7 DIY Tips for Wedding Planning Savings

We are sure you have heard about DIY projects, and for some reason, we translate them into a household-related improvement, but how about applying some of your DIY skills to your wedding? Sounds risky, we know it, but trust us.

Follow our DIY guide & save money with unique wedding decorations

Now, when you step into the DIY wedding world, possibilities can be endless and overwhelming at the same time. To have a successful experience we recommend first setting your wedding theme & budget. That will help define your goals as well as the size of the event.

Once you choose your wedding style of wedding, it is time to read our DIY money saving tips. No couple should start their marriage financially compromised. Our guide will breakdown some simple & super helpful ideas. So let’s dive right into our expert advice on how you can do more with less.

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Start Early

You will often hear this advice from other couples! You should start to plan your wedding day as soon as you step down from the cloud of being newly engaged. The reason is simple when you plan your wedding with 12 to 14 months of anticipation, many vendors are still available and want to secure dates. This gives you more options aka savings!

Couples who wait until six months or less before the big day have less choices. Most vendors are fully booked. If they agree to work with you, you take the risk of having to pay an higher price or rush fees. There are reduced options you can choose from. There is no room to bargain or negotiate because vendors know you are in need.

Choose the Right Venue

When you DIY, you need to keep things simple and functional. A wedding venue with classic décor will not help you bring a bohemian vibe to your celebration. We recommend you choose a venue that does not require many changes and improvements to fit into your vision; this will save you much more money.

Some couples choose blank open spaces and bring in their own decor

For a rustic wedding, you should prefer an outdoor wedding venue with lots of natural beauty surrounding the space, perhaps a barn with exposed wooden beams and farm tables. All you need to do here is add personalized items such as floral centerpieces, place cards and perhaps some drapery behind your sweetheart table.

If you are going for a minimalistic or industrial style, a barn will not serve your purpose. Try to find a repurposed warehouse with plenty of natural light and exposed light installations or a rooftop in the middle of the city with a beautiful skyline as a backdrop. Incorporate block candles and a couple of single stem floral vases to your tables. Rent wireless uplights & outdoor string lights to add color to specific spaces of your venue and you are all done.

Have a Single Vision for Decor

Once you decide to DIY your wedding, you will hop online and start buying every item you think might work for your vision. Think twice this is a mistake. Instead make a list of things you need. Itemize how many centerpieces you are making and how you will decorate the ceremony space. How many candles will you need?

Write it down and buy it later if necessary

Many brides end up with boxes and boxes of items they thought might work for their wedding but ultimately did not fit into the overall style. Also it is common to change your mind once or 15 times during your wedding 🤣 Can you imagine buying a bunch of vases from a thrift shop only to go in a different direction? Randomly buying wedding things is not wise and will not save you any money.

Rent Instead of Buy

It is tempting, we know, you see some beautiful champagne glasses or perhaps a beautiful fabric set up as a backdrop for your photos, even a projector or name monogram as décor on a plain wall of your venue. Yes, they are all on sale and look like you are saving money, but have you thought about what you will do with them after the wedding? 100 wine glasses or 30 ft of white fabric?

renting saves you space from having to store everything you build/buy

Well, sometimes the best you can do to save time and money is rent. You can rent anything from a tent, glassware, chairs, tables, uplighting, drapery, and even photo booths. Renting your wedding dress is another great tip to save money because, let’s face it, when are you going to wear that dress again?

Deal with Fewer Vendors

Bundles are a thing for a reason, and that reason is to save you money. You will get a better price hiring a wedding venue with in-house catering, bar and entertainment compared to hiring companies individually. Another plus is less work on your end. It can be a headache to communicate with 8 different companies. You will need to schedule appointments, send payments & confirm details.

📦 Rent Cloud Dance Machine

You can even bundle rental vendors with services like starry ceiling, photo booths, double backdrops and cloud dance machines. Doing this with the same vendor will save money because vendors offer discounted prices. Save time with bundles.


This is probably one of the most important DIY tips for saving money. This is easy to do because your day is limited, and you can only take on a certain amount of projects. Team up with your partner, bridesmaids and close family. This will help you get things done more more quickly.

Delegate DIY projects to reduce the labor cost of wedding vendors

Having a support team translates into getting more DIY projects done. Perhaps your friend that writes calligraphy can take care of personalized items. You might have an aunt that is a project manager. She could help you coordinate everyone for your ceremony, so you do not need to hire a day-of coordinator. Your neighbor that works in construction might build you a DIY bar. Think outside the box and align your team with their skills.

Organize an Intimate Backyard Wedding

There is no doubt about it; if you want to save money on a wedding, you need to keep your guest list under control. And if you manage to keep it intimate, you can even save more money by hosting a wedding at a family property.

DIY couples that choose a family venue stay under budget

Perhaps you both have a small family and share many friends. If your guest list is relatively small you might choose your parent’s house. A close friend might have a nice place to host your ceremony and dinner. Doing this could potentially save you thousands of dollars. Remember that any place can be transformed into a wedding venue by adding flowers, candles and drapery.

Since you do not need to feed hundreds of guests, you can hire a catering service or organize a family cookout. Have a self-service bar or hire a bartender and have a DJ play some music to get the party going. You will save even more on décor with a laid back minimalism wedding theme.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, (7) things you can do to save more on your DIY wedding. When you really think about it, a wedding is really focused on love and family. You don’t need to empty your savings account or ask for loans to get married. The planning and decorating is all about organization and good decisions. We hope our advice helps you plan the wedding of your dreams within budget.

- XO Team Ship

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