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Lights Camera Gobo

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This up-light, photo booth, and gobo monogram package give you the best of both worlds. Now you don’t need to book expensive vendors. Do this yourself with easy setups & keep your event under budget! We’ve combined both lighting & entertainment options to maximize guest enjoyment. This bundle includes room uplighting, a DIY photobooth, as well as a wedding monogram lighting. This bundle is affordable and delivers gorgeous results. Continue reading about this popular package. Read More...


How Easy are DIY Rentals (3 Mins)

Learn how to setup all rentals in the above bundle in 3 videos ▼

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📦  Depending on Which Rentals You Add to Cart: (10) uplights shipped not charged with protective cover (do not remove), (10) 5 ft long cords to plugin uplighting, (1) Photo Booth Kit, (15) picture worthy prop package, (1) 10 cord to power your photo booth, (1) tripod stand, (1) light attachment for photos, (printer add on is optional) (1) Gobo Name Projector has design already inserted (for aiming onto your wall), (1) gobo pattern holder, (1) gel frame holder, (1) 6 ft cord to power your gobo
🌈  Colors You Can Make: View all the color options you can set into the lighting with our handy color chart (in the above tabs)
🔋  Does it Have a Battery: Not unless you decide to upgrade to Outdoor uplight fixture or wireless uplighting (these both have batteries that charge)
🌧️  Can It Be Used Outside: Only our outdoor uplighting is waterproof from the rain)
⚖️  Weight & Dimensions: view additional information tab above
⏱️  Est Setup Time: Less than a half hour
📆  How Long You Have Rentals: Total of 5 days, bundle arrives 2 days prior and you ship back 2 days after your event date. Late charges apply to orders not returned within this time frame
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Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 26 x 18 in


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Easy Setup Instructions

Step by Step How to Guide on standard uplights

1. take the lighting and drop them carefully around the room perimeter with same spacing between lights
2. next get a PowerCon cord going from the wall outlet and plugged into the bottom of your uplight
3. flip over your light fixture and turn the power button on (front menu will light up)
4. last step is to set your ideal lighting color with a static color option (shown in the tutorial video)

Step by Step How to Guide for Gobo Monogram with stand & plunger
(so that guests can not block your pattern by standing in front of it, this creates a nice clean projected image)

1.) Open the lighting stand by grabbing a leg and pulling it out (you will need to loosen the knob on the side so the legs will move)
2.) You want a 2′ gap between each leg, this makes the stand more sturdy, then make the side knob hand tight (just tight enough, not too much)
3.) Slip the plunger over the tall pole at the very top (it should be a tight fit, that is okay)
4.) To hang the light on the top attachment piece, take off the top nut, slide the bracket hole over the threaded bolt, then re screw the nut onto the bolt (the bracket should be between both bolts)
5.) Get power to your monogram light by running a cord from a power source up the stand and into the back of your light rental
6.) The light will auto turn on, to allow the light to shine pull any side shutters out and away from the light several inches
7.) Raise the tripod stand (if needed) and adjust the angle of your light onto a wall (the side brackets are used to either aim the light up or to aim it down)
8.) Using the top adjustments slide them for the best image setting, this will make changes to your patterns focus as well as zoom (this should take a minute to get just right)

Step by Step How to Guide with Gobo monogram on a table
(doesn’t include a plunger / stand)

1.) Get power to your gobo by plugging a power cord from the wall, the cord should go up the inside of hte stand and plug into the back part of your light rental
2.) Once the light turns on, take the side sliding arms and extend outwards a couple of inches this allows light to exit from your fixture so you can see the image on the wall
3.) Put your light on a table in a safe place and using the metal brackets aim and adjust the positioning so it has the right height and angle
4.) Take the top adjustments and slide them back and forth for your pattern zoom and focus (you may need to do fine adjustments with very little movements)


Step by Step How to Guide on Photo Booth Kit

1. You photo should go in an optimal spot this is where your guests will congregate (you can use a different room but make sure guests don’t forget about your booth)
2. First setup the tripod stand by sliding legs out (the wider the base the less chance of your booth tipping over)
3. The bottom of your photo booth will slide onto the top of your stand (into the hole on the bottom of your booth)
4. Using an extension cord have power run from an outlet/surge, towards your booth, up the stand, and into the iPad charging cable
5. The light will slide onto the top of your booth and get tightened softly (the rotating dial will turn on/off the light, also use this to control the light intensity, refer to the marking on the switch for the ideal light settings)
6. Turn on your booth by powering on the iPad (this button will be located inside your photo booth, we have a sticker where this is)
7. Click the photo booth icon on your screen
8. Do not adjust the settings on the setup page that loads first
9. A message will appear that says: “Entering Booth Mode.” Tap “OK”to continue
10. Do not adjust the exposure settings, tap the top right of the screen
11. Next message will say ‘TAP TO START BOOTH”
12. Share your pictures on social networks, connect the iPad to your local WiFi signal at your banquet hall, this is done in the settings screen of the iPad

Uplighting Color Chart


Monogram Distance Chart

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