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Hello friends! Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a company that shipped affordable DIY flower walls nationwide? If you aren’t going to ship a do-it-yourself rental, then you will expect someone to…

  • first, pull flowers from the inventory

  • then assemble the wall

  • next, load the background into a car

  • the backdrop is driven to a venue

  • finally, the flower wall is setup up

Also, you’re paying someone to do all of that in reverse! Labor isn’t cheap nowadays. This means you could be paying more for labor since you’re not setting it up yourself.

Let us show you how to do it yourself without having to buy a wall. Today is the day you find a gorgeous flower wall rental that doesn’t break the bank.

DIY walls set up in minutes, cost less, & look luxurious

Ship Our Wedding® is the budget-friendly alternative you need. We ship fake flower walls nationwide that look like actual living florals. This guide features photo examples, setup videos, & expert advice.

✔️ This guide lists our artificial flower walls by color & flower type. Find backdrops that match your wedding décor & add it to your cart.

Average Read Time: 8 minutes 45 seconds

How to Setup a DIY Flower Wall

All of our rose walls have floral arched across the top. It is easy to create a wedding backdrop with flowers. Before you make your selection first let’s cover how to set it up.

we ship flower wall kits with everything you need

Just unbox your rentals and slide the crossbar into the top 2.75″ diameter pole pocket. Hang this backdrop panel from your pipe & drape stand and tie the panels together. See how it’s done in our snazzy 3d video below!

  snazzy 3d video 

You receive your rentals 2-7 days before your event date with FREE shipping available. Two days after your party, ship back everything in the same box using the included return shipping label.

How to decorate a flower wall?

Select any of our backdrop stands below & accent with flowers 👇

Pink Ombre Flower Wall

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You’re going to LOVE our blush flower wall! This artificial backdrop hangs from a flower wall stand using a combination of peony, rose, & camellia floral.

this looks like a red rose backdrop except we used muted colors

Instead of red flowers, this rental uses a mixture comparable to wine burgundy colors. Our design company purposely created a blush flower wall using an ombre of pink colors. Because the main color is pink, it’s versatile & works best as a background wall.

Pink goes with brighter themes, so place with items for distinct color differences. If you want to rent a rose gold flower wall, then this trio of colors pairs well!

The Wedding Flower Wall

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The main floral used are symbolic roses & dahlia flowers. This DIY flower wall color is ivory, making it blend with white décor & light yellow colors. Clients rent this wall to create a neutral arch or stage at weddings & private events.

hands down, this is our most popular wedding flower backdrop

Are you renting this flower wall for a wedding? If so, then use it outdoors for spring & summer weddings. Natural lighting conditions help your wedding flower wall look more pure and rich with white layering.

White Ivory Rose Wall Backdrop

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We created a wall of roses using a combination of silk peony, rose, and hydrangea arrangements. This is a 3D flower wall meaning it has white and light yellow colors layered for added depth.

rent this rose wall backdrop for cream & off-white color pallets

Our ivory flower wall is perfect for weddings using gold & ivory colors. This makes a lovely backdrop for wedding photos & behind head tables.

Red Rose Flower Wall

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When you think of flower walls probably red roses are the first thing that comes to mind. This artificial flower wall uses both dark & light-colored red roses. This creates a visual impact your guests will love!

when using red roses for décor, rent our red rose flower wall

Rent our red rose wall for weddings & other event types! Add a fun backdrop for photo stations! Our red roses wall is a hot rental item. Add a romantic touch to your birthday party or event.

This wall uses a single style for floral, meaning it only uses red rose flowers. Accent your wall décor by incorporating lamps, curtains, and light-up signs.

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White Green Flower Wall

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This flower wall design is made from roses & hydrangea flowers. The main colors for this flower wall are white & green making it able to blend with any natural theme.

We call this a 5D flower wall. This means there are 5 layers of flowers. There are so many that they pop out the sides! This gives more fullness to your wedding floral backdrop.

The layering is more thick giving a rich look that doesn’t look fake. Since this is limited to (2) colors, this design has a very simple look that complements many color pallets!

stop searching for a white flower wall near me & let’s ship you one

We suggest renting our white green rose wall for formal events. This is great for celebrations and serious occasions. This is one of our top (3) most requested floral rentals.

Soft Peach Flower Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

This is our soft peach flower wall. We built a silk floral backdrop with a strong variety and color contrast of roses. This is done with mainly white & light amber roses. These shades are very popular colors for weddings that want a timeless look.

rent a peach flower wall & easily cover your archway

These peach wall flowers feature lighter tones. The peach flower décor has subtle pops with yellow, ivory, & amber. This wall is so popular that it’s hard to keep this rental in stock.

This color can be used with many themes. We recommend using lighter pink flower wall décor at weddings. The main reason why is that it feels more grown and less like a sweet 16.

If you want a peach backdrop with sophistication, then this is it!

Pink Flower Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

This faux flower wall has mostly pink flowers with hints of purple (which works well with blues). Our team built arrangements of rose & ranunculus to create this jaw-dropping pink flower wall.

make a statement by renting this pink flower wall inspo

This collection features vibrant purple, pink, & white. The mauve & taupe colors give us those cheerful, youthful vibes. Rent this wall for weddings, ceremonies, graduation parties, & bar mitzvahs.

This pink flower wall does not need too many decorations. It has a lot of personality standing by itself already. The best visual experience is under the breeze and natural light.

Purple Flower Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Purple is a bright color that we think works wonders for fairytale weddings. This is commonly rented with pink themes or blush colored themes as well. This really depends if you want to blend with your theme or have the backdrop act as a prominent feature.

 purple flower walls will draw a lot of attention

We like it when clients use flower walls that are more bright in color. This is especially true if you are renting a DIY champagne wall kit. You want guests to immediately recognize the drinks so that cups are drunk… I believe that is the right terminology lol!

Besides a champagne shelf, you can hang a snazzy sign from atop the wall. This looks lovely once the lights are dim. The neon color is also bright and works hand in hand to pull together a complete look with the purple flower wall!

Green Garden Flower Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Our ‘Garden Wall’ is tied with our ‘Summer Wall’ as the most popular green backdrop. The main color has varying shades of green. One look at this and you will instantly think of spring.

rent a garden flower wall for outside spring weddings

We designed this wedding flower wall backdrop using fake roses, and hydrangeas. Use this flower wall outdoors to cover your arches in a tent or pavilion.

Our green garden flower wall creates a natural backdrop for event settings. This background can easily be worked into a pastel, ivory, or natural wood feature.

Summer Foliage Floral Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Do you want a roll-up flower wall that has realistic green foliage as the backdrop? As the name suggests, this rental symbolizes summertime.

Check this out… we combine camellia, peony, rose, & greenery to give a slightly darker look. This allows the darker warmer summer months to be reflected in the colors of the floral arrangements.

rent this green floral backdrop for summer weddings

The colors for this floral rental are soft. This makes the backdrop versatile so it can work in a wide range of color scenarios. Great for summer parties, wedding photography, ceremonies, & stages.

You can’t go wrong with our gorgeous summer foliage flower wall. It is tied with ‘Garden’ for 2nd as our most popular green wall. Use either one based on your preference and rental availability.

Autumn Fall Flower Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Chrysanthemum rose, & peony was used to make this fake flower wall come to life. This rental is ideal for late autumn weddings & early winter events.

looking for those sweater weather feels… rent our fall flower wall

As you can tell in the photo above this flower wall aesthetic is all about burnt oranges, warm golds, & pale pinks. This is ideal for business events, holiday parties, & any color-related themes.

🍂 This rustic chic wall blends well with outdoor & barn receptions planned in the fall months.

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Pampas Wall Grass Backdrop

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Use this white flower wall to highlight your name in neon colors. Our white grass walls are simple in detail so your neon sign shows up better in your pictures.

this grass backdrop with flowers is a wedding WOW… rent it now

This is one of our only grass walls made entirely from pampas. This is done with a mixture of reed and smog grass. Out of all the white flower backdrops on our website, this has to be our personal favorite!

The white grass falls spontaneously making it a primary choice for weddings. Watch it dance in the breeze with a slight wind! Rent this grass flower wall for both indoor and outdoor events.

White Feather Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Sometimes you don’t want flowers you just want a bunch of fluffy flowers instead. This wall has all the fluff you want. What amazes is the weight of just one flower garland compared to our walls. It is literally weightless!

enough about weddings… let’s cover other event types!

The white feather wall is ideal for baby showers and gender reveal parties. Combine any element of decor with this neutral backdrop and you have an instant area to take photos! Setup for a photogapher against a wall or use as your backdrop on a stage.

This has to be one of most unique styles of backdrops. Because the feathers tent to stick out of the backdrop it gives a 3d look. Watch the wind catch the feathers and give it a gentle movement. Everything about this feather wall is meant for timeless events.

Boxwood Hedge Backdrop

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

This 2D backdrop is made entirely from grass wall panels. The main reason why is so popular is that it lacks detailed accents. Having the same boxwood backdrop pattern repeated helps make your other décor pop!

rent this & DIY your grass champagne wall

Out of all our flower walls, this is what is most commonly used as a champagne wall rental. The champagne shelves & drinks don’t get caught on any hanging flowers because this backdrop is simple.

Hedge wall rentals are used at weddings to direct guest flow, hide areas, & improve a venue’s aesthetics. Another way is with a do-it-yourself pipe & drape kit.

This green backdrop wall is made from lucky grass. The color represents purity. Read more below & learn about our most popular hedge wall backdrop.

Faux Greenery Wall & Floral

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Want a cheap flower wall with fake vine arrangements? We kept it basic on this faux greenery wall backdrop by using milano grass & hydrangeas.

rent our grass walls with flowers for a simple background!

Compared with lucky grass, milano grass has less detail. This makes your greenery backdrop wall appear less noticeable in photos & videos.

The emphasis should reflect the emotion of the moment. This wall is meant for those photo moments. If you want a green wall that is more multi-purpose, then rent our greenery wall with floral.

Light Blue Flower Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

Light blue is one of the most popular wedding colors after black, white, & gold. This blue flower wall backdrop is made from a mixture of soft blue roses, blue hydrangeas, & blue peonies.

rent our soft blue flower wall for teal & light blue wedding colors

For example, you can accent this flower wall with light blue & white. You can hire a local vendor, learn how to make one, or rent a DIY flower wall kit where we ship you everything you need.

Black Flower Wall

Click Photo + Rent 24% OFF

This flower wall works with black and white color themes. We covered this wall completely using black roses. This forms a curtain of floral that looks lovely in wedding photos.

this is the easiest black flower wall to set up

Combine our large flower wall with multiple 8’x8′ kits to create a longer black rose wall. This lacks color so use it sparingly at events. We recommend renting this wall for events with limited color schemes.

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Which Wall Will You Rent

So there you have a color overview for ALL of our flower wall kits. The color can match exactly or be used as a contrast. Almost every event will work with a primary and secondary color scheme.

choose a flower wall that matches your wedding color & budget

We hope our articles help shed some light on your questions. Feel free to select any of the flower walls above. Get a view of photos & videos side by side to compare what will look best at your upcoming party.

💬 Let us know if you are interested in any of our lovely flower walls. If you have any questions give us a call or message us on chat.

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

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