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Pavilion Tent Decor Kit

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Note: fabric can't be cut, altered, or dyed. Return fabric without stains.

Our 'Pavilion Tent Decor Kit' bundles a lot of decorations that your outdoor space will need. You can another choice compared to booking a local event group saves on the labor costs by doing it yourself. It's beautifully simple and affordable! This kit incorporates both lighting and draping to transform any tent or pavilion. Included in this package are either DIY pavilion tent draping for pillars or straight swag drapery, 25' short ceiling drapes, vintage string lights, and DIY outdoor uplighting. Keep reading for a closer look at all these decorative elements. Read More...


DIY Rentals Setup in 4 Easy Mins

Watch how to setup everything in this package in these 4 videos ▼

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📦  Rentals Vary Depending on Selection: (4) upright poles, (4) heavy base plates, (1) crossbar, (4) smaller extendable crossbar arms, (9) pieces of fabric draping, zip-ties, (1) 48-foot vintage cafe string lights with (24) shatter-resistant 0.8-watt bulbs, (10) DIY outdoor uplights, (10) 5 ft PowerCon cords, (1) IRC remote total include on every individual order
🌈  Light Colors Capabilities: See what you can choose from in our static colors in the light chart above
🔋  Is the Battery Fully Charged: Yes
🌧️  Is the Lighting Water-Resistant: Yes (it can get sprinkles of rain but must not be dropped in water)
⚖️  Shipping Metrics: see the weight in lbs along with approximated shipping sizes
⏱️  Setup ETA: Varies on Rental
📆  Timing for Rental: You have a 5-day rental, it arrives and you send it back 2-days after your event date learn more about our late fee policy
🇺🇸  ShipOur.Wedding orders exceeding $94.00 Ship Free Both Ways for all the continental U.S.A.


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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 46 x 26 x 18 in


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Uplighting Color Chart

Easy Setup Instructions

DIY Pavilion Tent Draping (for pillars)

1.) drop every base plate in front of the pillar you want covered in draping, the ferrule pins should be screwed into the center holes)
2.) take and put every upright into the ferrule pin (if this is a snug fit only force 50% down onto the ferrule pin)
3.) the (2) adjustable arms will clip into the top of your upright (if you do them opposite each other is will be a straight drape section, you can also form a corner by making a 90 degree angle), the extendable arms can also be extended or collapsed based on your preference
4.) your frame is now complete, your uprights need to be strapped to the pillar so that the wind doesn’t knock it over, make sure you have provided string, zip-ties, or tape to attach upright to the structure (should be attached at least 1/2 way up the upright)
5.) next toss (1) fabric panel over each extendable arm, the drape should have the same amount on both sides, Pro tip when working with silver sequin / gold sequin drapery this has a pole pocket that your crossbar will go through
6.) take your drapery and pleat this across your extendable arms, hide any equipment by draping the fabric over it
7.) zip-tie the outside fabric edges to the extendable arms, this keeps the draped panels in place if it is windy, do the same for the top center upright with fabric, This will hold the drapes in place if it is tied back in steps 9-10
8.) get your uprights to the proper height by raise the center pole to 10′ tall (do this step slowly a couple of feet at a time)
9.) Either have your draping come straight down or have it pulled to the center
10.) When pulling fabric to the middle, you will bunch both the left and right side in your hand and secure it to your upright with either a zip-tie or pipe cleaner (a good height to work it into the middle is between 3 feet  to 5 feet off the floor)
11.) Give your draping some color by included (1) wireless uplight fixture from the ground to light up the pillar draping (this can be added to your package)

Setup Pipe & Drape Straight Swag

  1. lay your assembled crossbars on the floor next to each other so that the ends are touching in a straight line where you want to drape
  2. (1) base plate with the ferrule pin screwed into the middle hole should be the bottom edge of each crossbar of all the crossbars (example 2 crossbars that are next to each other end to end will have 1 base plate where the ends touch)
  3. next step take your upright and put it over the pin, when it fits very tight only force onto the pin 50%, not all the way down
  4. then you will take each crossbar end and slide it into the slots on the upper part of the upright so it hangs there (1 crossbar will attach between 2 uprights)
  5. this is a completed skeleton that needs to be secured to your pillars/poles, this is necessary so that any wind won’t topple over your drapery, attach your uprights to the columns with either tape, zip-ties or even nylon ropes (we do not supply this material)
  6. you will take 4 fabric drapes that will hang over an individual crossbar, you want the same amount of drapes on each side of your crossbar, Tip our silver sequin & gold sequin drapery has a sewn pocket you will slide your crossbar into this to hang the fabric
  7. pleat all draping so that it looks full, hide the edges of your upright and drapes should overlap other fabric pieces when they meet, the center of your crossbar should have 2 overlapping pieces of drapery)
  8. each piece of overlapped fabric needs to be zip-tied together, this is done so that windy conditions won’t blow this apart during your event, this will hold the fabric pieces in place when pulled back in steps 10-12
  9. next all upright equipment will get raised a couple feet at a time, do this step slowly until your drapery is approximately 10′ tall
  10. walk to the center of an upright grab the left 2 fabric pieces and walk it towards the left upright in an accordion hand motion, you will secure this to the upright using a zip-tie or pipe cleaner
  11. grab the opposite 2 drapery pieces and walk it to the other upright equipment with an accordion hand motion, you will secure this to the upright using a zip-tie or pipe cleaner
  12. repeat steps 10 & 11 if you have more than a 10 foot section of drapery
  13. tuck the lower drapes by tufting it (this involves rolling the drapery over itself for a finalized look)

Setup Short 25′ Draping Swag (attach to ceiling)

  1. first figure out where the fabric will hang from, how much fabric you need, the distance between the span, how will you get it there, how it will attach to that spot and finally the style of hanging you want
  2. roll out your drapery horizontally from point A to point B to make sure that it has the right length to attach from the 2 points
  3. accordion one end of the fabric in your hand, take a zip-tie and attach this to a drapery end on mounting point A, from there walk towards the other fabric end (with fabric in hand) and straighten the fabric so there are not twists or bends
  4. accordion the end of fabric not attached yet in your hand, take a zip-tie and attach this to a drapery end on mounting point B (drapery should droop slightly and have a fullness so that it looks elegant)

Setup Short 25′ Draping Swag (attaches to your archways or railing on stairs)

  1. first sort out where the texture will connect to, the right length of fabric you need, the length in feet between the mounting points, how might you get it there, how it will join to that spot and lastly the way of hanging you will use
  2. the fabric should be laid out between the two mounting points (to ensure it is long enough)
  3. you can use the mounting place itself to weave fabric in and out to help hang it from your mounting location
  4. we recommend using zip-ties to keep it attached to your mounting location
  5. take the drapery and untwist any fabric as you walk to an end, accordion this in your hand the top drape part should have less slack than the bottom (this makes the drapes look elegant) and zip-tie this draping edge to your ideal mounting location (you can also place any excess on the ground with a heavy weight so wind doesn’t blow it)
  6. repeat step 5 of the other end of your drapery, this will mount to your 2nd attachment point

Setup Short 25′ Draping Swag (attach to table)

  1. decide where the fabric will attach and what is the size of your table
  2. put your fabric on the ground removing any twists so that it lays flat, you want this to be evenly spaced across your table (if necessary do this with a second piece of fabric so that you have even coverage)
  3. gather one end of your drapes you hand with an accordion motion, use a zip-tie/pipe cleaner/safety pin to attach the fabric to one end of your table (best method is with a safety pin)
  4. repeat step 3 with the other end of fabric, you want the top piece of the fabric to have more slack this gives a more full pleated look


Setup Vintage Cafe String Lights

1.) Grab the end of your string light with a electrical connection and plug that into your power source, run the wire up to a safe height and connect to it a load bearing mounting point (tree limb, steel rafter, eye bolt in solid wood), never connect a light strand to anything that is not load bearing, keep enough slack on your wire it should not be tight
2.) If using zip-ties they need to be heavy duty and able to hold up to the stress of a wire being pulled with tension (use more than 1 zip tie so that it is safe and won’t come loose)
3.) Gently pull the light to your 2nd location for the strand to mount (don’t put too much tension on the strand so your 1st connection point stays connected)
4.) If you have more of your light strand left repeat step 3 and try to mount it to another location
5.) If you need to connect a 2nd light strand it will connect into the end of your previous strand, then repeat steps 2 & 3 to continue hanging your bistro string lights
6.) If you have color changing lights, you can change the light colors with the included wireless remote


How to Setup DIY Outdoor Uplighting

  1. all your uplights should be placed on the ground of your pavilion (we recommend dropping one at every pole/column)
  2. the light will easily turn on by flicking the switch under your light to the on position (these lights are waterproof and will last longer than 8 hours)
  3. set your desired lighting color on the menu screen (refer to our tutorial video on how to program a static light color)
  4. (optional) you can attach the uplight to a pole using a 2″ clamp, this connects your light bracket to a metal pole or wooden pole (you do not want this too tight or you will need tools to remove from the pole)

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