Draped Column Pillar (20″-32″ Square Diameter)

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What does the kit include?
One pillar draping kit will create a complete box around an approx 20″-32″ diameter pole, one kit includes (2) uprights, (2) base plates, (4) smaller extendable crossbar arms, (4) pieces of drapery fabric

  •   Fabric can’t be cut, altered, dyed, or stained
  •   Height: 4ft-10ft tall (go taller rent extensions)
  •   Size: 20″ – 32″ across, up to 10 feet tall
  •   Setup Time: approx 5 minutes
  •   Fabric Material: poly-silk
  •   Default Fabric Color: white
  •   View: purple, red, pink, ivory, teal, blue, black
  •   Rent (2) uplights per kit to add colors
  •   Flame Retardant Fabric: Yes
  •   Wrinkle-Resistant Drapery: Yes
  •   Package weight is in additional info tab below
  •   Rentals Arrive: 2-days before the event date
  •   Return 2-days after event date, avoid late fees
  •   Kits $94+ ship FREE nationwide both ways


How does this work?
  • Check date, a 25% payment reserves rentals.
  • Make final payment (30) days before your date.
  • Kits arrive early 2-9 days before your event.
  • Easily set up the kit step-by-step with QR codes.
  • Expect compliments! Enjoy rentals for (5) days.
  • Drop off rentals at FedEx (2) days after.

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What to know before renting?
Click here for drapery to hide tent poles.
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When do kits ship?
We ship kits 7-12 business days before your event date. Extra time is factored into shipments to ensure rentals arrive plenty of time before your event.
If your event is in less than 2 weeks, our website recommends you call our office at 844.744.7933 to discuss shipping options.
Are any of the items for sale?
All of our kits are for rental only. The goal of rent & return DIY is to save money instead of buying it.
Who sets up the rentals?
You do it yourself with our easy-to-follow videos. Stay under budget & look like you hired a pro!


How to Drape a Column (1 Min)


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Additional information

Weight 83.28 lbs
Dimensions 57 x 19 x 7 in

1 review for Draped Column Pillar (20″-32″ Square Diameter)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Destinee Byrd

    We had these ugly pillars in our venue. We tried to hire a local company but they quoted us 800 dollars! We just wanted some fabric to make them look more pretty in our photos. We couldn’t believe we could do this for a fraction of the cost ourselves. We had four pillars to hide so 2 kits worked well. It took a couple of minutes to put it up had to adjust the fabric since my foot was stepping on the draping during raising… don’t do it lol. Our guests gave us compliments and the venue asked for this companies contact info. It seems that a lot of couples need their pillars covered. The finish look was spot on, i would give 10 stars ❤️

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Easy Setup Instructions

How to setup DIY wedding pillar draping:

  1. place (2) baseplates on opposite ends of the pillar you would like to cover with fabric (make sure the ferrule pin is screwed into the center hole)
  2. slide uprights into the baseplates ferrule pin (do not force upright down onto ferrule pin all the way if they don’t fit, only force down 50% if tight)
  3. attach (2) extendable crossbar arms to the top of (1) upright, do this twice
  4. make sure the (4) extendable crossbars are close enough to form a box/rectangle, and throw (1) piece of fabric over each extendable arm (try to keep the same amount of fabric on both sides of a single extendable arm when throwing it over) Tip if you are using silver sequin or gold sequin fabric then you will insert this crossbar into the pole pocket
  5. pleat the fabric, overlap fabric edges & cover any hardware
  6. raise uprights individually in 2-foot increments until the drapes are 10 foot high (do this slowly so the crossbar does not come off track)
  7. once your desired height is reached, finalize the bottom by lifting each piece of fabric, accordion fabric down, and tuck and roll the bottoms

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