The Pros and Cons of a DIY Wedding

DIY is an amazing opportunity for couples to save money and add a personalized touch to their celebration. Weddings are often planned by the couple themselves, and their experience as event planners is little to none, which makes the process a bit harder for many.

This article breaks down the top 6 reasons to go and not go DIY

But there are many pros and cons you should consider before putting your hands at work. When you start to see the prices, the idea of doing it yourself comes to mind. That is why we have the following list for you to decide if DIY fits your needs.

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(Pros+) Saving Money

The biggest perk of taking projects into your own hands is that you get to save money. You will only pay for the materials you need to complete your task. Plus, you will have full control of the quality of the materials and the job you are doing. A wedding does not have to be too expensive to be a total success. All you need to do is choose items that will look more expensive than they are.

A great example of wedding décor you can DIY and succeed in are your centerpieces. You can buy vases and go to your local flower shop to ask them about seasonal blooms. They will let you know which ones are ideal for your venue depending on if it is indoor or outdoor and the date. The best approach is minimalism because it will allow you to do simple yet beautiful single stem decorations across your tables, and it will be effortless.

(Pros+) Getting Creative

For those who love to show their creative side, doing crafty activities for their wedding will not only keep their budget under control, but it will also let them put a personalized touch and even relax during the exhausting process of planning. DIY is not limited to manual work. You can do your playlist and select the tunes to keep the whole party dancing all night long.

You can also add your essence by renting a monogram projector, and this will not take any of your precious time since the company takes care of providing your design and everything needed to set it up. DIY wedding wall drapes are another rental that is very popular among couples, and it allows you to instantly transform your space. It is easy to install, and you only need to follow a simple tutorial without having any skills. I know amazing right?

(Pros+) Bonding

Set aside a date to organize DIY wedding favors, centerpieces & even your invitations. This is an ideal way to spend time with your loved ones. You can ask all your bridesmaids to show up, or if you decide not to have a bridal party, your family and friends can come to save the day. There is always someone crafty and willing to lend a hand; you can order some food or cook and make fun beverages to make it a party.

(Cons-) Time

Whenever you choose to do things yourself, you will most definitely save money, but that comes at a cost, time. In this world we mostly exchange our time for money. So anytime spent working on your wedding could theoretically be spent getting compensated for your time. Therefore, you need to be realistic about the projects you are about to take on because they need your time and hands.

If you are busy and can barely find enough time to run errands, perhaps doing it yourself is not for you. However, you can always ask for help and delegate some tasks. For example, you can buy all the materials, make a sample, and then ask a family member or friend to help you with manual work. Just make sure you have people on board before delegating tasks and investing in supplies.

(Cons-) Deadlines

Doing one favor or handwriting a single wedding invitation is nice. But how about 100? That is when things get complicated because you must finish them at least six weeks before the big day. And the responsibility is all yours, which can lead to stressful moments instead of an enjoyable activity.

If you know you are a procrastinator or have trouble managing your time, make sure you ask for help and let your couple and your bridal party know if you are delaying. Keep in mind it is your wedding, but not all the work should fall on your shoulders. Try to prioritize your tasks, this way if anything falls behind schedule you already know what you are comfortable with removing from your list.

(Cons-) Cost

When you hire a vendor to do your décor or your wedding sweet table, it removes the stress from day of the wedding. This means you can focus on getting ready and enjoying the moment with your bridal party. However, if you choose to DIY your dessert table, you need to bake, decorate, and set up the table before your ceremony, and it could be challenging if we think about timing.

Many vendors have great prices because they source their materials in big quantities allowing them to keep the cost down, but what will you do with a thousand paper bags if you only need 50? So be mindful when you choose your projects because sometimes it is best to go with professionals. We encourage all clients to get creative on their DIYs however some things are  best left to the pros.

(Cons-) Stress

We know it is your wedding day, and you want it to be all about you and your wishes, but it would be thoughtful to consider your potential wedding party situation before asking them to be part of your big day in that way. For example, being a bridesmaid or groomsman implies buying a dress or a suit, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup, and so on. Be mindful of the financial situation of everyone and let them know you want them to be part of your bridal party. Still, they are not obligated to say yes if they do not feel comfortable with the situation.

Knowing you oversee getting things done could be stressful for any couple; try to make your DIY projects realistic and preferably something you can leave done at least the day before your wedding. Things like artificial centerpieces, candles, or tiny succulents as favors, wedding wall drapes, and monogram projector are the best options to keep your stress levels down.

Now you know the good and the bad of DIY your wedding, and you can pick your battles wisely. If you are crafty, you want to keep your budget low, or you simply like to personalize everything you do in life, this is a great option for you. Keep an eye on the time and cost, and you will be set up for success.

- XO Team Ship

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