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What’s not to love about champagne flower backdrops? They are practically everywhere! People even use floral & greenery as their Instagram photo walls for the aesthetic a flower wall design creates.

learn how to buy, rent, DIY & build a champagne flower wall

If you don’t have enough time to learn how to make a flower backdrop then you have alternatives. You can either hire a local rental company, purchase your own or rent online and go DIY.

Click any of our champagne flower backdrop pictures above & have it shipped directly to your door. This is a super hot rental for baby showers & bridal showers. This décor helps create a soft relaxing setting for spontaneous photos.

🌸 Our expert guide below has lots of tips. After reading this guide, you’ll know every about wedding décor & flower walls.

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What is a Flower Backdrop

Flower backdrops are a non-transparent backdrop made from real or artificial flower wall décor. The standard size is 8 feet long by 8 feet tall.

Where to use flower backdrops?

(3) drawbacks to using real flower walls are cost, limitations, & life span. It may cost over $1,000 in time & materials to build a wall with real flowers.

real flower walls are subject to availability based on the time of year

What if the flowers you want for your backdrop are not in season? You may have to make costly substitutions. This is one of the main reasons why clients rent a silk flower wall instead.

Faux flower wall décor is cheap & looks like the real thing! Most are either 3d or 5d flower walls meaning they have 3 – 5 layers of flowers. It is hard to tell the difference between a real and fake flower wall with this amount of depth unless you physically touch the backdrop.

📦 Real flowers last a couple of days making it hard to re-purpose a backdrop for multiple events. Our flower walls include a 5-day rental.

Hanging Flower Backdrop Types

Now let’s go over (4) different types of champagne flower walls. For a more in-depth review of each backdrop, please read our greenery wall & backdrop list.

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Wedding Arch Rental: A faux greenery wall with floral features hanging flowers from a wedding arbor or draping kit. An arched wall backdrop is different because you can walk under it for stages & ceremonies.

We just LOVE the simplicity of flower arches. This can be a couple of bundles of flowers attached to a free-standing wooden arch, hexagon, or circle. Learn more how to create an archway with our backdrop stand rentals.

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Wedding Grass Walls: This is a fake vine wall that looks like a green wall backdrop. Sometimes this is called a green boxwood wall. Besides being made from hedges, you can rent a grass backdrop with flowers at the top.

Hedge & greenery wall rentals are elegant & work with many color palettes. They help to section off areas & make excellent DIY champagne walls.

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Wedding Rose Wall: A flower wall of red roses is our most requested backdrop. It comes in a variety of colors that looks stunning when used to serve champagne, signature drinks, or appetizers.

Roses are a common wedding flower because they bloom in the spring and last until the first frost. This just happens to be the same time of the year wedding season is in full swing.

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Wedding Flower Wall: This is a mixture of white with subtle variations of green floral. The wall will incorporate roses & dahlia flowers for the artificial flower arrangement.

A champagne wall like this is used for cocktail hour. Work in some greenery to create a garden flower wall or summer foliage flower wall. Remove the champagne shelves to take pictures as a backdrop.

Want to Save Money?

Talk to a party pro now!


Buy Flower Walls on Sale

You can buy these backdrops from a flower wall design company. You can find them available for purchase from websites like Etsy.

online walls sell priced per panel, you may need to buy 20+ panels

The drawbacks for buying a wall is the cost & time to receive it. They can take months to design & ship your order. If your wall is coming from China it can take another (2) months to arrive!

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So how much does a flower wall cost to buy online? We’ve seen 24”x16” panels cost around $40 each. To create an 8′ x 8′ backdrop you would need (20) flower panels costing over $800 (before shipping).

Keep in mind it doesn’t include assembly or the flower wall stand. You need a cloth backing so your flower backdrop is not see-through. This could easily add another $600 to your flower wall cost.

🔨 DIY champagne walls for sale are large & heavy. This is the main reason most vendors only build (1) grass champagne wall with boxwood.

Make a Champagne Wall

the boxwood champagne wall trend is based on limitations, vendors only want to build one style

We covered how floral walls are used in pictures but you can also use this as a champagne hedge wall. Why settle for a basic green boxwood champagne wall when you can make one in any flower color?

Why DIY a Wedding Champagne Wall Kit?

  • enhances any flower backdrop

  • sets up in 5 minutes (no tools)

  • renting is cheaper than buying

  • easy to remove (use for photos)

  • quality patent pending design

Most vendors know how to build a grass champagne wall. However, it doesn’t have removable shelves. So what do you do with it after cocktail hour? Repurpose our wall in seconds! Just remove the shelves to make your wall a photo backdrop after the drinks have been handed out.

🥂 Our patent-pending DIY champagne shelf kit has (4) shelves. Each shelf holds 24 glasses. This kit holds 96 glasses of champagne!

How to Build a Flower Wall

Do you want to know how to make a flower backdrop? It is simple, all you need:

  • hot glue gun (with extra glue sticks)

  • artificial flowers (use one or two varieties)

  • thick cloth backing (is better than a wireframe)

The drawback is gluing thousands of flowers into an 8′ x 8′ space. You need space to lay out the design as you work to fill in gaps. This is a tedious process that can take over a week to make.

are you OCD with adjusting ornaments on a tree during holidays?

Expect the satisfaction of knowing you will spend hoursdays hot gluing flowers. You attach them, and they fall off, only to re-attach them… Purposely building a random pattern is harder than it sounds.

The video above is an excellent guide on how to attach artificial flowers to a backdrop. If the flower wall isn’t hanging from the wall then use pipe & drape equipment to create a flower wall stand. Create an 8′ x 8′ flower arch frame in under 1 min using (2) base plates, (2) drape uprights, & (1) drape crossbar.

Renting drapery equipment for your flower backdrop frame gives you the ability to connect multiple stands. This allows you to make a much larger flower wall (for example 16′ long x 8′ tall).

make flower walls in 8′ long x 2′ wide sections so it’s not one giant heavy wall hanging from a crossbar

What are the drawbacks to building an 8′ x 8′ flower wall as one continuous section? It’s huge & hard to transport. This backdrop would be the size of a fridge. You may need (2) people to set it up every time because of the weight.

🧤 You are doing a repetitive motion thousands of times. Have gloves ready to prevent blisters on your hands.

Hang a Neon Sign on Flower Wall

A neon sign on a greenery wall is an excellent way to personalize your wedding reception. There are a variety of fun & unique signs available for rental. They are cheap and look luxurious. DIY Tip: hang it from fishing hire on your flower wall backdrop!

Neon signs give you the ability to brand flower backdrops with logos & names. It will be the focal point of every selfie photo from guests!

use (1) color with flower walls so your neon sign isn’t lost in clutter

The main reason why most couples use a hedge wall for neon signs is for contrast. Green hedges are dark so the neon glows bright making it more noticeable compared to floral.

Also, flowers tend to have more detail & color. Pattern, texture, & color can distract your eyes making it hard to read the logo or name.

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Easily hang a neon sign with fishing wire rated for 50 lbs. Hang a sign from your flower wall with fishing wire to the crossbar or over the top & connect it to the back of your floral wall.

💡 Use a clear fishing wire strong enough to support neon signs. Confirm your neon sign is centered & near a power source against the wall.

DIY a Floral Backdrop

Use flower walls outdoors as well as for indoor events & parties. Our DIY floral backdrops are inexpensive & require no experience to set up.

cheap flower walls don’t have to look cheap!

We ship beautiful do-it-yourself flower curtains that assemble to backdrops in minutes. This is because our roll-up flower wall has fewer steps involved.

1. Setup your frame for the flower arch rental

2. Hang flower garlands or grass  on backdrop

3. Strike a pose in front of a fake flower wall

Our backdrops come as (4) kits that zip together with a 2.75″ diameter pole pocket at the top. Set this up in a variety of frame styles. We have over a dozen flower walls available to rent.

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Need Grass Backdrop Ideas

Well guess what? We have tons of ideas we can share with you! From hanging on drapes, to working into your itinerary as a flip, and repurposing.

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Your guests won’t even notice your grass backdrop with flowers is entirely imitation silk. They will be too busy taking Instagram pictures in front of it!

use the champagne wall for cocktail hour, then remove shelves & use for photos later

Purchasing a silk flower backdrop can cost a lot and take forever to receive from a company. If you need a flower wall at your upcoming event, then place your order today.

Why rent a champagne flower wall?

  • rent & return costs less than buying

  • backdrops looks absolutely beautiful

  • kit sets up in only 5-minutes

  • serve champagne & repurpose for photos

Having a flower wall is both fun & practical! We would love to help you create a beautiful & affordable backdrop that sets up in minutes!

💬 Do you still need more grass-wall backdrop ideas? Give us a call or message us on chat so that we can make your party gorgeous!

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

Founders Robert + Nicole Reno

With a combined (4) decades in the industry; we’ve trained hundreds, booked thousands, & partied with millions. Our first-hand experience allows us to empower others to succeed & be great… (read full bio)

XO Team Ship

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