Thornery A Gobo Steel

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Thornery A gobo is made from steel and is categorized  as a natural gobo. Just as other foliage breakups, this pattern mimics the outdoors by casting shadows in places you want. When you use several of these with wide beam angles, then you have a reception dramatic look. Branches designs have a lot of dark shadows making your wedding space look totally unique with textures. When you combine this lighting look with (4) fixtures on (1) wall the outcome is spectacular. Cast realistic DIY shadows & rent our steel ‘thornery a’ gobo by clicking the button below. #tent

You can projector 1 pattern by reserving 1 gobo light unit in the below drop downs.


Easy Do It Yourself Rentals (1 Min)

Learn how to setup our gobos, watch the below video







📦  Gobo Rental Includes: 1 thornery gobo made out of steel or your choice of different gobo on this page (size 26.8mm), 1 gobo light projector that has barn doors, 1 holder for gobo, 1 holder to frame a colored gel, 1 cord to power your light
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⏱️  Timing for Setup: each light takes one a minute to setup
📆  Rental Time Frame: Your orders arrives 2-days prior to your day, it is in your possession for 5 days, make sure to ship the rentals back by 2-days after your avoid this prevents any late fee charges
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FYI: We do not rent out any gobo patterns by themselves, you can only rent the pattern as a bundle with the projector unit, read about upgrade options, quick setup tutorials, lighting tips, & the throw distance chart on here.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 4 x 4 x .1 in


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