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Draping to Cover Tent Poles (2 per)

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To cover tent poles, secure uprights to pillars halfway up with tape, zip ties, or rope (not provided). This reduces the wind knocking over your drapery. Zip tie all overlapped fabric together to prevent the wind from separating it during the event. For tents use this or straight swag drapery, not both. Click here for drapery to hide columns inside a venue.

Enter state/date to select quantity  📦 one pole draping kit will cover two poles & includes zip ties, (2) uprights, (2) base plates, (4) smaller extendable crossbar arms, (4) pieces of drapery fabric, you may need more zip ties

–  Important: fabric can’t be cut, altered, dyed, or stained
–  Width Adjusts: 42 inches – 70 inches
–  Height Adjusts: 4 ft – 10 ft tall
–  Setup Time: 5-minutes per pole draping
–  Fabric Material: poly-silk
–  Default Fabric Color: white
–  Also Avail: purple, light purple, red, pink, ivory, teal, blue, black
–  Upgrades: reserve outdoor uplights to add colors
–  Flame Retardant Fabric: Yes
–  Wrinkle-Resistant Drapery: Yes
–  Weight & Dimensions: view in additional information tab below
–  Rentals Arrive: 2-days prior to the event date
–  Duration: Send back 2-day after event date to avoid late fees
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Easy Do It Yourself Rentals (1 Min)

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DIY tent pole draping
do exactly what the name says. We mean it we say that you can set this pipe & drape up fast! Each drapery kit goes up in less than 5 minutes! Our pole drapes feature an extendable arm for max coverage. When you hire traditional wedding vendors they may have high labor prices for decorating for their time. Do it yourself & save money with our easy tutorial videos. Clients also use this draping to cover tent & pavilion sides. If your venue has (3) entrances then you can place this on the center door. This pulled-back fabric will jazz up your entranceway without all the work. Read More...


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Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 57 x 19 x 8 in

1 review for Draping to Cover Tent Poles (2 per)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alexis Gillim

    My fiance and had to cover our ugly wooden tent poles (honestly they were driving me crazy!). I searched and searched online and even considered buying some fabric from a local DIY store near me. When I found out I could rent from Ship I was excited. We needed to cover 10 poles for our small backyard wedding. It all came in cases 4 days before our event. We set it up way before the big day so didn’t take it down until Sunday after the wedding. Our photographer even complimented us on the drapery we used to help hide the poles!

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Easy Setup Instructions

How to set up affordable tent pole draping

1.) place base plates where you would like your free-standing corners setup (make sure the ferrule pin is screwed into the center hole)
2.) slide uprights into the baseplates ferrule pin (do not force upright down onto ferrule pin all the way if they don’t fit, only force down 50% if tight)
3.) attach (2) smaller crossbars over the top of the upright (these can either be set up to make a corner or used to form a straight line)
4.) now that you have a fully completed skeleton, throw (1) piece of fabric over each smaller crossbar (try to keep the same amount of fabric on both sides of a smaller crossbar when throwing it over) Tip if you are using silver sequin or gold sequin fabric then you will insert the top crossbar into the pole pocket
5.) pleat fabric overlap fabric edges & cover any hardware (edge of smaller crossbar & center visible part of upright)
6.) raise upright individually in 2-foot increments until the entire backdrop is 10 foot high
7.) You can either have the fabric drape straight down or pull it back
8.) If deciding to pull back draping, simply gather from outside and work your way in, then secure the draping upright in the center with either a zip tie or pipe cleaner (you want to gather the fabric anywhere from 3-5 feet off the ground)
9.) Finishing touch, put (1) battery-powered uplight at the bottom of the free-standing corner to project colors onto your fabric (optional)

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