectations.

Just because it is DIY doesn’t mean it has to be cheap. So how are you supposed to rent pipe and drape that looks nice while costing less? Welcome to the world of do-it-yourself wedding décor rentals.

learn about the best DIY kits to save you money on wedding draping

If you are trying to plan a wedding under $10,000 then we got you covered. Ship Our Wedding® has many pipe & drape backdrops & temporary wall kits available online. When you set it up yourself you save money compared to hiring a local vendor.

We ship you everything you need (2) days before your event. Enjoy a 5-day rental and ship it back 2 days after your party. Our kits are beautiful, simple & affordable. Get fast access to helpful tutorials with QR code technology you can scan on your phone.

All of our (7) recommended kits can be set up fast. It is (2) bases, you make the frame with the uprights and connect the crossbars. Then you hang the fabric, pleat it and finally raise it.

It is that easy to set up our pipe & drape packages! Keep in mind we do not recommend setting up any drapery packages outside. Wind and drapery do not get along 😑

Besides wall draping, we have ceiling draping available. There are a few custom ways to drape your ballroom. We are going to share all our secrets about the best ways to drape your space to achieve wedding planning savings. Find out what fabric is used for wedding draping by reading all our pointers below! So let’s go over the pricing and what you can expect with DIY draping.

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1️⃣ DIY Wall Drapes for Wedding

The first place we are going to start is with draping your walls. This is a common request (especially if your venue has ugly walls). Wedding wall drapery is also used as a pipe and drape room divider kit.

This is great for a repurposed room that is separated for ceremony and reception. What we love about straight drapery is that it is our most simple form of draping. This means the wedding draping price is very cheap.

DIY Wall draping usually involves a section, one wall, or covering your entire ballroom. The fabric we rent goes 10 feet tall. It is charged per foot and we rent it out in 10-foot sections.

This is our most cost-effective form of draping because it is a blank canvas of fabric. It also can be used as a decorative backdrop to be swagged open on a window or doorway. All you do is pull it back and attach the fabric with a pipe cleaner to the upright (this takes minutes).

Straight wall draping looks great in photos (especially for your ceremony or head table). You can also hang signage from this backdrop if you need more wall draping ideas. White is the most popular color but you can choose other color styles.

If you decide to change your fabric color then there is a slight price increase depending on the color you choose. Keep in mind that white wall draping looks best when used with uplighting. Learn more about what exactly is uplighting.

2️⃣ Single Valance Backdrop Rentals

If you want something more ornate than straight drapery then we recommend single valance. This comes in (2) styles, either hang it from the top or pull it to the side. The pricing isn’t that much different than our straight drapery because the only difference is (1) extra piece of fabric per 10-foot section.

This takes a couple of extra minutes to set up because you have to pull your single valance and then attach it. Because of this, our side valance kits are used as DIY wedding backdrops instead of draping all the walls in a room. So you will reserve a package that is usually from 10 feet long to 40 feet long.

Pro Tip: The best way to determine how much draping you need to cover your head table is to take your # of guests in the bridal party, multiple it by 2, and then round up to the nearest 10. So for example a 14-person bridal party would be 28′ long, this requires a 30′ backdrop.

3️⃣ Double Backdrops (2x the Curtains)

The signature look behind any wedding party head table is our double backdrop. This has twice the amount of draping as our straight pipe & drape. The only difference is that this has an extra layer in the front. This allows it to be pulled back on the front layer. This idea is great since it adds an element of depth to your wedding head table décor.

Similar to the single valance, our double valance draping is primarily used for the head table at weddings. You can also add some bling to your wedding draping decorations by using a flexible silver sequin band to dress up your pulled-back fabric. It is the small details that help bring your look together.

Besides small décor elements, you might consider hanging a chandelier from your backdrop. This is an easy DIY way to add light while improving your photos. This creates visual eye candy that also gives the right amount of lighting to make your pictures look amazing. We included a video below to show you how to hang a chandelier on wedding draping.

4️⃣ Info on Our DIY Chuppah Rental

Instead of trying to find a wedding chuppah rental, you can do it yourself. You won’t need to know how to make a huppah because we will ship you all the equipment. Our square canopies look like cute DIY cabanas. These are multi-use meaning they can be used for formal wedding ceremonies and modern lounge areas.

Watch our video above & learn how to build a chuppah in under 30 minutes:

1. Set your frame
2. Hang the fabric
3. Pleat & raise your draping
4. Pull back all openings

This looks amazing and costs a fraction of the price normal vendors charge. If your fabric is white then it will look lovely with wireless uplighting to match your wedding. Just set your color and aim from the base up your fabric. All it takes is (4) lights to make your chuppah the focal point of your event or party. If you want more information on a wedding chuppah click the above links to read more.

5️⃣ Wedding Drapes Make Grand Doorways

Any drapery that you place by your entrance will add to the look. What we love about draping a doorway is the expectation it sets for your guests. They have a heightened standard for what to expect.

Do you need ideas about how to drape a doorway, let’s cover (3) common ways this is done

Draped Doorway: This is a 10-foot straight section that is swagged back to the left and the right. This is straight drapery but swagged back to bring attention to a certain doorway. You can work in different fabric colors as well as uplighting. A simple floral arrangement on pedestals looks nice in front of this.

Infinity Entrance: Creates a draped doorway but it has (3) sections placed in front of each other. This illusion almost makes a tunnel as it gives direction to your guests for the entrance. Infinity entrances make a bold statement. We recommended using multiple sets of pedestals and flowers for this grand entranceway.

Tunnel Draping Kit: A tunnel is a draped doorway but with a covered ceiling. These work well in venues with tall ceilings. If your venue has lower ceilings then we wouldn’t recommend a tunnel. The reason why is because it might feel too claustrophobic if you can’t go up to 10 feet tall.

Tunnels can have lighting, chandeliers, and rugs. You don’t have to keep them straight. Tunnels can be placed inside hallways to help hide an area a guest might enter.

6️⃣ Fabric Draping for Wedding Ceilings

There are many different types of DIY wedding ceiling draping. You will either hang tent ceiling draping or drape a banquet hall ceiling. Sometimes this draping can be hard to install. We recommend experienced event professionals do ceiling drapes for wedding receptions & parties. The reason why is due to the liability.

You do not want to damage the venue or worse have any mounted equipment fail and fall at your event. More than likely anytime you hang drapes your banquet hall will require proof of insurance and request to be listed as an additional insured.

We recommend hiring an experienced event professional for complex ceiling treatments

Circular Ceiling Drapes: Now we got the pleasantries out of the way, let’s cover a few ways to do DIY ceiling draping. Our most popular ceiling draping kit is a star or bicycle spoke style of draping (1 mounting point from the center and comes out). All fabric will be bundled up and extended on the ground (like bicycle spokes).

The center portion will be double mounted for safety with a carabiner above a ceiling tile to the steam beam holding up the venue’s roof/ceiling. All the legs will come out and have some fullness. They either get pipe cleaned to the drop ceiling grid or drop down to uprights with at least 75lbs of weight on each base plate.

Horizontal Ceiling Drapes: A more elaborate idea for ceiling drapes are horizontal swags. This requires an aircraft cable running the long way between 2 walls. Use a turnbuckle to tighten the cable. Also, the cable should be supported every 10 feet, a cable going up to the ceiling.

This prevents your main line from sagging from drapery weight. You will run (4) cables like this and it makes a channel for your draping to sit on. The very edges of the fabric will hide behind wall draping, clip to the ceiling or hide behind a wall of fabric.

7️⃣ Round Pipe & Drape Rentals

Our last pipe & drape kit has (3) rentals that are circular in design. Round draping makes a statement. The reason why is because it is not as common for weddings. Not a lot of companies stock this style. Because the awkward shape of the crossbars affects shipping, the draping has a substantially higher rental price.

Let’s cover (3) popular circular draping ideas

Bishop Column: These look like champagne wine glasses. They billow from the sides and create interest in a room. We call this breaking up your space. Use them near a head table, in a row, or on the four corners of your dance floor. These must be set on a level surface and can not be raised too high. Rent wireless uplights and work it inside to make these glow!

Round Canopy Drapery: A step above a square chuppah is our round design. This draped structure looks amazing when set up on a stage. You can use this for both your ceremony and reception. This works well if you are in the same room for both events. Our DIY rentals offer great ways to decorate with thrift shop themes that include silk floral arrangements.

We do not recommend setting this up outside, only use it indoors

Pillar Draping: Do you have some beams that you want to be covered? Well, we can’t remove them but I am confident to say we can hide them with draping. Now you can hide columns at weddings and events with our pole cover kit.

All you do is set it, drape it, and raise it. Choose your color and place wireless uplighting at the bottom to light up your fabric. You know what they say out of sight out of mind!

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What Wedding Drapery Rentals Will You Use?

We want to thank you for taking the time to read our review on our top (7) wedding draping kits. There are many packages available for backdrop curtains, party drapes & wedding ceremony drapery. You can either hire one of the many event rental companies or opt to do it yourself and save more.

is there a draping style that you love, tell us in the comments below

As you can see above we have given you all info you need to know exactly how much it costs to drape a wedding. To see our lowest pricing for each draping kit, click any of the links above. If you ever need more pipe and drape ideas please let us know. Our team is available via chat and phone to discuss your do-it-yourself event.

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